Jun 10 2007

Lies, Damn Lies, and Lies that Unleash Hell

By Jason Miller


Each day untold millions of US Americans unwittingly immerse themselves in an intellectual, social, cultural, economic, political and spiritual cesspool so rancid and toxic that even microbes with the most voracious appetites for human waste, vomit, and inanimate flesh would shun this infinitely repulsive sewer.

Many highly qualified and intelligent researchers, analysts, and authors have written books, essays, and reports documenting the astounding multitude and variety of crimes committed by the United States throughout its history. Since a nation is an entity comprised of numerous elements and dynamics, we can’t simply blame the government, the Republicans, the Religious Right, the Democrats, George Bush, Bill Clinton, or any one particular component. Therefore, nearly all US Americans bear a degree of responsibility. Obviously, some (i.e. Bush and Cheney) are far more culpable than others because they wield such tremendous power and act with a conscienceless, cynical awareness of the suffering they are inflicting on the Earth and its sentient inhabitants.

Since only about 4% of the population shares Bush’s sociopathic inability to experience empathy or guilt, what is this powerful siren call that motivates so many inherently decent human beings to repeatedly lacerate their souls upon the jagged rocks of complicity in acts that inflict unnecessary suffering upon billions of humans and animals?

How did we become a statistical aberration to the extent that we are a nation of resource-rich, technologically-advanced, mean-spirited, intellectually-stunted moral barbarians where a significant percentage of the population behaves as sociopaths by directly supporting or apathetically ignoring the evils in which they are complicit?

Is it something in our water? Are we genetic misfits? Does our population represent the vanguard of the next step in humanity’s moral “evolution”?

Sarcasm aside, the underlying cause of our depravity is our false, skewed and fractured consciousness which our malignant system begins hammering into our minds as we draw our first breath. This relentless psychological assault persists until we take our final gasp of air.

Nearly unshakeable illusions and delusions enable a relative handful of ruthless corporations and plutocrats to manipulate nearly 300 million people into helping them pursue their objective of world domination and exploitation, as out-lined in the Project for the New American Century.

Let’s deconstruct but a few examples of the nearly innumerable strands in the tangled web of pernicious lies comprising our false consciousness:

The Founding Fathers were noble, saint-like champions of the “common” people who forged a nation affording freedom and equality for all.

Our founders were mostly aristocrats who formed a constitutional republic of, by and for land-owning white males. Native Americans, the poor, and women were excluded. Chattel slavery was recognized as a legal enterprise. Many of our revered founders advocated and facilitated the Native American Genocide in the interest of expanding our borders.

Greed and selfishness are virtues.

Capitalism, which has evolved into its utterly reprehensible advanced stages here in the United States, is intellectually buttressed by the ridiculous notion that people acting on two of the most despicable traits of humanity, greed and selfishness, will enhance the commonweal. The current state of affairs in the United States demonstrates otherwise. Despite the slight doses of socialism which have mitigated the abject suffering inflicted by relatively unfettered capitalism during the Gilded Age, and despite the fact that we are the wealthiest nation in the history of humanity, there are still over a million homeless human beings, millions experience hunger and food insecurity, nearly fifty million lack a viable means to obtain our outrageously expensive medical care, our leading indicators of health are amongst the lowest of industrialized nations, urban public school systems are in a state of crisis and decay, and, as Katrina so clearly indicated, we are content to spend most of our hard-earned tax dollars on industrialized murder, blame victims, and leave the suffering to die, even here at home.

America is the land of opportunity.

Are many of us better off than most of the people on the planet? In a material sense, yes. However, bear in mind that the principal reasons many US Americans enjoy a degree of prosperity is that we stole a large chunk of a resource-rich continent (which is geographically situated in a way that makes a mass invasion nearly impossible), and that we built much of our prosperous economy on the backs of black slaves. Rapacious capitalism has enabled us to economically colonize and exploit many nations in the developing world, which explains the utterly nauseating gluttony we exhibit by representing 5% of the world’s population and consuming 25% of its resources. Oink, oink!

