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Ya-ho Minna-han! Welcome! Uchi wa Ri Kohran ya! I'm very busy working on my inventions - would you like to hear of them? Ok, so they don't work all the time, but still its fun! oh, you want to know about what's going on in the teigeki?? Look below!

Oct 17 2002! - "All that once sparkled", 1/2 of Final Chapter. Also the 3rd inning of the HSBF!

Sept 19 2002 - "Everything returns to the Ocean" is finished. New series: "All that once sparkled", chapter 1&2.

Sept 4 2002: "Everything returns to the Ocean" has been updated. Parts 4& 5 are up.

August 28 2002: vocab page is back! sakutai terms. i finished iris & kohran's endings for st1. i just never did them before. ehhe, very cute!

August 17 2002: "Everything Returns to the Ocean" part 2 is up. Did some corrects on Taisho Love Story. ^^

August 11 2002!: Updated the Fanfiction section. Looks a bit better. New fics: "Hanagumi Summer Baseball Fever" and "Everything Returns to the Ocean" are up.

July 26 2002! - "If we didn't meet" is now finished. episodes 4-final are up. please send me your comments, k? Still Looking for St-fanart (esp. Maria & Ayame)! Please submit! my scanner is broken so I cannot do any strips right now. sorry!! ST3 is great! My favorite right now is Glycine (i'm still on epi3)

July 15 2002! Episodes 1-3 of "If we didn't meet" are up now. I'll post 4-6 tomorrow. I think there will be 1 or 2 more episodes. Also, I am working on the other part of "End to First Love", so those who like that one will be happy ^^. I also fixed some broken links. Thank you for pointing it out. Looking for some St-fanart (esp. Maria & Ayame). Please submit! my scanner is broken so I cannot do any strips right now. sorry!! I just started Sakura Taisen 3. Wish me luck. If you have any pointers or secrets let me know. Also! The girl winning the Paris poll, I'll go for her ending. So vote, vote, vote! Ja ne!!

July 11 2002!- Besides this site being moved to a new address, nothing much has changed. I'm working on a new fic: "If we didn't meet". I'll post it when it's done, but you can preview it on the Yahoo group, Sakura_taisen fanfiction. I've played ST1&2 on saturn, but had to get the complete box for Dreamcast. I'm playing ST1-ST4 for Sakura (YEAH! SAKURA!). Right now, I'm almost done with ST2 and soon will start ST3 (which i have not played before. really excited!) I'll be trying to fix all the links. Did everyone hear about the SAKURA WORLD PROJECT?! Kyaa! It's really exciting - new games & OVA, check out their homepage sakura-taisen.com for updates. At any rate, happy summer everyone!!

June 3 2002! - Yatta! I've finally modded my Dreamcast so I can raid the Complete Box (BTW, the opening credits to ST3 & 4 are so cool). I've started a whole new game for ST1, so we'll be getting fics of that variety for a while - check out new story: "An End to First Love". As for "More Butai Love", I still don't know what to do about the ending! I asked for some suggestion, but no one seems to care. I think I'll sit on it for a little bit longer, before I put down something very obscene and alarming (why not?). As for updates, I know they've become few but only because I've gotten more intensive work in school; I have one more year before I graduate (^^, 3 2/3 years not bad eh? wait, graduate school... but not before going on a loooong trip somewhere). The summer is coming, worry not. But until late June, please leave me alone. Thanks for having patience ^_^.

May 14, 2002! - It's been over a month since my last update. I made some people worried. GOMEN NASAI!! To make up for it, I've posted episode 13 for "More Butai Love", which has only one more episode to go. Let's see, I've also received my Complete box! However, I have been able to play yet, because my DC doesn't respond to my bootdisk and I'm having difficulties with my mod chip (the wires popped out, so now I have to resolder, >_< somethin always happens). Anyways, anyone have news about the ST 3 OVA? I saw a little didi on it on an anime site. I'll try to gather more soon.

4/13/2002! - ah! sakura taisen 4 has been out & i'm waiting for my copy to arrive. MOU HAYAKU!! actually i got the "complete box" because I hadn't played st3 yet, and i wanted st1&2 on the dreamcast. i heard you can use the same saved game thru the whole thing. very very cool. for some reason, i can't find hanagumi taisen columns 2 anywhere. sooo sad! but i won't give up my search!! i shall work on the site a bit today & who knows, get something done. a new chapter of "more butai love" is up.

3/21/02: "more butai love" is back! episodes 9,10,11 are up! please send some comments, like how the heck should i end this thing? thank you for all your feedback. later ok?

3/19/02: the sakura & oogami shrine is finally open. hahah! it took forever didn't it. i will make something of it. and i will fix up this site as well. please look forward to the many changes, ne!

