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Chester Bennington Talks New Band Dead by Sunrise, Next Linkin Park Album

5/12/08, 2:57 pm EST

Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington debuted his new band, Dead by Sunrise, during an anniversary party for his tattoo parlor chain, Club Tattoo, at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona, on Saturday. “I wouldn’t call it a side project,” Bennington said before the show. “We’re a full, ready-to-go band and so this is something we take very seriously.” The band, which includes Bennington and members of the group Julien-K (which contains several members of Orgy), is a traditional rock outfit that is more straight-ahead and melodic than Linkin Park.

Speaking of his other band, Bennington revealed that Linkin Park has already begun writing the follow-up to Minutes to Midnight. He explained the band had “the itch” to start writing again and headed toward the studio. “We’re way ahead of the game,” Bennington said. “We’re not planning on releasing a record this year. We don’t know when it’s going to come out. But we just started working on stuff in the studio. I never want to get in the way of what Linkin Park is. That’s my baby. That’s my band. Those are my best friends. The last thing I want to do is compromise what we’re doing.” Bennington also said he hopes to have a Dead by Sunrise album out by 2009, barring other commitments to other bands. “I want to make sure the record gets the chance to do what it can do.”

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Dany OUR | 4/27/2009, 10:55 pm EST



hayran | 4/22/2009, 10:53 am EST

linkın park you super super they are rock star ROCK STAR ı love you linkın park

hayran | 4/21/2009, 2:42 pm EST


hayran | 4/21/2009, 2:38 pm EST


hayran | 4/21/2009, 2:36 pm EST


hayran | 4/21/2009, 2:32 pm EST

ı most like music name:NUMB,IN THE AND,HIT THE FLOOR and FROM THE INSIDE I LOVE LİNKİN PARK AND ı’m better speak englişh

hayran | 4/21/2009, 2:28 pm EST

ı most love chester benington and mike shinoda they are my life ı love linkin park

hayran | 4/21/2009, 2:25 pm EST

ı m a zeynep ı love alinkin park ı have a been türkiş and linkin park they havent new albüm go to the türkişh

hayran | 4/21/2009, 2:25 pm EST

ı m a zeynep ı love alinkin park ı have a been türkiş and linkin park they havent new albüm go to the türkişh

hayran | 4/21/2009, 2:25 pm EST

ı m a zeynep ı love alinkin park ı have a been türkiş and linkin park they havent new albüm go to the türkişh

show me to the honey | 4/15/2009, 7:18 pm EST

Make sure you all check out Julien-K’s Death to Analog album. Its been out about a month and ROCKS! They are awesome live as well! Chester has made appearances w/ them. I can’t wait for the DBS album to finally come out. Everything these guys (LP, JK, DBS, Orgy, FortMinor) is ALL worth the wait!!!

Luiza | 4/12/2009, 1:50 pm EST

Linkin Park- I Love You Very Much!

salman | 4/12/2009, 11:22 am EST

to any one who is reading this, this is not lp album this is a chester changing band so b sure

Святослав Соколов | 4/10/2009, 8:46 pm EST

Весьма спорно, но как вариант

Егор Макаров | 4/3/2009, 3:44 am EST

Круто! Нет ну правда, просто слов нету! :)

dragondemon123 | 4/2/2009, 12:10 am EST

To every one whom is confused about dbs(Dead By Sunrise) it’s not LP’S new Album it’s Chester Bennington’s new side i hope it comes out soon

Andy | 3/30/2009, 6:24 am EST

Hey LP….
I still cant believe it..
i am confused.. is that band or album??
i got some songs like Hardly Breathe, let Down, morning After, State of the Art. all from Dead by sunrise.
they are cool…

Muhammad Danish | 3/27/2009, 3:10 am EST

Linkin park totally rules and no one can take of linkin park

LP_fan for ever | 3/23/2009, 4:58 am EST

LP rocks…..
i cant wait for their new album dead by sunrise

lp-abi | 3/13/2009, 8:57 am EST

lp just lp one day day lp all the life lp can you guys come in kosovo one day

Lyra | 3/13/2009, 7:15 am EST

Zhester ur the BEST vocalist EVER“
I don’t know how my world will be without u“`
I LUV U““`
keep on rockin“

LP Fan | 3/12/2009, 11:46 am EST

I was at the LP concert in MK, AND IT ROCKED!!! Can’t wait to see you guys again. Just wish you’d come here more often!!! :-)

LP FAN 4EVER | 3/10/2009, 9:21 pm EST

srry i ment the rapper

LP FAN 4EVER | 3/10/2009, 9:07 pm EST

man i can’t wait for the new album whats it called anyway road to revlotuion or dead by sunrise and what happened to mike did he leave or got kicked out of band

P@ulu$ | 3/10/2009, 3:31 am EST

Chester you are great!!!!!
Don’t give up!!!

