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Donkey Kong Racing

Nintendo, Rare Ltd.  |  cancelled
Donkey Kong Racing for GameCube - Donkey Kong Racing Game Cube - Donkey Kong Racing GameCube Game

Rare was scheduled to develop this animal racing game for the GameCube, but after the company was bought by Microsoft, the future of this game is currently in limbo.

Genre: Kart Racing
Release Date: cancelled

News and Features

Space World 2001: New Donkey Kong Racing media
Check out an all-new movie of Donkey Kong Racing.
Posted Aug 24, 2001 8:45 pm PT
Space World 2001 media update
See the first screenshots from games such as Metroid Prime and Sonic Adventure 2 and new GameCube screens from Wave Race: Blue Storm, Pikmin, and Donkey Kong Racing, among others.
Posted Aug 22, 2001 9:54 pm PT

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News Space World 2001: New Donkey Kong Racing media Aug 24, 2001
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News Space World 2001 media update Aug 22, 2001
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Donkey Kong Racing
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Kart Racing

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Fearsome gorilla thief

Game Endings

What do you get when you put plumbers, a giant ape, and toy plumbers together? A rivalry. Who will win? Find out in this ending to Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Note: This is the Plus ending, not the normal ending.

Posted May 6, 2006 by tjoeb123 | 4'38" | 19,609 Views

Awesome Kong


Egoraptor's take on the arcade classic Donkey Kong.

Posted Aug 5, 2007 by macrules_640 | 0'39" | 492 Views

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