Is there economic upward mobility in our society? Yes. Yet rags to riches stories are extremely rare. Aristocratic dynasties are alive and well in the United States. One need look no further than George W. Bush or Paris Hilton to recognize that we are far from being the meritocracy that media shills like Oprah would have us believe. Beloved Oprah is ostensibly a benign and benevolent self-made billionaire emblematic of the “boundless opportunities” in the US. Certainly there is merit to her philanthropy. However, she erases her positive contributions many times over by promoting the notion that if a black woman like her can make it, anyone can. (And by the way, you who haven’t “made it” like Oprah, what the hell is wrong with you?) Her glowing endorsement of The Secret and its wholesale promotion of employing “magical thinking” to attain the “American Dream” was beyond the pale.

America saved the world from fascism during World War II

Let’s set the record straight here. A number of large US corporations and dynastic plutocrats, including Bush 43’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, made significant financial contributions to the Nazi cause before the Trading with the Enemy Act became law in 1942. We also need to remember that the United States refused to lift a finger to help the poor and working class in Spain as they fought to preserve their democratically-elected government from the fascist onslaught of Franco, the Church, and the moneyed elite.

We lost about 500,000 people battling fascist imperialist forces in World War II. Russia sacrificed 20 million human beings. Were it not for Russia, we would probably be speaking German right now.

Besides, the United States is now in the prefigurements of fascism. We are becoming the very threat from which we allegedly saved the world.

America needs to maintain its leviathan military industrial complex to ensure its security and to spread freedom and democracy

The United States spends more money on “defense” each year than the rest of the world combined. With the vast arsenal of weaponry we possess, it is beyond farcical to suggest that our security is seriously threatened at the existential level.

We maintain military bases in 130 countries. We invaded Iraq and Afghanistan preemptively (which is a war crime for which we hanged Nazis). Yet we tenaciously strive to perpetuate the inane assertion that we are not an empire. Capitalism demands perpetual growth, meaning capitalist nations inevitably engage in imperialism to expand their markets, enhance their profits, and find cheaper wage slaves. We utilize the legions of the empire to spread the misery of “free markets,” consumerism, exploitation, and environmental rape.

America is a Christian nation.

While many argue endlessly over the separation of church and state, or whether or not the United States was founded as a Christian nation, an equally profound question receives far too little attention.

What is the nature of the Christianity that our nation, in which a large number of denizens label themselves as Christians, collectively manifests?

Our rigid Puritanical roots still maintain a tenacious grip on our psyches. This impedes our capacity to overtly experience life’s carnal, sensual pleasures without experiencing guilt at violating taboos. Denying ourselves reasonable indulgence triggers the bacchanalian excesses that lead to rampant addiction to pornography, drugs, and alcohol.

The isolation, rage, and spiritual emptiness engendered by our consumerist, narcissistic, and violence-obsessed culture catalyze events like the ones at Columbine and Virginia Tech. With lamentations and hand-wringing, the mainstream media repeatedly expresses its utter astonishment when people snap to such an extent. After all, human beings living in a spiritually vacuous, hyper competitive environment have an infinite capacity to absorb insults, loneliness, rejection, exclusion, bullying, and hatred without reacting violently, don’t they?

One of the basic principles Christ espoused was to practice the Golden Rule. Whoops. Slaughtering millions of human beings throughout our history leaves us well short of the mark on that one.

Perhaps the most inspiring spiritual wisdom the Jewish carpenter conveyed to humanity came in the form of the Beatitudes. How do we manifest them in the United States?

The poor in spirit are considered to be impotent and irrelevant in a culture that thrives on egoism and self-promotion.

Those who mourn over moral injuries and tragedies are instructed to “get over it,” take some pills to mask the pain, and “move on”.

The meek are crushed by aggressive, acquisitive mobs.

Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness find that their efforts to satisfy, slake or quench are in vain as they wander a seemingly endless spiritual wasteland.

The merciful are considered weak and fall prey to those who abuse their compassion for their own personal gain.

The pure in heart are exploited as a reward for their decency.

The peacemakers are ridiculed as idealists, cowards, and collaborators with the latest enemy our plutocracy has created to justify its endless wars.