GAURAV THAKUR | 3/9/2009, 6:18 am EST


Ronak | 3/8/2009, 8:35 pm EST

Heeeeeeeeey Chazzzzzzz
u really rock..
Love u n all ur bandss..
wish the best 4 u…
come down to toronto..
we’re deadly waitin 4 u

ali | 3/7/2009, 4:02 am EST

chester really rocks, he is the best vocalist ever, and dead by sunrise is cool as well, i hope the best wishes for u by God’s many graces, when do u come iran. iranian ppl are really waiting for u. chester bennington, we love u.

joy Benningto | 2/18/2009, 8:35 pm EST

This is the best band of the world I love you Chester

Taras | 2/17/2009, 8:53 am EST

I love everything about LP and waiting for the new album. I wish to hear it faster.

paul | 2/11/2009, 5:34 pm EST

Linkin park is the best band there is and dont let any one tell you other wise

dragonboy | 2/11/2009, 5:31 pm EST

LInkin park is definitly the most awsomest band there is ROCK ON DUDES!!

dragonboy | 2/11/2009, 5:31 pm EST

LInkin park is definitly the most awsomest band there is ROCK ON DUDES!!

Katherine | 2/7/2009, 3:32 pm EST

Wow who knew they had so much music in them? Linkin park, Fort Minor, and now Dead by Sunrise? This is awesome. Keep em coming!

dave | 2/5/2009, 10:19 pm EST

chester is the shit, i think hes awasom and im lookn forward to his new band. i remember his grey daze. i cant even find it any more

crank | 2/3/2009, 2:44 am EST

guys if u hate him then why are u puting it in here???/ linkn park rocks!!!!!

NickT | 2/1/2009, 6:04 pm EST

I just ran into him at Lowes in AZ, OMG he is the man! Cant wait to hear the new band.

Jester | 1/27/2009, 2:02 pm EST

Yeah LP rocks.Goodluck with your concept album guys and keep on rockin and rollin.LP rules!!!

Linkin Park ROCKS | 1/13/2009, 10:02 pm EST

Hey I got the new Album it so cool!!!!!

LP lover EM | 1/9/2009, 11:29 am EST

i love LP 4 ever. Linkin Park is the best rock band that i ever sie. Chester is so cute and Mike to :D ROCK N ROLL (K)

lulu bennington | 1/2/2009, 4:33 am EST

i lv u so much chester…
u’r d’ best…
9ood luck for u’r band…
when do u come to indonesia???
i’ve been waiting for u’r present…
i mizz u…
from u’r admirer…

Rohit CyberZone,India,pune. | 12/30/2008, 4:16 am EST

omg why u killed him?
why u killed him?
his soul heal & reborn in the next life.

Alenka | 12/25/2008, 4:43 pm EST

Linkin park is awesome can you guyz come to slovenia one day

sam | 12/25/2008, 2:27 pm EST

Linkin Park is so cool!

loving you | 12/24/2008, 4:51 am EST

when are you coming again to Indonsia????????

I Missssssssssssss You

anonymous | 12/22/2008, 1:11 am EST

linkin parkz d bst….lp haters r retards…..

priya | 12/21/2008, 9:42 am EST

i am linkin park’s bigest fan.i love chester rock LP.i am waiting for ur upcoming LP hits.i wish u luck for ur new band ‘dead by sunrise’.

gina | 12/13/2008, 7:58 pm EST

I love Chezy Chez

when are you coming to Korea?

