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22nd October 2009, 00:40

PMS | Asterisk* girls talk ESTC

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myMYM caught up with this experienced all-girls team from Singapore and we asked them about ESTC as well as the wild parties that followed.

Today the crew here at myMYM have a very special treat for you. As most of us know the ESTC in Thailand came to an end a few days ago with XtC as champions. One team received a bit more attention than others though. We are talking about the all-girls team Singapore PMS|Asterisk* from Singapore.

Female gamers will always enjoy special attention, and this is no exception, since E-sports is dominated by males. myMYM decided to find out more about them and we caught up with Singapore Tammy 'furryfish' Tang, Singapore Cynthia "w4ndeRz-" Santa Maria and Singapore Dawn "pinksheep" Yang who arrived later to give them a chance to officially introduce themselves to the international scene.

Welcome, furryfish, pinksheep and w4ndeRz to myMYM and Europe! First of all we'd like to thank you ladies for having us. How about we start out with an introduction? We're dying to know who you are.
Hi, I'm Tammy and I'm 25 years old but people often think I'm 18. Asterisk was actually formed in 2005, for a WCG showmatch held in SG. We were called something else back then. Our line up was reshuffled many times since then and the current active members are dawn/pinksheep, mei hsiang/hime, cynthia/w4ndeRz-, kimberlyn/kimchi, eliza/msjovial and cheryl/sherica.
w4ndeRz-:  Hi! I'm Cynthia. I'm 18.. + 4

When you started playing as a team were there any reactions from the guys? Positive or Negative? What did your families think about it?
All kinds of reactions. Those who didn't believe we were girls and those who were scared to have us on their team in case we'd feed. We started out as a mixed team actually. My mother hates my gaming but my father is more neutral though.
pmsw4ndeRz-: Definitely a mix of both, positive support from our friends and fans that believe we can. Negative from people who don't believe that girls can win. And of course negative from those who get pwned by us and think that we are fake females, haha! My parents and relatives are very supportive, they cut out any article, tape down any interviews there is on me or my team.

You recently got home from Thailand, how was your trip?
It was great to be back. Last year I was there as a temporary manager, sort of. So I got to know quite many. It was cool to catch up with them, and much easier for us since I knew them already.
w4ndeRz-: Thailand is awesome! Although there is a language barrier, everyone was very nice to us. The dota community there is pretty awesome. There is quite a crowd watching the games and all, personally I love the food but I hate the traffic!
pinksheep: Hi, I'm Dawn/pinksheep.

Welcome, Dawn! What do you think of the tournament? Was it well organized?
I wished there was a group stage, but it was KO right from the start! Other than that, the organisers did a great job updating us with changes etc along the way. From driving us from the airport to the hotel, taking us to free LAN in the evenings when we wanted to train to knocking on our doors in the morning to tell us about schedule changes, they really took care of us. There was a lot of hot thai girls too.. in sailormoon outfits.
w4ndeRz-: I like that every game was broadcasted on a tv for spectators, but yeah I also think that there should be group stages instead, and more games played on one day!
pinksheep: The event itself was pretty exciting. Lots of crowd, good media coverage, places to sit and watch matches and even an F&B area.

Speaking more about the event itself. How many teams did you actually face and how did you do?
furryfish & pinksheep:
We won our first match but later lost to a team called JUST. We believe we lost due to a combination of miscommunication, poor engagement decisions and weak lane control in the early game. We managed to come back in mid game with improved engagements but then we got caught and it was over. The game lasted 58 minutes so we were a bit stressed as well, but still we almost managed to come back from a very tough start.

What do you think about the local teams in Thailand?
Having played a local team at their LAN, I would say they're very friendly, and the teamplay is pretty dynamic.

Would you say the result of XtC winning is expected? If not who do you think should?
  Hmm.. I kind of figured that one of the sg/msia teams would take the gold. Cybertime looked like they were winning but  XtC managed to come back with some great teamwork in the 5vs5 clashes.
w4ndeRz-: Well, I was expecting a final between incexcello vs aeonsport, but having inc knocked out early I was rooting for XtC vs aeonsport in the finals. So XtC winning was pretty expected after all the upsets and they played very well.

furyjovialWere you satisfied with your own performance?
All three:
There is indeed room for improvement, especially on our teamwork and coordination. But overall we're satisified.

What was the funniest thing that occured at the event? Besides being able to take part in such a huge LAN.
 Oh yeah.. a drunk person was watching porn on his phone, and fell off the bed. I can tell you that he is from one of the top teams!
w4ndeRz-: Kingsurf's chuan is a mess when he's drunk, ant is single and very available and xy got touched..
pinksheep: There were quite a few moments that deserve the spotlight. Like when Kim got blasted by a jet of smoke when we were going on stage and shrieked at me, hahaha. And eliza/msjovial was very excited to see the train going past our hotel.. jumping around in her cat ears.

