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Budig's Back on AMC! Plus, an Angie/Jesse Reunion?!

Rebecca Buding by Dimitrios Kambouris/
Mrs. Bachelor Bob is back in the Fusion business. Rebecca Budig will reclaim the role of All My Children's Greenlee starting January 16. (What do you think about it? Vote here.) Also, Daytime Emmy winners Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams are returning as Angie and Jesse Hubbard on Jan. 18 and 25, respectively — this despite the fact that Jesse famously died in his wife's arms a bazillion years ago and has since made several ethereal visits as a ghost.

"We are giving the fans what they’ve been asking for — Rebecca returns as Greenlee and a beloved super-couple have a second chance," says ABC Daytime boss Brian Scott Frons. "Fans can look forward to Greenlee’s storyline developing around her business, her friendships and her love life. Angie and Jesse made an eternal imprint on... viewers, and many fans will not believe he's alive." Seriously — his ghost even gave Pine Valley that "magic box" one Christmas!

When Budig returns to the role she created, Greens is suddenly stricken down by a mysterious illness. That brings Angie back to Pine Valley Hospital to consult on Greenlee's case as well as that of a "secret patient." It all leads to what ABC calls "the most shocking reunion of all time: after 20 years, Angie will reunite with Jesse."

What's your take? Do you welcome Budig with open arms, or was Sabine Singh sufficing as the recast? And just how do you think they will bring back Jesse?! — Matt Webb Mitovich

Posted by TV Guide News
Dec 15, 2007 8:09 PM
It doesn't seem fair. I liked Rebecca B as Greenlee. When Sabine S came, I gave her a chance. She was not the same Greenlee, but she was true to the Greenlee spirit and I grew to like her in the role. She's a good actress and deserves better.

RB had a chance to come back but didn't. What happened? Couldn't she get work? Doesn't seem fair.
Posted by Jtoo
Dec 17, 2007 6:21 PM
While I feel for Sabine and her fans, I was not a fan of her interpretation of the Greenlee character, nor did I find her to be a very good actress. I'm thrilled that Rebecca Budig is back. Her chemistry with Alishia Minshew was the best part of AMC and I can't wait to see the two great actresses together again. Let us not forget that it was Budig who took a one-note, one-dimensional 13-week stint of a character and turned her into the dynamic Greenlee Smythe-Dupree-Lavery-whatever that we all love and care about so fiercely today. It was her role and I'm glad she's returned to it.
Posted by olomaya
Dec 17, 2007 7:04 PM
What they did to Sabine was just plain WRONG!!! Does AMC not have a heart anymore??? I'm sorry I love RB just as much as anyone but this is not right at all. She can't get anything anywhere else so she has to steal a role from another promising actress that I loved and adored as Greenlee. That charater will never be the same to me anymore. This is cruel. And because of it, no I don't welcome Budig with open arms, Sabine WAS sufficing as the recast!!!!!
Posted by firevega
Dec 17, 2007 7:27 PM
I too am torn by this news. While I loved RB as Greenlee, I came to accept SS in the role, even starting to root for her and Aiden. I can't picture RB's Greenlee w/ Aiden; they just don't have the same chemistry. Are they planning on reuniting Greenlee w/ Ryan? I liek Ryannie and hope they leave that pairing alone. Also, I agree that AMC's treatment of SS was criminal. From what I've read, RB was asked back in early November, but SS didn't get her notice until last Monday. Disgraceful.

As for Angie and Jessie returning, I wasn't watching then, so it doesn't mean as much to me as if the beloved Dixie or Brooke returned. I've been a soap fan for nearly 25 years, so I've seen many characters return from the dead, but from what I've read, Jesse died of a gunshot wound, in Angie's arms. Angie is a DOCTOR; you'd think she'd be able to tell the difference between alive and dead! IMO, a little much to ask the viewer to accept.

Ultimately, I don't think these cosmetic changes are enough to help what ails AMC. As the saying goes, "the fish stinks from the head down" and until Frons goes, AMC will be taking on water worse than the Titanic. Unfortunately, TPTB is more interested in rearranging the deck chairs than in repairing the leak, or even avoiding another iceberg.
Posted by elbug10
Dec 17, 2007 7:28 PM
So glad to Rebecca coming back. Quit watching All My Children when they recast Greenlee. Will have to start watching again.
Posted by rlent5507
Dec 17, 2007 8:54 PM
I am glad that Rebecca is coming back! Don't get me wrong-Sabine has done an awesome job, but the original Greens rocks!