Kyle D. Williams | 12/10/2008, 3:52 pm EST

sorry u guys i wrote that think about Kellen T. Williams said he my bro he didnt really say that he loves em ^^ im just a jerk

Kellen T. Williams | 12/6/2008, 4:45 pm EST


Kellen T. Williams | 12/6/2008, 4:40 pm EST

this band sucks ass just like muahaha said

MUAHAHA | 12/4/2008, 4:38 pm EST

LINKIN PARK SUCKS ASS they SUCK all of thier songs suck and look at their lead singer he is in 2 bands

Jon Linkin Park Fan | 12/2/2008, 2:40 pm EST

no its not called road to revolution that is theie concert album dvd thing that shows what they did at their concert and there songs i have it. And Dead By Sunrise is Chester Bennington’s new band. LINKIN PARK ROCKS

RenZ | 12/1/2008, 10:08 am EST

Linkin Park!!!The BesT!!!

blueviper | 11/30/2008, 2:07 pm EST

I cant wait for Linkin Parks next album!… does anyone know what it is called(i heard its either called Road to Revolution or Dead by Sunrise) and when its coming out?

crazyboy | 11/30/2008, 9:35 am EST

i love lp veryyyyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhh

Post A Comment | 11/26/2008, 11:18 pm EST

I dont like linkin park they are to girly!

Lp 4everrr | 11/25/2008, 1:39 pm EST

I love this group because they’re superr. surtenly Lp dead by sunrise is the most popular album.

sumit&hampu | 11/23/2008, 12:44 am EST

i thing

sumit&hampu | 11/23/2008, 12:38 am EST

linkin park is my first lovefor hard &soft rock songs. and “in the end” is the best song of hybird theorem album

SHINEDOWNROCKSTOO | 11/19/2008, 11:02 pm EST

LINKIN PARK!!!!!!!! uhm xD u guys linkin park is a great band crawling bleed it out in the end all them pretty good NUMB ok but also i want to add that u guys should check out a band called shinedown if u havent heard of them check em out

LP4LIFE | 11/19/2008, 12:51 pm EST

im excited to hear yall got a new album coming out i hope its like hybrid theory it was yalls best and IN THE END was the best song ever!!!

LP4LYFE | 11/18/2008, 7:46 pm EST

first may i say linkin park is one of the best bands ive heard and that i would love to hear their new album (when they come out with it) and also wanna say that IN THE END IS THE BEST SONG EVVAH

Chester B for president | 11/16/2008, 7:31 pm EST

no he isnt dead hu ever told you that needs stabbing. he perfectly fine.
cannot wait for new linkin park album will be totally sick and as for dead by sunrise i heard a few of thier stuff and it rocks so fingers crossed should be good aswell

Muhammad Ali | 11/16/2008, 10:20 am EST

linkin park is always best and i dieng to get a new album i love linkin park i wish linkin park have consert in pakistan i love there every song in short they are best.

cogs11 | 11/15/2008, 10:48 am EST

Chester Bennington you rock.
people tell me that he died due to throat cancer. is it true ? someone tell me please. he was the best singer of linkin park.

LP#1FAN | 11/12/2008, 1:24 pm EST


MALHAR | 11/10/2008, 3:23 am EST

hey LP eagerly waitin for ur new album…..u rock!!
Meteora was mind blowin hope 2 hear more lik dat in ur new album..

Anonymous | 11/10/2008, 3:21 am EST

hey LP eagerly waitin for ur new album…..u rock!!

erikh | 11/5/2008, 11:27 pm EST

All of your albums rock my socks off! Your concerts are even BETTER! LP can put on a show! I’m pumped Linkin Park is back in the studio for another album. Throw some nice heavy songs like Given Up and Sorrow. Those are Awesome. But the slow ones are great too.

linkin park rocks | 11/2/2008, 11:39 pm EST

linkin park rocks da stage

BLOOD | 10/31/2008, 11:14 pm EST




michael | 10/28/2008, 6:06 am EST

linkin park you rock but gotter admit that your old album like meteroa hybrid theory are much better bring more heavier songs into your next album then it shall be great

Anonymous | 10/26/2008, 9:06 am EST

Cant wait for linkin park’s new album, but i hope dead by sunrise is also good. Im not so sure about that

True Wishper | 10/26/2008, 8:36 am EST

Hey ! Guys u r orsam
Christer love u !

Keep rocking the world

U have great thinkings n feeling
N also great music sence

So bring ur new stuf as soon as possiable !

