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Max Brooks talks WORLD WAR Z movie

One person excited about the signing of director Marc (QUANTUM OF SOLACE) Forster to helm the movie version of the best-selling zombie novel WORLD WAR Z (see item here) is none other than original author Max Brooks (pictured). He gushed with joy about the Paramount/Brad Pitt/Plan B production on FANGORIA RADIO last week.

“Now that we have a director, we have a captain of the ship,” said Brooks, who expects the project to kick into high gear. Forster’s 007 film is currently the number-one movie in the world. “Marc will determine start date, cast, locations, etc. For me personally, I’m content to go off to Iceland and let them make their movie.”

Brooks is also pleased with the latest WORLD WAR Z script draft by J. Michael Straczynski, whom some predict will win an Oscar nomination for his screenplay to the Clint Eastwood film CHANGELING. The scripter managed to distill Brooks’ wide-ranging collection of journal entries, interviews and anecdotes detailing the ultimate battle between man and zombie into a cohesive screenplay. “I’m thrilled that the man who created BABYLON 5 is working on this movie,” Brooks said. “I can’t give it away, but Straczynski found a way to tie it all together. The last draft I read was amazing.”

While fans await the movie version of WORLD WAR Z, Brooks will unleash his first graphic novel in spring 2009. Avatar Press will publish ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE: RECORDED ATTACKS, which will be distributed by Random House. Stay tuned for more WORLD WAR Z updates, and go here for FANGORIA RADIO’s comprehensive audio archives and past Brooks interviews.


  1. I just hope the movie adaption stays true to the book. slow and relentless is the way to go.
  2. Having imagined a film adaptation of this book as soon as I'd finished reading it, I am certainly excited at the prospect of seeing the film version. Lets hope that Marc Forster doesn't get too carried away with his action sequences and lose touch with the political thread running through the story. Proceed with caution...
  3. THRILLED!!!!!

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