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Undone submissions.

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    Richie McNuggets
    Richie McNuggets
    Jul 17, 2009 at 04:08PM UTC

    A list of Memes yet to be submitted.

    — Technologically Impaired Duck !Duck lose!
    Advice dog submeme

    — Hannah Bond; MCR an hero

    — 9/11 lulz

    — Duck Rolled !Duck Roller!

    — Captain Planet

    — Powerthirst
    Youtube meme

    - The Ricky Gervias Podcast – (ton of animations made by youtube)
    Podcast & youtube animations, soon to become a tv show.

    — Karl Pilkington; this is my favourite person on the whole internet, he has thousands of audio and video clips, watch 5 mins, ull fall in love !Karl Pilkington, world’s roundest head.!
    youtube phenomenon, podcast, celebrity

    — “I Could Eat a Knob at Night” – Dance Remixes
    Youtube phenomenon

    — Creationist Troll

    — Ventrilo Harrassment
    Video compiler and such, thousands of these videos

    — Wow; Leather Belt
    Ventrilo sound clip, has been adapted and changed over 9000 times into songs, pics and videos

    — Obama meme; e.g. “Baroccoli Obama’s What Is Love”, !baroccoli obama!

    — Llamas with hats
    Youtube phenomenon

    — Swearing meme; i.e. when u put beeps in front of everything and make it seem like sesame street characters are saying fuck or whatever

    — Post Secret
    Blogging meme

    — News anchor bloopers (if this counts, theres thousands)

    — Bill O’riley

    — Jeff Goldblum meme
    4chan claiming jeff died with michael jackson, or instances of him acting drunk, or a million others.

    — David Carradine wanking meme
    lol, asphyxiation wank

    — Gay referee
    youtube famous celebrity

    — Mixing advice animals i.e. half a courage wolf quote with half an emo dog one. theres a ton of these.

    — the leaning back guy, i see him EVERYWHERE. !lean back guy!

    — TITS or GTFO

    — swine flu

    — Flesh Search Engine
    Where you search for someone via their body features, hard to explain, but highly popular

    — Bonsai Kitten (this one is huuuuge)

    — Gordon the Pringles Giraffe
    If you havent seen at least a couple pics of this yet, your life isnt complete.

    — Insanity Wolf & Rich Raven
    Advice dog submeme

    — Troll 2; “oh my god”
    one of the most famous clips in nerd culture history !OMG!

    all of these are big memes, a simple google search should explain any you might not know.

    Captain Blubber
    Captain Blubber
    Jul 17, 2009 at 04:20PM UTC

    Holy hell, we’re up to our ears in submissions as it is! Mabye this should be spread out over a couple of weeks or months. Well it’s not up to me, but I’m begging you guys. PLEASE!

    Richie McNuggets
    Richie McNuggets
    Jul 17, 2009 at 05:05PM UTC

    lol dw, im sure itll be a while before any of these are submitted, its just a list so its down in writing somewhere

    Chris Menning
    Chris Menning
    Jul 17, 2009 at 05:07PM UTC

    Thanks for the list! We always appreciate suggestions.

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