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Iris Chateaubriand

NameIris Chateaubriand
BirthdayJuly 5, 1913
Height106 cm (3'6")
Weight18 kg (40 lb)
Blood TypeAB
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Place of BirthChampagne, France

*giggle* namae wa Airisu Shatoubarian desu. ( holds up her teddy bear. ) kole wa Jan-Palu desu! kare wa ichiban-yoi no tomadachi desu! *blink blink* Sou ka...gomen nasai! My name's Iris Chateaubriand. ( holds up her teddy bear, again. ) This is Jean-Paul, Iris's bestest freind!

Iris became a member of the Hanayame when Ayame-san convinced Iris's parents to let Iris go to Japan. Iris is their only daughter, they're very protective of me. My father is Count Chateaubriand of Champagne, Iris wuvs papa and mama very much. Champagne is in France, its where Iris was born and where Iris lived all of Iris's life.

This is Oogami, Iris calls him oniichan cause Iris loves him so much! Iris wants to date oniichan, but oniichan says that Iris isn't old enough!*pouts* Iris wishes Iris could be 19 so Iris could date Oniichan! Iris dreams that lots! Iris likes talking and being with Ayame-oneesan. But Iris doesn't like being treated like a kid, it upsets Iris! People say Iris likes imitating adults, but that wrong! Iris is an adult! Iris is strong ya know! Iris's powers are very strong and unusual! Iris can do all sorts of neat things! Iris can teleport, psychokenesis and lots more!

Iris even had to have her koubu specially made, cause her powers are soo strong. It's yellow and doesn't have any weapons and it doesn't even need to walk! Iris teleports and uses her powers to attack instead! Iris is very very good! Wai! Wai!
Iris just loves her upgraded koubu! Moves fasters, sprays bubbles and wai wai! Is super cool! Iris can tell differance between her old and new koubu by the giant backpack the upgraded koubu wears!

Iris Chateaubriand Kawaii Homepage