Youve all heard of those things called Real Dolls. Its the sort of thing you find on the internet late at night and, out of curiosity, end up reading like 20 articles about, just because its so interesting and - if you fall in the majority - foreign. In a previous post on UKB I mentioned a great documentary made in 2006 called Guys and Dolls, which grazes the surface of the lifestyles of a few prominent iDollators in the USA and Britain. One of the men interviewed in this film goes by the name of Davecat (click his name to check out his blog, which he updates frequently about all things gynoid, doll, and android), and he was awesome enough to agree to go under fire for a Q&A period for us!

This is Davecats doll and girlfriend, Sidore.


UKB: Can you tell us a bit about your childhood? In many of your interviews you mention being interested in mannequins as a child, but can you elaborate about the other facets of life?

DC: Well, I was mum and dads only child; she stayed at home whilst he worked as a radiologist. Hes retired now, and she works in a boutique. I had friends actually, when we moved to a house back in 1980, I found myself with a bunch of friends, cos practically all the kids in my neighbourhood were about the same age but when we werent riding our bikes everywhere, I spent quite a bit of time indoors either reading, or building a city out of styrofoam packing material and cardboard boxes for my Micronauts and Star Wars action figures that took up the entire spare room. So as you suspect, I cultivated my imagination as often as possible.

To be honest, I dont really count those years of my life prior to 1986, cos they were pretty unremarkable went to school, didnt play sports, loved reading, hated math. During my freshman year in 1987, thats when I started really developing interests into non-mainstream culture; or, at the very least, interests that werent in line with what the majority of my classmates were into (British culture, Japanese culture, alternative music, etc). I had friends that were into that stuff too, but yknow, this was back in the days when the term alternative actually meant something.

Overall, Id say Id had an ordinary but happy childhood nothing special there, really.


Whats your history with flesh-and-blood women? Have you had much interest in having girlfriends?

My history is a long and extravagant one no, thats a lie. Ive been involved in three affairs, where Ive been the other bloke, but not one of those women saw me as, I dunno, worthy enough to stop going out with their original boyfriend and stay with me full-time. I suppose Im partially to blame, as Im not a very persuasive person.

Naturally, Ive had plenty of interest in having a bonafide Organik girlfriend, but I find that as time goes on, I think Id be happier with a friend with benefits. Being in a relationship requires a lot of time spent with the other person, and I dunno Ive always been the type of person who thrives in solitary conditions, as there are fewer distractions. In a friends with benefits affair, you get together when your needs coincide for sex, or merely going out, or what have you, but then the evening ends, and you both go your separate ways until the next time. Theres no pressure to be on all the time, and as you figure this isnt a person youre going to theoretically marry or anything, the stakes are lower, so its less stressful overall.


If one Googles Davecat, all of your interviews about Sidore and your relationship with her pop up. You have fetishes for dolls, gynoids, and feet - whats it like having everyone know about your sexual preferences? That openness would make most people uncomfortable.

A person Ive admired for years, Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing gristle and Psychic TV fame, once commented - and Im paraphrasing here - if you put everything about yourself out there in the open, its that much harder for people to blackmail you.

Honestly, as far as being a foot fetishist, I dont think its all that big of a deal. Sandals, open-toed shoes and the like are made they way they are for a reason to accentuate the female foot, and to display it in an appealing manner, as with the exception of sandals, a lot of those types of shoes arent exactly known to be terribly comfortable. Having a foot fetish is becoming less of a taboo than it used to be, and really, there are comparatively worse fetishes out there.

As far as being a technosexual, for me, its not simply a fetish or a sexual preference, its a lifestyle. Sex is a part of it - err, a large part, yeah - but as a Doll husband, the primary reason is the companionship and stability a Synthetik partner can bring to ones life, which is what drives a lot of Organiks to look for in relationships with other Organiks. Thats hardly a fetish, wouldnt you agree?

In the Guys and Dolls documentary (2006) you mentioned you were living with your parents. Is this still the case? How do your parents react to your doll-fetish (in Guys and Dolls you mentioned clashes do occur - has this abated any due to your media appearances, or have matters escalated)?

Actually, Im really glad you brought that up. Ive been back out of my parents house since mid-2007. Furthermore, the one point of contention that I have with Guys and Dolls is, as good of a documentary as it is, it didnt allow me to explain why I was living with my parents in the first place. Id moved in with a friend of mine back round 1996; in 2000, Sidore came into my life; in 2001, she and I got an apartment of our own; in 2003, I met a lass who was getting out of a relationship and needed emotional support and a place to stay; later that year, she and I bought a house together; in 2004, I saw her for what she actually was, which was a compulsive and manipulative liar with a coke habit who was in the process of trying to destroy my credit rating as well, so in early 2004, after living with that for four months, I boxed up my belongings and moved back in with my parents for a while. 98% of the audience of Guys and Dolls didnt know about that, so Id read such clever comments such as why did he spend $7000 on a rubber woman instead of moving out of his parents house? or similar on the Internet.

