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Powderfinger's Dream Days... out June
Powderfinger's new LP, Dream Days at the Hotel Existence is out June 2, 2007.

The Brissie rockers have just returned from Los Angeles where they recorded their sixth studio record with Rob Schnapf, and immersed themselves in the local culture - revealed further in the band's blog.

“The album title [Dream Days at the Hotel Existence] comes from a book The Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster, which I was reading during the recording. It seemed very appropriate with its ramshackle plot, large cast of characters and escapist idealism," lead singer Bernard Fanning explained.

"To a bunch of chaps from Brisbane it is very much what Los Angeles can seem like,” Fanning concluded.

to understand where the band are coming from, here's a New Yorker review of the book, Brooklyn Follies that inspired the record:

"After a "sad and ridiculous life" in the suburbs, Nathan Glass retires, gets divorced, and moves to Brooklyn to die. To pass the time, he decides to write an account of mishaps and mistakes, beginning with his own—"The Book of Human Folly"...

A chance encounter with a long-lost nephew leads Nathan into an unlikely second act, involving a longer-lost niece, her runaway daughter, and a host of lively Brooklyn caricatures—a gay used-bookstore owner, a tough widow, an HIV-positive drag queen."

Judging from the inspirational subject matter, Dream Days at the Hotel Existence is sure to be a textured, multi-hued record.

The band are making their long-awaited live return at the Currumbin RSL this ANZAC Day, performing a special "peace concert" after the dawn ceremony.

The record follows up Powderfinger's #1 ARIA Album of the Year, Vulture Street.

James Mathison caught up with the Powderfinger boys in LA on a special Rock Room, coming soon to [V]!

Powderfinger in LA on Rock Room:
Mon April 30 @ 7.30pm

Powderfinger back from LA, ready to rock
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