Nintendo S-Video Cable Review

Want your games to look better? Use this cable.


There are several ways to connect your video game platforms to television sets. S-Video is one method that you may not know about.


  • Not available in retail stores.
  • For use only with television sets that have S-Video inputs.
  • Compatible with the SNES, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube.

The SNES, Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube contain the universal multi out ports. The Nintendo S-Video Cable connects to that port and can be used on all three systems.

The standard audio/video cable (also known as a composite video cable) is included with the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo GameCube. The S-Video cable provides an enhanced video signal when compared to composite video. As video information is sent through S-Video, it is separated into two signals chrominance (colour) and luminance (light) while a composite video cable merges the two separate signals into one. Because televisions are designed to display separate chrominance and luminance signals, video signals through S-Video contains sharper images and improved colour definition over regular composite video signals.

Audio quality from an S-Video cable is identical to that of a composite video cable. The standard red and white RCA connectors are utilized for stereo sound.

Installation of the S-Video cable is straightforward. Simply insert the cable to the multi out jack found on the back of the console and to the back of a television set. Keep in mind that the television set must contain an S-Video input jack. Most medium to high-end televisions manufactured in the last five years contain S-Video input jacks.

Many individuals may find this product expensive. It comes with a $15.95 USD ($19.95 CND) price tag. In addition, this product cannot be bought from retail stores, it can only be ordered as a spare part from or by calling 1-800-255-3700 and extra shipping charges will also apply. Nintendo's online store does not indicate that this product contains a warranty however; if the product is defective there is a good chance that Nintendo will allow you to get a replacement or a refund. Even so, for this cable's price, it should come with a warranty.

If you are looking for a better quality picture on your SNES, Nintendo 64 and GameCube, the S-Video connector is a great choice as long as you don't mind paying for it. There is not an amazing difference between composite video and s-video, but there is a noticeable one. The effect of an S-Video cable will be more noticeable on the GameCube and N64 then on the SNES because the GameCube and N64 display more simultaneous colours.

The following images were taken with a video capture card and they compare the two connectors. Please note that the video capture card used does not accurately show composite video images at this resolution (ignore the unusual graininess). The comparisons however are somewhat accurate in certain respects.

Rogue Leader: In the hanger (92 kb)
Wave Race: Title screen (134 kb)
Smash Bros. Melee: Menu screen (113 kb)

While there is no doubt that the Nintendo S-Video Cable makes your video games look better, but the improved quality does not come without its price.

Design 9.5
 Quality; 10
 Operation; 10
 Durability; 10
 Functionality; 8.0
Value 4.0
 Price; 6.0
 Warranty; 2.0
Satisfaction 8.0

Review by Player Guy Forever

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