3/17/02: happy st. patricks day! ok, new layout, new stuffs. worked on tai kouma butai page. uploaded 2 new strips. also the saku-ichi page will be up soon. i am just about to launch it finally! it's vacation so i can do it, i think. please wait a bit longer.

2/23/02: New fanart - 'gossip' by Olivia & two new strips from me. eheh, i'll get to work on other things. enjoying the weekened.

2/17/02: finished 'taisho love story'. please enjoy it. boy, i'm tired now. i will finish 'more butai love' soon. any ideas for a new series, woh i'm getting ahead of myself. laters all!

2/2/02: new link to www.Rashie.net. Eheh, very cool site. I got 65% on the quiz. (Mostly cause I haven't seen the TV show). Try it out yourself!

1/6/2: first update of the new year! first off, fanfics: 'new year special', 'more butai love' ep.8, 'taisho love story:final' chapts.14&15. also new fanart. enjoy!

12/12/1: taisho love story: final, chapter 13 is up!

12/9/1: updated taisho love story: final, chapters 9-12, also added special#1. after final exams, i will be sure to cover the requests of having more 'kikunojou & maria' fanfics. ja na!

12/1/1: holiday wish 2 is up, so is ep.7 of 'more butai love'.

11/22/1: happy thanksgiving!! please check out the new smite ending

11/17/1: more updates on music section; also updates on the stuff page & sannin bio pics look better. ja na!

11/16/1: updated the music section! please take a look! taisho love story: final, chapters 6,7,8 are up. 9&10 are finished, but i haven't posted them here. i'm still working on chapter 11. (long series, ne!)

11/10/1: strips 8 & 9 are up. so are some new fanart. the kannaXmaria page is updatedt too.

11/3/1: more strips, 5-7, and rabbits. I'm also going to update the kanna & maria gallery soon. does anyone have any other fanart to donate for other couples??

10/30/1: comic strips 3&4 are up. i'll fix up #1&2 later, because i've finally got the hang of photodraw. but first things first on my agenda - must study for my midterms!! (till into the wee hours of the morning)

10/26/1: updated fanart section. some new ones up, more to come - but my hands are frozen. m u s t go upstairs where it is w a r m . brrr!

10/22/1: chapter 3,4,5 of taisho love story: final is up.

10/10/1: chapters 1&2 of taisho love story: final battle are up (ok, so i said i wouldn't be working on it for a while, but what the heck. i suddenly had the urge to write something after finishing my week's load of work). also, episode 6 of 'mobluv'.

10/6/1: lots of stuff. all of taisho love story part 1 is up. some doodles of mine are up. the 'tkb' shrine is up. ep. 5 of 'more butai love is up!

10/5/1: what a week from school!! but i decided to upload some ideas today while i have some time. i'm planning on making some shrines so they will pop up sooner or later.

9/28/1: 'more butai love' ep4

9/25/1: 'more butai lovin' ep3 & more chapters of 'taisho love story' (tls). one week till school! gaaaah, you can see jill in a panic (kicked in the head by a horse they say!) but daijoubu!

9/24/1: 'more butai lovin' debut. eps. 1&2. sorry about language & bad tolit humor. -_-;; yes, more oogami bashing!

9/22/1: posted 3 more of olivia-san's lovely fanart! enjoy!

9/13/1: new series 'Taishou Love story', chapter 1&2 are up. 'Smite Outtakes' is also up. I'm still in shock w/ the tragedy from Tuesday. thus far, prayer & writing something happy makes me go through the day. so if it seems like i'm putting up fics in a hurry, it means that i'm coping. my heart goes out to the victims' families & i hope some friends will be found soon. Everyone, take care & God bless.

9/9/1: final is up!! i meant to put up sooner, but the 8th was my bday so i didn't exactly have time. please note that any specials will appear in the 'hidden chapter' series. and now i will concentrate on a new series starting the tai kouma butai. look forward to it. happy day!

9/6/1: new midis. i'm still not finished with the final! aaarggg!!! but look for it today or tomorrow. it's on the cutting floor. because its sooooo LONG! does anyone mind?? well, fanfiction.net is kicking me like a horse - they're down again. so most likely this will be the place to read the ending when it comes. someone tell me when they're up again (jill bangs her head on the keyboard again).

8/31/1: part 13 of smite3!

8/25/1: added link & link banners

8/24/1: part 12 of smite3!

8/21/1: part 11 of smite3!

8/16/1: part 10 of smite3!! also, revisions to 'sakura in paris'. i got a new computer so i'm busy installing new software. however, updates shall come. la-de-dada~!

8/7/1: due to my computer crashing, i have no access whatsoever to a computer except school so updates will be slowed for the time being. also, part 8&9 are up! ff.net is not working so this is the only place you can read. jaa!

