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  • Smoove B

    Smoove B

    Smoove B resides in the city of Cincinnati, OH, in a 10th-floor penthouse. He is a regular guest contributor at the Cincinnati Learning Annex, where he teaches the popular six-week course, "The Fundamentals Of Relationship Communication." From 1998–2001, he wrote, produced, and starred in a semi-regular cable-access cooking show that focused on breakfast.

Love Man

  • Smoove Is Not A Fan Of Valentine's Day

    A word of warning: The following column could very well blow your mind. Smoove urges you to read it with the utmost caution.

    We are...

  • A Smoove Evening


    The last year has been full of challenges and heartbreak for Smoove B. His one true girl continues to ignore his many heartfelt...

  • Political Goals For 2009

    Smoove is not a political man. However, during the most recent election, something changed for Smoove. He has found a purpose. A new...

  • Smoove Is Waiting

    Girl, there comes a time when even a strong, well-dressed man must admit defeat.

    It has been a long time since we broke up and you left...

  • Girl, That Man Ain't Right For You

    Girl, when I thought of you getting married to some other man, I nearly went out of my mind. As you know from the many voicemails I left on your...

  • Girl, Smoove Will Not Be Able To Attend Your Wedding

    Girl, while it has been almost two years since we broke apart, not a second goes by that you are not on my mind. As I have written many times in...

  • Get Smooved

    Girl, if there is any doubt in your mind as to what time it is, let me break it down for you: It is time for you to get Smooved.

  • Give Me Just One More Chance

    If you knew how much pain I am in while I write this column, you would read it all the way to the end and be moved by the heartache in every word. Each sentence contains the pain of my soul, and in particular the part of the soul that yearns for you but has been pushed aside.

  • I Can Make Things Right

    Baby, my world is empty since you shut me out of your life that night. Things were so good between us. Open up your heart to me once again, and I will walk in and make you feel like twice the woman you are without me. All I need is one more chance. If you would give me that chance, I know I could...

  • Please Don't Be Mad

    Please don't be upset, baby.

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