By the way, I wish the original Babe was back! The new one is doing an okay job, but she doesn't have the fire or energy that the original had! Please bring her back...convince her somehow!
Posted by rhiaannon
Dec 17, 2007 9:16 PM
I am beyond thrilled that Rebecca is back. Let's get one thing straight. RB left because of horrible writing not some devious plan to screw over AMC and make it big in Hollywood. When this role was recasted, RB told them it was too soon and was fearful for the future of Greenlee. Her fans felt that same sense of doom too. We were right to feel that way, but Greenlee has been getting the shaft as a character since the return of Kendall Hart when McTavish came on as Head Writer. This is not something new. Rebecca had watched her character regress for years, and yet, she was completely professional and played Greenlee flawlessly in every situation thrown at her. I have watched soaps since Mindy and Rusty were a couple on GL, and NOW to this day, NO ONE has captured my heart and attention like Rebecca Budig.

To be honest, I did like Sabine but NOT in the same way. She was NEVER the character of Greenlee, not the one I grew to love. RB IS and always will BE that character. She built the character up to be amazing, and that ALLOWED me to accept Singh's portrayal. It was never the one I truly wanted, but I thought that Greenlee on my screen is better than NO Greenlee at all. SS was growing as an actress, but she didn't have that passion that RB had with the role. My Greenlee was not whiny and wimpy, and she no longer was independent and feisty. I much prefer the bad girl with a heart of gold over this watered down, sugary version that begged people to accept her. I did watch clips of Singh, and her other roles were quite similiar with the phony valley girl schtick.

Rebecca has such wit, charm and one of the best comedic timings of any actor on a soap. She has never played Greenlee in that way, ever. Sabine was able to draw in people because she and Aidan Turner had a cute chemistry together. Yet, being a fan of the super couple Leo and Greenlee, it was not even close to what one would call a long term coupling. I think Rebecca will give Ailee a passionate aspect that will draw in more viewers. Plus, AT wants to work with her and said that at SSW.

BTW, SS was never invited to SSW, and IF she had been given a bucket on the set, Thorsten would have said something. Her "friend" needs to work on her own skills of persuasion, for some of us are not that gullible.

Some people are saying NO ONE wanted her back? I beg to differ on that subject. Go on YouTube and look at the thousands of tributes and videos posted where people BEGGED for Greenlee to come back. I have a channel that has had over 200,000 viewings of my videos (90 to be exact), and that is just since June of this year. All of the message boards were saying that too. In fact, those who didn't even like Greenlee as a character said Rebecca was the better choice. Singh was bashed for months on end. I was the one supporting her and defending her during that time.

There has also been somewhat of a jealousy towards RB because let's face it, she's the darling of ABC daytime. I wasn't shocked when Singh's fanbase grew just a few days ago. Yes, she was treated horribly, but Rebecca didn't do that to her.

Singh might have said something for all we know. I was told she was telling fans she didn't like the writing. Now, that is something execs hate when it comes to new characters. It's best to accept your role and shut your mouth. Rebecca did that for years, and she NEVER complained except behind the scenes and that was just wanting something better for Greenlee and her fans. It wasn't until she was about to leave when I heard she was unhappy with the way she was being written.

I think Singh is letting too many people speak for her, and I just don't care for that kind of thing. Be a woman and take responsibility and speak out about the situation. It has to be better than watching jealous fans attack a fellow actress, who NEVER EVER said an unkind word towards you.

Bottom line: Rebecca is Greenlee. She was the one that worked hard to build up a character that is loved and adored. She took six years of her life to work on perfecting Greenlee. Sabine Singh was LUCKY to play this role because she had a ready made fanbase the second she came to AMC.

Brian Frons is very callous yes, but you have to stop bashing Rebecca. It does nothing but make you look petty, and Sabine Singh needs some good fans behind her, not ones that look just like a new version of Frons with less power.

