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Halo novel cracks bestseller

Brief: We realize the wait for Halo 2 is tough, but people actually read these game novels?

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Patrick Klepek



Not only is Halo continuing to sell like hotcakes on the Xbox, but people canít stop reading about the game's characters, either! Seems like the anticipation for Halo 2 isnít eating away at just us. Halo: The Flood, a novel written by sci-fi author William C. Dietz, blasted its way onto Publishers Weekly's Bestseller list in the Mass Market Paper category during the week of April 28.

Halo: The Flood more or less retells the plot from Halo on the Xbox, though it adds plenty of detail and depth to the story by explaining events that were happening as the Master Chief was busy blasting his way through waves of Covenant forces.

  -- Patrick Klepek

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