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Join WAUC between November 17, 2008 and December 2008. Full discounted fee $500.00.

Includes dues payment for 2009. As soon as your school joins WAUC you will receive a membership and accreditation certificate. All new schools must sibmit a copy of their current catalogue when joining. Send funds to:

Capital One
Charles De Gaulle Branch
3800 General De Gaulle
New Orleans, LA 70114
Wire #065-0000-90
Acct #81 23 05 859
World Association of Universities and Colleges

Initial Enrollment Fee For Licensing and Accreditation For New Schools
August-September Only - $500.00

During the months of August and September your school may join WAUC for the initial enrollment fee of $500.00. This fee includes membership and accreditation. Call today for information 310/284-4886.


Expert help available. Licensing, accreditation, obtaining qualified professors, writing catalogues and handbooks can also be provided. Reasonable rates. E-mail our office for information.


If you wish to turn your thesis or dissertation into a paperback book, which can be sold worldwide, please contact our office. We can give you a price which includes editing and rewriting, artwork, consulting relative to distribution of the book and other issues connected with self publishing. Experts in the field will assist you. Call 310/284-4916 for additional information..


WAUC will host its annual conference in Los Angeles CA June 26-28, 2008. The public is invited to attend. The conference fee is $250.00 exclusive of room reservations. If you are interested in attending, please send us an e-mail at


There is a procedure for writing dissertations and theses which is used by all universities regardless of the subject area. A dissertation or a thesis is not a term paper. It is a piece of research which most students do not fully understand. Dr. Maxine Asher received her training in this area from a statistician who worked for the Los Angeles City Schools. Dr. Maxine Asher is an expert in this process. Just as a doctor can diagnose medical problems, Dr. Asher can diagnose flaws in graduate documents and help students to get on the right track. If you need consulting services in this area from Dr. Asher or one of her skilled associates, please call 310/284-4916. For your edification, Dr. Asher holds four California lifetime teaching credentials spanning kindergarten through college, has a Psychology degree from UCLA, a Masters degree from California State University Northridge and 2 earned doctorates. Dr. Asher and staff are available as consultants and work can be done through e-mail. Dr. Asher is also best known for her research work in archaeology relative to the lost continent of Atlantis and has made 50 trips to Spain to conduct research into the mystery of man's origins. Remember, once a student learns the research process, it is applicable to all phases of life, personal and business and is a great asset in our rapidly changing world.


For six weeks only starting February 1 - March 15, 2008, you may join WAUC as a member for $500.00 and as an accredited member for $1200.00. Joining WAUC will increase your enrollment, give students confidence in your school and provide a liaison with other universities located around the world.


Do you need help in planning a graduation for your students? WAUC will arrange a graduation for your students including can and gowns, programs, dinner, refreshments, music and flags, and all other aspects of the events. We can do this in any country. For information, please call 310/284-4916.

Attention Colleges and Universities in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

If you are interested in accreditation and/or membership in the WAUC and live in and work in one of the above mentioned areas, please contact Benjamin Angueira at  for information. If your school is in the Caribbean area, a representative will personally fly to your location in order to formally enroll you into WAUC.


Over the past 5 years, powerful influences in Washington, DC, who represent universities with high tuition fees, have operated internationally to abolish accreditation associations whose schools charge low fees. Please be advised that WAUC is 13 years old, represents 50 outstanding universities and has unblemished integrity. Please e-mail us if you have any questions about the academic validity of the WAUC schools. In addition, you are invited to attend the annual WAUC meetings by reservation only.

Attention WAUC Accredited School Graduates

Effective immediately, all graduates of WAUC schools are requested to purchase a seal to go on their diploma guaranteeing accreditation. In addition, a permanent record will be kept in the WAUC offices relative to the student's graduation. This is a guarantee to students that they can always trace their diploma through the WAUC. The form below enables you to purchase the seal. Fee is $50.00 (USD) for USA students and $65.00 (USD) for foreign students. If you would like to have a certificate and a seal, the fee is 100.00 for both.

Please make checks payable to WAUC and mail to:

World Association of Universities and Colleges
P.O. Box 49421
Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA
Phone: 310/284-4916
Fax: 310/203-9514

Please also include the following form.