Anonymous | 10/25/2008, 6:29 am EST

Cant wait till the new album. Something tells me Dead by Sunrise wont be as awesome as Fort Minor though…

shaun | 10/24/2008, 9:03 am EST

i luv u chester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&i luv linkin park.

shaun | 10/24/2008, 9:03 am EST

i luv u chester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&i luv linkin park.

jaco | 10/20/2008, 10:24 am EST

linkin park is da best. nd all ur songs especily hands held high. nw dat song is deep

linkin park romania fans | 10/18/2008, 2:23 pm EST

chazy chaz the best.. come in have over 150.000 fans…chester 4 ever

john | 10/16/2008, 5:03 am EST

no more sorrow and given up rock but stick to meteora tpe guys.. more songs like points and qwerty would b awsum

Keep Moving Foward, LP! | 10/9/2008, 5:28 pm EST

We don’t want the old LP. That style of music is dead. Nu metal is over. Get used to it.

Sure those albums were awesome but if they did that again everyone would be like “do something new for a change” and they did do something new.

I think LP need to improve on MTM by making there more heavier songs.
But that’s IMO

lupis | 10/8/2008, 6:56 pm EST

linkin park es el grupo mas chido de todos

Linki park Man66 | 10/6/2008, 9:43 am EST

Hey Chester wats up man, I really enjoy all the Linkin park records, I love the variety and the different beats incorporated in every one of them, and I especially love the song Leave Out All The Rest from Minutes to Midnight, its melodic and really gets to the root of what the song is supposed to say, all I want to say is just keep making records and keep taking on new heights cause in my books you guys just keep geting better and better

gourav.. | 10/5/2008, 12:35 am EST

lp is lp
lp is lp
lp is only lp

nothing can beat it

Anonymous | 10/3/2008, 12:04 pm EST

LP 4 life man

LINKIN PARK RULEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! | 9/30/2008, 4:44 pm EST

I ♥ Chester Bennington!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

LoveLP | 9/29/2008, 9:21 am EST

I don’t know can you see this comment?
But i just want you to know.
I love linkin park forever.
And i love you chester.

akshay jain | 9/23/2008, 5:02 am EST

chester i am your biggest fan. when i heard that you got throat cancer i was crying for about 2-3 hours.I only listen the songs of linkin park.
yu are the best singer of the whole universe……….

Julius | 9/22/2008, 9:28 pm EST

You guys should really make another
Cd like meteora and hybrid theory
those Albums where the best ever

sendir-LP | 9/19/2008, 8:49 am EST

hey chester i m a fan of u and i want to tell u that(tell this to all of the band mike.rob.brad.joe.)we really want the LP who relised meteora and hybrid theory i know u grow up and your style as a band has really changed muchbut plz try to make an album like before dude

ROSE | 9/17/2008, 1:02 am EST

I LOVE LP !!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE LP!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE LP !!!!!!!!!!

Linden | 9/15/2008, 12:48 am EST

Hi chester im one of your greatest fan,you are my idol butI sincerly tell you that we need the linkinpark which release hybrid theory…we want rap and rock together man…I knw you can’t sing like old time,But the styles can stay the same….Lp for ever man!

V8V LINKIN PARK BEST FAN | 9/14/2008, 11:02 pm EST


Stella -Grecce- | 9/1/2008, 8:48 am EST

They are fantastic I love them!Linkin Park came here in Athens at Wednesday 25 of June but I lost their consert.I hope to come again sometime and I can t wait their new alboum.Linkin Park No1!!!

Pouria | 8/21/2008, 6:27 am EST a persion boy.i will be waiting for lp new for life.peace.

LP JESS | 8/6/2008, 3:29 am EST

Linkin Park !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hybrdthry616 | 8/4/2008, 12:05 am EST

thts awesome LP is 1 of the best damn bands around I knew they still had it…new style or not imma LP fan for life!

bonnie | 7/25/2008, 6:38 am EST

ppl im so exited for the new album of death by sunrise!!!! they so gona kick ass!!

Tahsan | 7/14/2008, 9:00 am EST

Chestar u r my idol, i could die on u if u wanted, if i wanna b somethin i wanna b u and i will become like u if u even say that in the end it doesnt even matta!!

jd | 6/27/2008, 12:36 am EST

awesome. MTM was pretty good. but i hope they go back to more of their old style. with rap or no rap. maybe have some really complex guitar playing and solos along with Hahns dj skills and Chesters awesome growling voice (hes da best). I can hear it now. LP4ever!