I will try and continue to enjoy SS, but her over zealous and almost unhinged fanbase is making that really hard to do at the moment. I am looking forward to January 16th, and Rebecca is finally going to be home and making me WANT to tune into AMC every day, not just sporadically.
Posted by rebeccareturnsin08
Dec 18, 2007 3:57 AM
I love Sabine Singh in this role. She was much more believable and a better actor. Who's dumb idea was it to go back to the other girl? She looks too young to be a convincing Greenlee.

Big Mistake!!
Posted by lynl2k
Dec 18, 2007 4:03 AM
Jesse and Angie's reunion would be the easiest in daytime: she already hooked up with his lookalike ten years ago on the City: all she has to do is announce that Jacob Johnson was actually undercover officer Jesse fuss, no muss.
Posted by SudsMan
Dec 18, 2007 8:23 AM
If you'd like to let the people at AMC/ABC know that you would like to see Sabine back on an ABC, whether it's on AMC as Greenlee or another character or on OLTL or GH, please send letters to the executives in her support! Avoid negativity & emphasize what you would like to see (Sabine re-hired) and why!

For more info about how to support Sabine Singh visit

Julie Hanan Carruthers
Executive Producer All My Children
320 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

Brian Frons
President, ABC Daytime
500 South Buena Vista St
Burbank, CA 91521

Sue Johnson
Vice President, East Coast Programming for ABC Daytime
77 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023
Posted by supportsabine
Dec 18, 2007 11:47 AM
I hate things like this. Actors go away because they want to see what else is out there. After a while, the shows decide that it is time for a recast after one last asking if that person will stay. They always say NO. We then get use to the recast and bam the actor wants back, so they fire the recast and rehire the original.I hated when they did it over at Y&R with Lily and now Greenlee. I feel for these actors. I keep wondering if we are being duped with SB return to GH. I loved her Carly, but I pray that LW is truly staying. If so, cheers to GH and allowing Carly to stay Carly and inventing a new character for SB. These actors need to learn that when you leave and your role is recast then that is it, no taking back unless there really is a reason, like your recast is really not working out or the role really is open.
Posted by nicolerene
Dec 18, 2007 12:20 PM
Lots of soap actors leave when they are in a roll which gets attention. Michael who plays Tad, Cam who plays Ryan, Josh who played Leo, and many others do it. Some make it like Josh did. Some do not. Rebecca tried it and couldn't seem to find anything that worked for her. Frons made it clear he wanted Rebecca when they wanted to bring the character back. She turned them down. Sabine came and many fans liked her. Many fans did not. I don't blaim Rebecca for how Frons treated Sabine. Frons is a jerk who mistreats actors all the time. He has his favorites and that is just the way it is. So if you want to blast someone then blast Frons. He is the one who has a tight grip on the show and is driving it into the ground.
Posted by kudagirl
Dec 18, 2007 3:00 PM
Frons is on drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no way you can bring back Jessie from the dead! He died in Angie's arms -- why go monkin up soap history. Just because you chicken heads can't write a decent powerful story line to save your life doesn't mean you have to make a sham of beautiful writing before you. All this is for the sake of ratings but you lost me after 25 years of loyal viewing and you could resurrect Dixie, Mona, Jenny Gardner, Jillian and Grandma Kate from the dead and I won't come back. This soap is trash as long as Frons has anything to do with it.
Posted by tvbee
Dec 18, 2007 3:45 PM
Bring on Rebecca, love her!!! Never liked the new Greenlee. No chemistry with any person on the show, worst was with Jackson.

Can not wait to see Angie and Jesse. I do not care how they bring him back. I pray that he went into witness protection to save Angie's life. I assume Jacob and Angie divorced because he could not replace Jesse.

Next step, bring back Dixie......yes, David had her in hiding and is greedily keeping her (maybe in a coma) all to himself. That should be the Christmas miracle, that she escapes and finds Tad and Jr.

Posted by LovingLost
Dec 18, 2007 3:54 PM
I think Sabine had big shoes to step into. She did a pretty good job, but I look forward to seeing Rebecca back. There is one and only one Greenlee and that is the one played by Rebecca.
Posted by beth13
Dec 18, 2007 4:02 PM
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