Annotated section of Dr. E. Lee Spence November 24, 1979, edition of NOAA chart 11523 with his 1980 Hunley court case area marked on it and an "X" with an arrow pointing to it from the word "it"  in quotes. "It" was simple code for the Hunley. The "X" correctly marked the location of the wreck of the Civil War submarine H.L. Hunley. The "W.O," marked elsewhere on the chart marked the location of the old Housatonic wreck buoy, which was found by Captain Walter O'Neal.

The marks in red pen were made by Dr. E. Lee Spence in late 1979 or early 1980 while aboard the F/V Walter & Daphne, Captain Walter O'Neal. The penciled marks, including the word "it" and the arrow pointing to the "X" marking Spence's plot of the Hunley's location, were made prior to that boat trip, while the markings made in red were made aboard the boat. Copies of this annotated chart were given to Senator Glenn F. McConnell, and to the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology & Anthropology (SCIAA), and to the South Carolina Attorney General's office prior to Clive Cussler's/NUMA's location being disclosed to the State. The center of Spence's "X" when compared by GIS expert Kevin Remington (University of South Carolina) with the SCIAA's published location for the Hunley was determined to be within the tolerances for GPS as they were in effect when the government plotted their location for the Hunley.

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