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Adobe Contributing AMF Support to Zend Framework

Today we’ve shared an overview of our proposal to include AMF support in the Zend Framework. This new component of the Zend Framework will allow PHP developers to build Flex applications that run in the browser using Flash Player or Adobe AIR and communicate to the server using AMF.

The proposal gives PHP developers an Adobe sponsored AMF project, bringing AMF interoperability closer to what is available for ColdFusion and Java developers. (Adobe released the AMF specification in December of 2007.)

Wade Arnold, who runs the AMFPHP project, is leading the Zend Framework work for Adobe.

For PHP developers who aren’t using the Zend Framework, there are other AMF solutions available, including AMFPHP, WebORB for PHP, SabreAMF and a native PHP extension called AMFEXT.

Andi Gutmans, CTO of Zend, has a few more details on his blog. We’re really excited to be joining the Zend Framework family – joining IBM, Google, Microsoft and others who are contributing to the framework.

Adobe is a platinum sponsor of the Zend Conference, September 15 – 18 in Santa Clara. We'll have a few sessions there that will talk about this new Zend Framework component.


Is there AMF for Django?
That would be really mega cool.

[http://djangoamf.sourceforge.jp/index.php?DjangoAMF_en or http://pyamf.org/ may be helpful? - Mike]

Is there AMF for Django?
That would be really mega cool.

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