Tell us more about xy getting touched..
pinksheep: Oh no. We were trying to avoid the saucy bits.

Since this tournament serve as a mini SMM for the Asian community, will you be participating in SMM this November?
pinksheep: Yes, we intend to participate in SMM if we can get enough sponsors to fly Cynthia down again.
w4ndeRz-: Yes! I would love to go!
furryfish: She's not very expensive, a few hundred is all it takes. Joking of course.

Here's a couple of quick questions just for fun.

Loda or Yamateh?
furryfish: NEITHER!
w4ndeRz-: Loda
pinksheep: Neither.

XtC or Cybertime?
All three: XtC

MYM or SK?
All three: MYM!

Daigo Umehara or Mago?
furryfish: Daigo, I guess?
w4ndeRz-: Chun li.
pinksheep: Daigo.

Swedish meatballs or seafood?
w4ndeRz-: Seafood!

Muscular, average built or thin?
furryfish: Thin, hehe.
w4ndeRz-: Average.
pinksheep: In between average and muscular.

American movies or Anime?
furryfish: Anime.
w4ndeRz-: Cartoons!
pinksheep: Anime.

And with that said we at myMYM wish to thank you once again for the interview and wish you the best of luck in the future. Do you have any final words to the international scene?
furryfish: Love to PMS and our sponsors, the girls and the people who have had a great impact on me, they know who they are.
w4ndeRz-: Please support our project "send a w4nderz to SMM" by emailing us! Thank you very much! Thanks for this interview, and a big shoutout to all our fans and friends out there! Hope to see you at SMM! Visit us at @ and or find us on facebook by searching PMSAsterisk.
pinksheep: Haha, yes. Love to all my girls and fans thanks for supporting us. Also, hello to Neha. 


Editors Opinion
Simon Lindström - DotA Editor
Loda has pwned Yamateh for 100 gold.

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(2 days ago)  #1 forumstar
see you in A`farmosa :D
(2 days ago)  #2 baked-dude
there are no bad heroes, only bad teammates !
(2 days ago)  #3 [FF]ReiNNNN
(2 days ago)  #4 iiB~HoneY~
(2 days ago)  #16 TTT_TTTfurryfish
YOU, of course!
(2 days ago)  #5 PMSPinkSheep
noooo.... i <3 anime not cartoons.... that's cynnie.... =(
the world is my playground...
(2 days ago)  #6 Danny89
yes Mam!
(2 days ago)  #7 Danny89
would love to see u all during SMM~
especially Sherica "jie jie"..
owe me a drink =(
(2 days ago)  #9 myMYM|Catalongdd
Fixed ^^
(2 days ago)  #10 Danny89
lol i actually changed it, den u change it back=(
(2 days ago)  #12 myMYM|Catalongdd
LOL! Okay, my bad ^^
(2 days ago)  #14 Danny89
haha nvmd it's fixed.. no worries.. u owe me 1.. hehe
(2 days ago)  #8 Fantasy810
furryfish: Oh yeah.. a drunk person was watching porn on his phone, and fell off the bed. I can tell you that he is from one of the top teams!

w4ndeRz-: Kingsurf's chuan is a mess when he's drunk, ant is single and very available and xy got touched.

=)) =)) =))
(2 days ago)  #11 xiaoliu100
SAILOR MOON outfits!!!....btw theres a mix up with the q&A for pinksheep's response to 'You recently got home from Thailand, how was your trip?'...should go with the intro
(2 days ago)  #13 myMYM|Catalongdd
Nah, as stated in the introduction she joined laterand that is also confirmed by the "Welcome, Dawn" in the nest question.
(2 days ago)  #15 Danny89
tat makes it sound so natural=P
(2 days ago)  #17 iLL-logical
Girls who look good and DotA, I'm in love <3
(2 days ago)  #18 PMSPinkSheep
=P thanks guys for fixing it.
and we have just uploaded some event pix in our facebook. add us!


[fb group]
Last edited by PinkSheep at 22.10.2009, 09:32

the world is my playground...
(2 days ago)  #19 PMSPinkSheep
deleted repeat post
Last edited by PinkSheep at 22.10.2009, 09:33

the world is my playground...
(2 days ago)  #20 EDSRubberNinja
wow, amazed^^ they're actually good looking!
(2 days ago)  #21 shawnyhawk
hope to see you guys in smm!
(yesterday)  #22 UTDCJustin
PMS bigger than MYM here :) Guess we need some hot new Maelky pics
(yesterday)  #23 zepang
see u gals in SMM..
hopefully i can come there..=)

work hard, play hard, study hard & party hard
(yesterday)  #24 myMYM|MrOw
zzzz why cant u guys play wow arena...or pve for tht matter...mehhh...back to talking to lunababe on vent cuz i wuv her sg soooo cute la

also...SINGTEL fix ur fkin net so i can organise raid plz gawd
Last edited by MrOw at 23.10.2009, 15:24

I Feed On Your Tears <3

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