Name of Student
Name of University
Degree Program Level
Subject Area
Date of Graduation


Many alternative universities are examined by prospective students who wish to verify the authenticity of a post-secondary institution. The WAUC will respond to all e-mail inquiries relative to the academic validity of its member schools. In the case of other schools which are not part of the WAUC, the student must call these schools individually in order to make clear decisions about enrollment. Many fraudulent universities have existed in the past and many continue to exist. However, the determination of a good alternative school does not rest upon its approval from a U.S. recognized accreditation agency. In the U.S.A., the traditional government agencies and the regional accreditation associations are believed to work together with the purpose of eliminating schools who are financially competitive with traditional residence institutions. Over the past 10 years, alternative schools, many of them excellent universities, have taken thousands of students away from traditional schools for many important reasons. Alternative schools charge less money. Alternative schools allow students to work on-line and at-distance without residence requirements. Additionally, most at-distance schools individualize instruction and give personalized attention to students not possible in the larger universities. Today, only a very few distance learning schools are accredited regionally. They charge $12-20,000 dollars (USD) for their programs. Few students can afford these high tuition fees. Therefore, they choose alternative schools. Selecting a WAUC  accredited school is a good choice for students since the member schools of this organization must meet rigid accreditation requirements which are noted on this website. WAUC schools are also constantly monitored for quality control. In short, WAUC, in existence since 1993, is the only valid global accreditation association which stands behind its schools, guaranteeing quality of instruction and reliability.

Now your college or university can achieve global accreditation from one of the only valid organizations of its kind in the world. Qualified universities can join WAUC as members and later apply for accreditation, based on the quality and merit of their instructional programs.


  1. Member of The World Association of Universities and Colleges SealMonthly newsletters linking your university to dozens of other outstanding institutions of higher learning worldwide.
  2. Collective advertising to boost enrollment in your school or college.
  3. Conferences, meetings and other events of interest to educators held annually in significant locations around the globe.
  4. Inclusion of your university's listing in an internationally published distance learning guidebook.
  5. The opportunity to obtain recognition by official agencies, businesses and organizations in the U.S. and abroad.
  6. Permission to display a prestigious "WAUC Member" icon for use on your web page.


1. Assistance in starting a distance learning university. Services include registration, accreditation, preparation of catalogues, designing curriculum and other essentials of universities. (e.g., supplies, caps and gowns, diploma shells, etc.) Rates available upon request.

2. Designing and implementing educational meetings, conventions, workshops and in-service training of professors and administrative personnel.

3. Writing, Editing and Publishing. Assistance with business reports, books, articles, educational documents, contracts, brochures and financial reports.

For information call 310/284-4886.



Schools who wish to advertise on the WAUC website may do so by contacting our
office at  The cost of advertising for a 2x2" advertisement
for one month is $200.00.  Advertisements must be pre-approved by the WAUC
before they are placed on the website.


Over the past 8 years, there has been a global effort to put private alternative universities out of business. Of course, this movement is against the rights of all citizens in the USA to conduct private business in an honorable fashion. The disparagement is often printed in magazines, handbooks and other types of media and despite honest interviews given to the press, material is distorted and prejudiced. Please know that false information will cause legal action on the part of certain schools against the predators. All of the schools accredited by the World Association of Universities and Colleges do an outstanding job in educating students, and, at very low tuition fees. The movement to discredit certain schools is based on power politics in Washington, DC whereby schools who charge 10 times more for their degree programs, do not wish competition from lower priced schools. There is also the matter of control. Education should not be controlled by anyone. The mark of a good school lies in its professors, its curriculum and the type of instructional programs it offers its students. Therefore, if you have any questions about the above issues, please direct them to Dr. Maxine Asher at

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WAUC maintains a staff of consultants. The following services are available. Rates are moderate. Professional areas include:

1. Reviewing finished theses and dissertations for grammar and proper format.
2. Providing basic English lessons for the foreign born.
3. Writing business reports, catalogues, grants, curriculum and other professional documents.
4. Providing assistance with research and bibliographic needs.
5. Writing and publishing books.

Send letter to

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