The Following is a newsletter Euronymous spread on the 9th August 1993. The same day of his death.
Picture and translation.
Thanks to Henry Voll for this.
Dont ask me why a paragraph is blanked.


x = left out
[xxx] = paragraph deleted
{...} = comments made by Heksheim

We have started again!
There are some people that have tried calling us without getting any contact. The phone has been shutdown while we have used the last couple of months to moving and rearranging things. We are now hoping to be able to offer a more efficient service on postal-orders, and after while we'll see if we will be able to open a store for sale again; We are working on it. It is still uncertain what will happen, but we will give you notice when we know something.
In about a week's time the phone will be re-opened, and it will again be possible to phone in orders. On the back of this paper you will find a list over news that have come in lately, and more is happening. Call for more information - it will be possible to call between xx:xx and xx:xx monday through saturday. Outside this time you will be able to leave a message on the machine.
Because of all the noise with all the journalists, we have been laying low - and we intend to continue doing that. Therefore the phone has been registered SECRET, and similar precautions Will be taken concerning other matters.
Some good news concerning concerts - the 24th of August there will be arranged a "Black Metal Night" in Oslo! This will all happen at a pub called "Lusa Lotte"(!) - it lies on x left of x. The price is 40,-. The bands playing are Emperor, Marduk, and Dissection. It will be a great concert, so be there! The place rooms no more than a couple of hundred, so be there early!
{as you know, this was written shortly before he died (and sent the Day he died!) so at this time everything was ready with this concert. Of course, one year later - may second through fifth the infamous "Black Metal Nights", not one night, but Four nights, were held. All in honor of Euronymous. Also .. this was the time the trials against Count Grishnackh was held. In court during the day, Black Metal shows at night}
{The list ofBands looked like this
Beyond Dawn
Dark Funeral
Satyricon (Not confirmed)

On the other hand we can mention there will be a recordFall of the rare kind. Only on our label - DSP - there are seriously starting to be released great albums. These can be expected:
1. Mayhem - "De Mysteriis dom Sathanas"
2. Sigh - "Scorn Defeat"
3. Enslaved - "Vikingligr Veldi"
4. Monumentum - "In Absentia Christi"
5. Abruptum - 2nd LP
6. Tormentor - "Anno Domini"
{Tormentor and Monumentum both were released on other labels - years later}
and for the vinylfreaks, we may have a serious surprise towards the end of the year. We are not certain that everything will work out, but wait and see.
We have also signed a new band, MYSTICUM, and you really have something to look forward to. Debut LP/CD . "Serpent Mysticism" will be out this Winter.
We will start sending out newsletters including lists over what albums have been released since last time, with (hopefully) set intervals. Once a year there will be released a main-catalog.
As usual the prices keeps going up, and we feel obligated to raise prices as well - LP 100,- / CD 150,- / mCD 120,- / Irritating, but necessary. The postage will stay the same with a maximum of 30,- plus 15,- for packaging.
Some titles are getting seriously hard to come by on LP, but we refuse to go over to ONLY CD.
That's all for now - call for more information (journalists can fuck themselves) - TLF: xx xxxxxx