Eddy | 6/18/2008, 10:00 pm EST

Yeah aye, nu metal would be good. But they should keep pushing the boundaries like Avenged Sevenfold have been.

hungary 10 | 6/18/2008, 1:01 pm EST

Linkin Park mindent visz szoval Chester ott ne hagyd ha igazi sikert akasz akkor ott az LP ami a legkirályabb a világon szóval LP 4EVER !!!:D :D :D

Harish | 6/16/2008, 7:37 am EST

Bring back nu-metal in the next album

Linkin_Park_Girl | 6/16/2008, 4:12 am EST

Linkin Park Forever!!! Больше всего мне нравится Честер, он просто суперский и я его обожаю!!! Я очень хочу, чтобы Линкин ПАрк приехали в Украину, когда-нибудь!!!!!!

italy 93 | 6/9/2008, 6:01 am EST

I’m waiting for a new linkin park’s album. W i linkin park!Chester ti aspettiamo al Heineken Jammin’ Festival.

italy 93 | 6/9/2008, 6:01 am EST

I’m waiting for a new linkin park’s album. W i linkin park!Chester ti aspettiamo al Heineken Jammin’ Festival.

Amar(Bosna) | 5/31/2008, 2:17 pm EST

Chester your my idol but i wait for you,can i know when you and your band come to us in Bosna And herzegovina

Katie | 5/27/2008, 3:55 pm EST

Sweet! Can’t wait!

Alena(Ukraine) | 5/25/2008, 6:54 am EST

Chester-the BEST iIN WORLD!!!!!!!! I wait in Ukrain your grupps! Your fan from Ukraine…

James | 5/22/2008, 12:42 am EST

I hope it comes out this year!!!!!!!!!!!

James | 5/22/2008, 12:42 am EST

I hope it comes out this year!!!!!!!!!!!

James | 5/22/2008, 12:42 am EST

I hope it comes out this year!!!!!!!!!!!

linkinparkfansid | 5/21/2008, 12:57 pm EST

Just hope that it is out before Rock am Ring, 2009. It would be awesome if they debuted their new songs there!

skyleaf | 5/21/2008, 8:24 am EST

cant wait till the new album comes out :D

Jess | 5/20/2008, 11:37 pm EST

I’m so excited for the new linkin park cd to come out and i’m curious to hear Dead by Sunrise. I hope that the lp cd goes back to their older stuff. It is much better than their latest cd. I’m a linkin park fan for life!

Grace | 5/19/2008, 4:13 pm EST

I love the sound linkin park makes. another album and a new band are REALLY exciting

smailoveur du LP | 5/17/2008, 5:23 pm EST

ben c’ hyper cool d’enttendr ça ben j’atten avc impatience cette album qui va surment etre top top comm tjrs ! big kiss ! for the best :: LINKIN PARK

Jessica | 5/16/2008, 8:21 am EST

thats so great that lp is coming out with a new album! i can’t wait for that and dead by sunrise! i love linkin park!

Jessica | 5/15/2008, 10:29 pm EST

Way cool — guess this means Linkin Park’s new album will be out before 2009 is up lol.
Rock on!

Bummer | 5/14/2008, 9:19 pm EST

I thought DBS would release the album some time now.

smokin | 5/14/2008, 3:47 pm EST

it sounds really great that LP is making new album ..cant wait for it to come out, and i hope all the Success for chesters new band, im a fan already, as long as it doesnt get in the way of LP, and i really miss the old linkin park stuff i wish the new album is something like it..

Angel Nahum Rodriguez Quintero | 5/13/2008, 2:48 pm EST

desearia y añoro que linkin park diera un concierto en leon,gto mex seria mi sueño realizado

Angel Nahum Rodriguez Quintero | 5/13/2008, 1:48 pm EST

desearia y sueño que linkin park diera un concierto en leon, gto siempre lo he soñado ojala lo pudieran lograr

crazychaos | 5/13/2008, 11:39 am EST

Both Album released in 09
I´m soo sad to hear this = (

Anonymous | 5/13/2008, 8:57 am EST

AWESOME! Can’t wait for the Linkin Park’s new album, and Dead by Sunrise ’s as well! I’m sure they will ROCK! :D

Anonymous | 5/12/2008, 5:02 pm EST

At last smth fresh from the HEADS of rock - at first Malakian, then Tankian, Bennington… Maybe the next is Burnley?

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