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December 4, 2007
Christmas Shows

September 8, 2007
Camp Lazlo Wins Prime Time Emmy!

August 8, 2007
Emmy Stuff

July 5, 2007
Happy Meals and

June 30, 2007
The End


July 5, 2007
Not-So-Happy Meal

McBurbank: Unable to quell Lazlo's participation in a McDonalds Happy meal promotion, I was at least able to excuse myself from participating in a television commercial where the various Cartoon Network show creators are seen in front of their characters. In my place was "C" Raggio, our extremely talented character designer on Lazlo. Thank you C. Apparently, they are only being shown on Cartoon Network.

Out of respect for the hard work CN marketing people do to promote the shows (which I appreciate) I will not go into the details of why I oppose McDonalds Happy Meals. My opinions are mine alone, and do not reflect that of Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network has begun a campaign for healthier eating habits for kids which I applaud.



You may have seen some Lazlo podcasts floating around (little 2 to 3 minute shorts,, at times they are broadcast on CN, and were recently shown in theaters before Pixar's Ratatoulle). Just for the record, These were done completely without my involvement, or my endorsement.


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