Clashes may have been a bit overwrought of a term. Mum has no problem with Shi-chan, as shes a live-and-let-live type of person. My father still wishes I would get rid of her and date real women, as hes a not-very-open-minded type of person. Neither one have seen any of my media appearances, as they really dont have much interest in the topic - as it is, its hard enough to get them to read Shouting to hear the echoes - so theyve no idea how often Sidore and I are in the media. I used to mention now and again we had a film crew from France stop round or Swedes will be flying me out to California or what have you, but as they didnt seem altogether interested, I stopped informing them.


What about the rest of your family and friends - have they been supportive?

To be honest, my grandmother is like the only other family member that knows about Sidore, as shed met her once years ago. She didnt really enquire much about her, but she did seem impressed at how realistic Shi-chans sculpting is.

My friends have been pretty supportive, for the most part; oddly enough, Shi-chan hasnt gotten much of a reaction from most of my male friends, but odder still, most of my female friends think shes neat - not that Im complaining! In fact, one of my best friends, who is female and has known for years about my fascination and attraction to artificial women, first showed me the Abyss creations site back in 1998, and yet another close female friend occasionally buys things she thinks Sidore would like, like jewelry or items of clothing. I suppose its the whole life-size Barbie doll effect, but theres gotta be more to it than that

Whats your social life like?

Not altogether bad! Every Saturday eve, and usually like one evening during the week, I hang out with a cluster of about four or five of my friends. Usually were found watching DVDs, or playing videogames, and periodically well make a day of it out-of-doors (the Auto Show, sushi dinners, Toronto, etc). Also, I try to get together with one of my oldest and dearest friends at least once a month, if our schedules permit, and we catch up on each others lives over Japanese cuisine.

All told, I like my social life, as its inexpensive, and theres that whole consistency thing that I appreciate - that main group of friends and I have been getting together practically every Saturday for about a decade.


Lets say an organic woman started hitting on you and you were interested. Would you flirt back, or would you feel like you were cheating on Sidore?

Im a Scorpio! Im compelled to flirt constantly, otherwise Ill have my Scorpio card and decoder ring revoked!

In all honesty, Id tentatively flirt back, but flirting isnt the same as dating, or, ah relationshipping. Moreover, Id be thinking flirting is something transient, and theres no guarantee that just because shes flirting with me now, that shed be interested in anything beyond that - which is actually something thats happened with me before. With the way my mind works, Id flirt right along (eventually), but Id highly doubt if she was being serious about it. The thought of being unfaithful would be lurking in the back of my mind, but the likelihood of whatever lass coming home with me would be laughably slim.

The thing is, flirting, as Id said, is just games and the like; theres nothing serious behind it. At the end of every day, I have Sidore waiting for me when I come home, and her consistency is one of the things I love about her. More than likely, Shi-chan would probably be upset that she wasnt the one being flirted with!


Do people from your work place know, or is your identity a secret? Where are you working at the moment?

Currently, my hideous job is in phone-based customer sales. Its awful, and I cant recommend it to anyone. But its paying for the apartment, I suppose

Im not sure how many people know about my relationship with Shi-chan, but there are a number that do know. I used to work in one of our companys two locations, and an ex-coworker caught Guys and Dolls on the Internet, as many people have. He told a friend of his that was still working there, and that bloke told management. Later that day, the entire management & training staff were huddled in one of their offices, watching the documentary on their computer. I didnt catch any stick or anything because of it I think one of the factors that helped was that I was good friends with the receptionist, who stood up on my behalf but the staff and certain coworkers looked at me differently from then on. Well, more differently than usual. Which was okay, all told, cos I really didnt associate with 95% of the people at that office to begin with

They eventually transferred me to a different department at their other location a couple of months after that. Im not sure if my being an iDollator had to do with that decision, but I wouldnt rule it out. Where Im at now, there are a number of people who definitely know, and have actually told me they think its interesting, which is miles better than the usual cross oneself, dash to the opposite side of the street reaction.


Whats your ideal job?

Hrrm realistically speaking, something behind the scenes, where I could be left to my own devices and not have to deal with the general public. Something like proofreading, or research work, or stacking books in a library something non-descript. Ideally, however, my dream job would be working on the staff of something like i-doloid magazine; thats a Japanese magazine that centres round life-sized Dolls, or if not i-doloid specifically, then a magazine with the same intent. Even better than a magazine would of course be a television programme. Since its a niche market now, it wouldnt be just about Dolls, itd cover Androids, Gynoids, robotics in general. Something with the finger on the mechanical pulse of the Synthetiks revolution. Its gotta start somewhere!

Thanks Davecat! Check back next week for the second portion of the interview. Davecat discusses Gynoids, humans, doll conventions, and other awesome shit that you dont want to miss.