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Picture of Mount Garibaldi above the town of Squamish, British Columbia
Mt. Garibaldi
Mount Garibaldi towers above the town of Squamish at 2,678 meters and is one of the most recognized peaks in the South Coast region. A dormant volcano, the finest climbing opportunities exist on the northern and eastern sides of Garibaldi, where the extensive glaciers and snowfields provide some great mountaineering.
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Our 2-day climb starts with a drive (or helicopter flight!) into the sub-alpine region near the edge of the glaciers. From here, we will establish an overnight camp where we embark on our summit climb on the 2nd day. This prominent peak at the head of Howe Sound has amazing views of the Tantalus Range, Garibaldi Park and most of the South Coast mountains!

Descending Brohm Ridge with Mt Garibaldi in the background

The Mount Garibaldi mountaineering program is conducted on a custom basis. Please contact us directly for more details on setting up a climbing trip to Garibaldi.

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(Costs are based on a 2-day climbing program with 1 ACMG Guide - longer or shorter trips can also be arranged)
$595/person + gst for a group of 3 climbers (1:3 ratio)
$825/person + gst for a group of 2 climbers (1:2 ratio)
$1,675/person + gst for 1 climber (1:1 ratio)

(includes transportation from Squamish, all Guiding with ACMG Guides, all food, all climbing equipment and Park fees)

Helicopter access can be utilized on the Garibaldi climb, this will be approximately an additional $300/person

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  • Experience backpacking and carrying a multi-day pack
  • Must be in excellent physical condition & prepared to carry an overnight pack
  • Glacier travel and snow travel experience recommended.
  • No previous technical climbing experience required, except for groups wanting a 1:3 ratio - groups of 3 must all have previous mountaineering experience and experience climbing on steep snow and glaciers.
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Mount Garibaldi is located immediately to the north and east of Squamish, BC, approximately 1 hour north of Vancouver. We will access the alpine region using a 4-wheel drive vehicle via forestry roads leading up Brohm Ridge.
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Guides and Instructors
The Guides for our Garibaldi climb are local ACMG Certified Alpine Guides or Mountain Guides familiar with this mountain and the surrounding areas, and are among many of the top guides in British Columbia. We ensure that you are being taught and guided by the best! For more details on the specific guides for your program, contact our office. More details about our guiding staff can be found on our about us page.
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Trip Itinerary
The following is a brief possible schedule for the Canada West Mountain School 2-day Mount Garibaldi climbing trip. Many different variables (such as weather, snow and route conditions, group experience levels, etc) may influence the final details and logistics, so the following should be considered a general outline only.

Day 1
Meet in Squamish at 7:00 am at the pre-arranged location. After a quick gear check you will drive into the alpine and head up the trail to establish your alpine base camp*. The afternoon will be spent introducing and reviewing critical rope systems, glacier travel and crevasse rescue skills to ensure the group is prepared for the climb. After a great meal prepared by your Guide, you will have an early evening to ensure that everyone is well rested for the early start the next morning!

Day 2
You will be up before the sunrise and out onto the Warren Glacier for the approach to the base of the climb. Initially the approach is across glaciers to access the northeast side of the peak. From here, the angle increases to include some steep snow climbing up to the upper edge of the glacier. A bergschrund often presents a challenge to the final summit, followed by exhilarating climbing up to the final summit ridge and onto the summit!

Your descent will be back down your climbing route and across the glacier to your camp. You will be back in camp in time to pack up and head out to the vehicle by late afternoon.

* Options exist to utilize helicopter transport into the Alpine, which will allow more time and less hiking with a big pack. This option can also be used in order to climb Garibaldi as a 1-day climb - please contact our office directly for more details on this option.

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Equipment list for Mt. Garibaldi climbing
  • Boots - plastic or leather mountaineering boots. If leather, they should be well broken in and waterproofed
  • Backpack - 60-80 liters capacity, big enough to hold all gear for the trip plus some communal gear
  • Sleeping bag - good to -10 degrees celsius
  • Sleeping pad - therma-rest style or closed-cell foam
  • Day-pack - 30-40 liters capacity (optional, your backpack can also work as a daypack)
  • Hard shell outer layer jacket with hood - Gore-Tex style
  • Full-zip pants or bibs - Gore-Tex style (1 pair)
  • Thermal underwear - top & bottom, Polypro, Capilene, etc.
  • long climbing pants - nylon, fleece, Schoeller, etc. (1 pr)
  • Gaiters (1 pr)
  • Gloves (medium weight) - wool or poly-pro (1 pr)
  • Waterproof gloves or mitts w/removable liners (gloves work best for rope handling and ice axe use) (1 pr)
  • Warm parka - down, fleece or pile (1)
  • Sweater or vest - wool, fleece or down (1)
  • Socks - wool or synthetic blend (1-2 prs)
  • Toque/warm hat - wool or fleece (1)
  • Sunglasses with side shields and nose shield (1 pr)
  • Ski goggles (optional)
  • Headlamp with extra set of batteries and extra bulb
  • Personal eating utensils - cup, bowl, spoon, etc
  • Personal 1st aid (blister kit, toothbrush, blister kit, toilet paper, medications, etc.)
  • Misc. personal items (camera, journal, etc.)
  • Sunscreen - minimum 30 spf
  • Water bottles - minimum 1 litres
  • Small "thermos" for hot drinks (optional)
  • Knife - Swiss army style
  • Compass and map (optional)

  • Technical equipment:
  • Crampons - adjusted to your boots (1 pr)

  • Technical and group equipment (supplied by CWMS if required):
  • Ice ax and technical climbing tools
  • Climbing harness - seat harness only
  • Helmet
  • 3 locking carabiners
  • 1 belay device

  • In addition, Canada West Mountain School supplies all other technical and safety gear as well as all food and cooking services.
Please go over this list before the climb to ensure that you are properly prepared and feel free to contact our office if you have any questions. Keep in mind that you will be spending all of your time outdoors in all weather. Much of your time will be spent on snow, with temperatures ranging from -10 at night to +25 during the day. The weather can vary from one extreme to the other, so plan your gear appropriately. It is recommended that you also have a set of spare street clothes for the end of the trip after you have left the mountains.

Here are a few stores in the lower mainland region that supply good service and quality outdoor equipment. If you need to purchase or rent equipment, please contact the store well in advance to ensure that what you require is available!

Altus Mountain Gear
137 West Broadway, Vancouver 604-876-5255 (rentals available)
Climb On Equipment
Squamish 604-892-2243
Coast Mountain Sports
2201 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver 604-731-6181
Park Royal store - West Vancouver 604 926-6126
Mountain Equipment Co-op
130 West Broadway, Vancouver 604-872-7858 (rentals available)
1341 Main St, N. Vancouver 604-990-4417 (rentals available) Valhalla Pure
Station Square, Squamish 604-892-9092 (rentals available)
3 Vets
2200 Yukon Street, Vancouver 604-872-5475
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Logistics and transportation
Before your trip you will be contacted by our office and/or your Guide to finalize transportation and logistics details, though you should plan on meeting in Squamish on the first day at 7:00 am. All participants are required to supply or arrange their own transportation to/from Squamish for this trip. Often ride sharing can be arranged with other participants, and there is daily bus service between Vancouver and Squamish provided by Greyhound Canada. Once in Squamish, we will provide transportation by 4x4 up into the sub-alpine region.
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Please contact the Canada West Mountain School office by phone or email directly for more details.
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