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Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn
May as well start calling this the RPG of the year. It may not be for the novice player, but it's certainly an epic ride.
By - Tim "Juan Golbez" McConnaughy

Baldur's Gate was the game that introduced the now-famous Infinity engine, and almost single-handedly revitalized the computer RPG genre. That's quite an act to follow by any game, much less the sequel. For those of you living in bomb shelters or caves, in Baldur's Gate you played the part of the protagonist, a bastard child of Bhaal, Lord of Murder. Throughout the game you met new friends and party members, while also solving the mystery of your birth and the iron shortage plaguing the Sword Coast. In a climactic battle, you defeated your half-brother Sarevok, also a child of Bhaal. That's where Baldur's Gate II (hereafter referred to as BG2) picks up.

You Leave For Just a Minute�

The monsters of BG2 make other enemies that have come before look like harmless bunnies.

...And the world falls to pieces. Without giving away too much, you begin BG2 in a prison, facing an unknown captor and tormentor. Through circumstances you are set free to find your friends and escape, as well as solve the mystery of your unknown tormentor and his plans for you. This sets the stage for an epic plot and story, as you will face (not always seemingly) insurmountable odds to survive the strange place in which you find yourself.

BG2 takes place in the City of Coin, Athkatla, the capital city of Amn. Amn is the merchant's nation, where money and wealth is prized above all else. In Baldur's Gate, you only went as far south as Nashkel to investigate the iron shortage, but in BG2, the lands of Amn are yours to explore. Besides Athkatla, the city of Tradement and a few hamlets can be explored. Traveling in BG2 is much different then BG1. In the original, as you exited a map on different sides, its adjacent areas became open. Now, new areas only appear on the map as shown to you by NPCs.

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