Alpha Centauri

Some are calling this new strategy game from Firaxis Software "Civilization in space." Designer Brian Reynolds would beg to differ. Although the game might tap into his experiences as designer of Civilization II, there are some fundamental differences. And who better than Reynolds himself to take you through the process of his design.


  • 03/15/99
    In this final entry, lead designer Brian Reynolds shares his closing thoughts on Alpha Centauri and discusses the critical importance of feedback received from beta testers and fans who downloaded the Alpha Centauri demo.

  • 12/09/98
    Alpha Centauri is in the home stretch. Brian Reynolds talks about the final programming stages, diplomacy, and waiting your turn.

  • 08/11/98
    In this entry, Brian Reynolds gives producer Tim Trian a turn to talk about play-balancing the seven different factions in the game.

  • 06/04/98
    Designing a game that takes place in a "future historical" world is different yet similar to designing a game like Civilization.

  • 04/14/98
    Tweaking AI involves discovering why a computer opponent does "dumb" things. Brian gives a glimpse into performing this task.

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