7/27/1: part 7 of "smite3" is up.

7/25/1: "hidden chapter 2", part 4 & final of "wonderful scandal" is up! please enjoy the ending! sore ja!

7/22/1: parts 3-6 of smite 3. enjoy!

7/15/1: part 2 of smite3!

7/13/1: new look! also, my hanasaku midi & pretty pics - do not put it on your site!! grrr! and let's see, part 3 of "wonderful scandal"! i'm finish up some more hidden chapters & also more episodes from "smite3". waaah, i'm forgetting about my other sites. maybe i'll should take a break!

7/12/1 - more fanfics!! new fic "one night i remember" & part 2 of "wonderful scandal". also, part 1 of the new smite series: "smite the enemy, oogami-san fight for the future". look forward to part 2&3 soon. it's only here for the meantime, so you'll see it first! me tired, time for sleep - oyasumi!

7/6/1 - fanfics!! new fics "hidden chapter" and part 1 of "wonderful scandal". not to mention the final episode of "smite2". enjoy!

7/1/1 - thank you to Akane-san for the wonderful Kaede pics!! also part 12 of "smite2" is up. look forward to the final episode coming soon!

6/29/1 - part 10&11 of "smite2". enjoy!! the end is near!!

6/26/1 - new midi. updates on character page. kanna & orihime went to the medical lab (ie. are underconstruction). new vocab page & new link to Akane's page! AND!! part 9 of 'smite2'.

6/24/1 - part 7&8 of 'smite2'. enjoy!

6/21/1 - new fanart & part 6 of 'smite the best man'

6/15/1 - part 5 of "smite the best man"!!!

6/11/1 - worked a bit on the fanart page. no more thumb nails unfortunately! please submit art soon! jaa ne!

6/10/1 - part 4 of "smite the best man"!!

5/12/1 - new shipment of fanart from Olivia-san! also, part 3 of "smite best man"!

5/11/1 - HAPPY ANIVERSARY! This site is 1 year old!

4/16/1 - kanna&maria; have their own fanart page, ask airisu for the link. also, there's a new survey in the poll section. jaa!

4/12/1 - new part to "smiteoogami". enjoy! also, working on moving files about. please report broken links. thank you! and 'after so long' is gone forever!!!

4/8/1 - new fanart by Olivia-han. wowie!!! you must take a look!! and airisu & kanna have done some repair to their pages. ^^ hope you enjoy!

3/22/1 - debut of new fic! "smite the best man - oogamisan you must choose". it's the sequel of my first st fic. part 1 is up. part 2 will be soon. enjoy!

3/9/1 - under construction!! seems the front page got deleted by accident (blame it on oogami!!) but i'm getting things back to normal. also, the url has changed if you didn't notice. it's http://www.angelfire.com/wa2/bozyby/teigeki.

3/8/1 - new fanfic: "longest night in the teigeki" kore o mitte kudesai! onegaishimasu!

2/11/1 - sorry about the long wait. there's a new fanart of sumire and also a fanfic from a friend of mine, Kurisu. You might know him from his site, "Wren-san's Sakura Taisen page". I have a link to it in my links. oh and i will try to keep updating this page. Gomenasai for my neglectance. i have a sudden urge for a bowl of rice. ahahahah!

1/12/1 - hello! long time no see! part 3 of "After so long" is finished! looking for fanart. send them over! yayayay!

12/00 - new look! Oogami & a wand... teehee. Also, started "After So long". Look for newer installments. Enjoy listing to "Pride", by Finkl.

9/22/00 - added new fanfic! "Oogami's surprise visit!" More adventures in cross-dressing!

9/20/00 - added pic to fan gallery. Sakura vrs. Sakurazakamori!

9/13/00 - started doing some updating at long last. I did some work on the prolonged non-active Hanagumi page but there's still much to be done. Gave the front a new look. Ja, I'll keep working. Sorry about the delay!

8/19/00 - added sheet music for "Hanasuke Otome". Yep, knock yourselves out. (personally I have no musical talent, but I like the song!)

8/18/00 - New fanfic is up - "Save the Last Dance for me, Kanzaki-san"!

8/13/00 - added a new pic to the fan gallery. drew it myself. Enjoy!

8/7/00 - added a new fic "A Holiday Wish". It kinda feels out of place, (being summer and all) but I like it so I'll putting it there. It stars Ayame!

7/27/00 - added my favorite Oogami/Sakura pic to front! Also, added sheet music for "Geki! Teikoku Kagekidan" in the music section. Check it out.

7/22/00 - added updates page. music page is up but not finished.
- new look
- finished "Sakura in Paris"
- new Fan Gallery
- added a poll
- the complete "Smite the Player" fic is up.

5/11/00 - jus opened