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You want games?
You want games? We’ve got games. With Windows Mobile, you can play more than 500 familiar titles, like Guitar Hero, Madden NFL 08, Texas Hold‘em, and Sudoku—right on your phone. Whether you’ve got time to kill, have an urge to beat your high score, or just want to escape, Windows Mobile delivers bold graphics and game play of such high quality that you might even forget that you’re playing on your phone.

Add new games to your phone easily.

Windows Mobile Total Access offers many free games and adds new titles often.

Featured games.

Guitar Hero 3: Guitar Hero
Play the award-winning global phenomenon. Rock out with this rhythm-based, three-button game that stays true to the original version.
Bejeweled 2
Test your speed and perception as you match sparkling gem shapes and colors in the legendary, award-winning puzzle game.
Madden NFL 08
Experience exciting NFL football with all 32 teams and real players. Make real plays from the Madden playbook on your way to the Super Bowl.
A world of great titles.
Call of Duty 5: World at War
Experience authentic military warfare, camaraderie, and action as Call of Duty returns to World War II with an epic campaign in the Pacific theater.
The Simpsons
Visit Springfield for adventure in the hilarious world of The Simpsons. Guide Homer as he races to prevent a nuclear meltdown.
Monopoly Here & Now
Build a real estate empire on your phone. Play Monopoly Here & Now, a new version of the popular board game—updated with a modern twist.

A world of great titles.

Finding games for your Windows Mobile phone is simple. Check out Windows Mobile Total Access for free games or buy titles from, Handango InHand, or top game publisher web sites like EA Games Mobile. After you’ve found the games you want, sync them from your desktop or laptop computer, download them from the web and install them onto your phone, or have them sent via SMS.
EA Mobile
Whether you prefer puzzles or strategy, sports, casino, card, or board games, you can download your favorites from EA Mobile.
Download your favorites directly to your phone with Handango InHand. Choose from a great list of games specifically for your smartphone.
Windows Mobile Total Access
Windows Mobile Total Access updates its list of free games regularly—ending game fatigue forever. Sign in to Total Access to try the featured game or the favorite standards.
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