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American Dad



18-year-old Hayley is the ultra-liberal daughter of the Smith household. Stan insists on putting her through an airport-style security search every time she enters the house (sure, he loves his little girl, but he doesn't necessarily trust her).


Rachael MacFarlane

Rachael MacFarlane developed her craft on the Emmy-winning FOX animated series FAMILY GUY. Her numerous voices on FAMILY GUY include: Olivia, Maid Madeline, Margot Kidder, Kate Moss and Minnie Driver. MacFarlane's other voiceover credits include "Scooby Doo," "Static Shock," "Fillmore," "Grim & Evil," "Code Name: Kids Next Door," "Dexter's Laboratory," "Powerpuff Girls," "Samarai Jack," "Johnny Bravo" and "Megas XLR."

MacFarlane is a graduate of the Boston Conservatory Musical Theater Program. She currently lives in Los Angeles.






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