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Pagan Student Organizations

Here is a listing of organizations and websites that we have personal experience with. The first 2, Nemeton & PSG, we have personal experience with an highly recommend.  We have not verified the links for the other group.

Web pages are listed when possible. Email-only links are marked with an asterisk (*).


Nemetonis the Wiccan Student Alliance here at Boston University , founded in the fall of the year 2000. The group has a wonderful membership full of bright and friendly people, Pagan and non-Pagan alike. We have also, from time to time, had members from various local Colleges and Universities; we are very open to all Wiccans and Pagans in the Boston area regardless of if they attend BU or not.

MIT Pagan Students' Group

The MIT Pagan Students' Group is a support network for Pagans in the MIT community. We welcome MIT students, employees, family members and anyone else in the MIT community with an interest in Paganism. In addition to organizing meetings and hosting rituals, we work to improve the image of Paganism in our community. Paganism is an affirmation of the beauty and sacredness of life on this earth, and of our unity with it.

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