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Welcome to Saint James! Since the early days of Christianity the community has been the bonding force of the church. In 1906, Saint James Parish was established to meet the needs of Catholics in the Highlands area. The Baroque-Byzantine style church, designed by James J. Gaffney, was completed in 1913, and no expense was spared in its design. The present school building, located behind the church on Edenside Avenue, was completed in 1924, and the present parish house in 1929. Today at Saint James we work to build community through our ministry. We reach out to others in various ways - through worship, service, our school, formation/education and special activities such as fish frys, angelic auction, Italian/American Festival and other activities sponsored by our various parish organizations. We touch others in both work and play. Saint James invites and welcomes all parishioners and friends to become part of the growing comunity.



Problems of Delayed Adulthood: Don't Forget the Simple Remedy
by Oswald Sobrino

Back on December 8th, the N.Y. Times ran a column entitled "A Challenge for Churches: Adulthood Takes Its Time" by Peter Steinfels, who outlined the insights of two sociologists of religion on delayed adulthood, "a time between ages 18 and 30 or so, when marriage and parenthood are often delayed, formal schooling is prolonged, job switching is frequent and parental support ... >>read more

Touched By Grace

Epiphany Revealed
by Marcellino D'Ambrosio, Ph.D.

Caspar, Balthasar, Melchior.  These "three kings of Orient are" found, complete with crowns and camels, in every nativity scene. Yet if you look closely at the gospel account of the Magi (Mat 2:1-12), you won't find these names. Actually there is no mention of how many Magi there were or that they were kings riding ... >>read more

The Edge
Should We Rethink the Way We Are Educating Our Daughters?
by Mary Kochan

Women's minds are just as valuable and just as needful of good education as those of men.  Young women hunger intellectually just as young men do and are just as capable (at least as capable!) of benefitting from full educational ... >>read more

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