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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (2001)
On January 6, 2001, The Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America entered into a relationship of "full communion" on the basis of the document "Called to Common Mission," culminating thirty years of dialogue with one another. Not a merger, in full communion both churches retain their autonomy and structures but agree to work together for join mission and witness in the world. In accord with procedures established in "Called to Common Mission," clergy and laity may move freely between the two churches.

The pages below testify to the history, breadth, and scope of this full communion arrangement. The "Called to Common Mission" and the official commentary issued by the two churches should answer technical questions. A wealth of archived resources provide the background for this dialogue. Examples of practical cooperation across the country demonstrate the potential for mission and witness between our two churches. Finally, links to the ELCA website will help Episcopalians begin to better understand our partners.

Celebration of Called to Common Mission: The Most Rev. Frank T. Griswold, presiding bishop, The Episcopal Church; Dr. Addie J. Butler, ELCA vice president; Deacon Ernestina R. Campbell, TEC; and the Rev. H. George Anderson, presiding bishop, ELCA,  gathered around a baptismal font to affirm the churches' mutual recognition of Baptism.

Called to Common Mission
An Agreement of Full Communion

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Full Communion Procedures
Guidelines and Worship Resources for the Celebration of Full Communion
The Orderly Exchange of Pastors and Priests

Ordination in Unusual Circumstances
Presiding Bishop Griswold on Ordination in Unusual Circumstances
Bishop Epting Remarks to the ELCA Churchwide Assembly
Lutheran Resolution on "Ordination in Unusual Circumstances"