Mighty Fine Words and Smashing Expressions

Making Sense of Transatlantic English
ISBN13: 9780195157048ISBN10: 0195157044 Hardback, 319 pages
Nov 2002,  In Stock


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Have you ever traveled to England, been offered a "fairycake," and not known how to respond? Have you ever had to explain the difference between a "sleeping policeman" and a "speed bump" to a visiting Brit? Are you sure you know the difference between a "chip" and a "crisp"? Mighty Fine Words and Smashing Expressions is a practical and entertaining guide to the differences between American and British English. As if written from a point in the Atlantic Ocean exactly between Britain and the U.S., this book catalogs the differences between the "two" languages by taking a culturally neutral stance--addressing the needs of both British and American readers and listeners. Not a collection of lists, the chapters of Mighty Fine Words are arranged around important and familiar topics, including Law and Government; Business and Money; Medicine and Healthcare; Education; Food, Clothing, and Shelter; Sports; Profanity and Obscenity in addition to thorough treatments of the differences in spelling, grammar, and syntax between the world's two major dialects of English. This book is essential not only for word lovers, but also for students abroad, for learners of English, for business and casual travelers, and for anyone confused or fascinated by the differences in our common tongue. With Mighty Fine Words you won't be caught with your "knickers" down again.


"A well-organized guide to the differences between American and British English....A very readable book that is as entertaining as it is informative."--Library Journal "A scholarly but highly readable dissection of the differences between British and American English."--Copyeditor

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319 pages; 6-1/8 x 9-1/4; ISBN13: 978-0-19-515704-8ISBN10: 0-19-515704-4
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