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January 24, 2008

Woke up to snow on the hills right outside my house. A major storm has been ripping through here. Mostly rain. Decide to stoke up the wood burning stove and paint some background sample styles for my new project.

I like to paint on heavy Strathmore Illustration board with Rapheal brushes when I can find them. I use Acrylics and gouache. Acrylic for it's great dry brush capabilities and water fast properties. I use Turner gouache for the color and flatness. What we started using for the backgrounds on Lazlo (which I've come to love) is called "Acryl Gouache" which is a mixture of both. My first couple of paintings suck. But I think I'm starting to get where I want to go with it.

Read a great quote the other day which makes you think.

"If all of the insects of the world disappeared, the ecosystem would collapse, and all living things would soon cease to exist. But if humans were to somehow vanish, the planet and all of its creatures would flourish and become healthier. Makes you wonder who really belongs here, and whose a guest."




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