Despite the brutal nature and seemingly insurmountable power of this juggernaut of a nation, there is still hope for humanity and the world. While the opulent class, military careerists, fundamentalist Christian leadership, corporatists, AIPAC, “elected” officials, and the prostitutes in the corporate-dominated media propagate a sociopathic agenda through maintaining the simulacrum of the United States as the “leader of the free world,” there is abundant evidence of an increasing awareness of their perfidy and malevolence. Simmering beneath the surface for years, moral outrage now threatens to reach full boil thanks to the increased awareness facilitated by the Internet.

The people of the United States are not freaks or anomalies. 96% of us have a conscience and can act empathetically. It is simply a matter of time, and perhaps a few more doses of pain, before reality obliterates what is left of the fiction we have been inculcated to embrace as the United States of America.

Jason Miller is a wage slave of the American Empire who has freed himself intellectually and spiritually. He is Cyrano’s Journal Online’s associate editor (http://www.bestcyrano.org/) and publishes Thomas Paine’s Corner within Cyrano’s at http://www.bestcyrano.org/THOMASPAINE/. You can reach him at JMiller@bestcyrano.com

58 Responses to “Lies, Damn Lies, and Lies that Unleash Hell”

  1. Ivor Hugheson 10 Jun 2007 at 10:23 pm

    “An its the rich wot gets the pleasure, an its the poor wot gets the blame, an its the same the whole world over .. aint that a bloody shame!” (Old British Music hall ditty)

    The essay is very moving Jason .. move over and let me join you at the vomit bucket because Britain must also share the evils that you have branded.

    My remarks Should not be construed as anti-American .. Britain and the USA go back to the Mayflower and the Pilgrims .. we have been friends and allies far longer than we have been enemies and Britain must also shoulder some of the blame for the war crimes that have been committed under the flags of, and in the name of the peoples of Britain and the USA ..

    Funny thing though I do not recall having any say in the matter .. Blind Patriotism is an ugly beast .. an animal that is roused by flag waving and drum beating … the symbols of the powerful as they lash us to our feet and herd us to the slaughter house .. the meat and the blood make a Satanic Sausage called the Dollar for the Corporations .. the powerful buy and sell us like Hogs at a farmers market.

    Is it not time that we demonstrated some empathy and made restitution for the awful genocidal slaughter that we have inflicted on the Middle East .. is it not time to banish the symbols of the powerful from our minds by which they herd us to war?

    Is it not time that we called for some accountability?

    I am sure it was not the people that turned like rabid dogs on Cindy Sheehan .. it was the rabid dog media who are paid by the powerful to sway the people.

    The love of a Mother for her children is legendary as is her lion hearted courage in defense of her young .. Sheehans crucifixion .. is a disgrace and a slur on Motherhood the world over .. we need to stand up and speak out against the black hearts …

    How does the saying go? Land of the Free .. Home of the Brave? .. give me freedom or give me death?

    One thing is for sure neither of our respective nations has any liberty .. the only freedom we have is between the outgoing and incoming of a political party ..’Freedom and Democracy is really Freedummy and Democrappy’ .. as peoples we get no freedom .. but as sure as hell we get death.

    Gen Sir Michael Rose told the BBC’s Newsnight programme that the US and the UK must “admit defeat” and stop fighting “a hopeless war” in Iraq. Iraqi insurgents would not give in, he said. “I don’t excuse them for some of the terrible things they do, but I do understand why they are resisting.” The total number of UK troops killed in operations in Iraq stands at 147.

    ‘Admit defeat’

    Sir Michael has written a book drawing similarities between the tactics of insurgents and George Washington’s men in America’s War of Independence. He told Newsnight: “As Lord Chatham said, when he was speaking on the British presence in North America, he said ‘if I was an American, as I am an Englishman, as long as one Englishman remained on American native soil, I would never, never, never lay down my arms’. “The Iraqi insurgents feel exactly the same way.”

    Yes Saah! right on Sahh!!

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  3. albignonon 11 Jun 2007 at 7:18 am

    Inspired and inspiring. Seldom have I seen a piece so conclusively argued, so brutally honest, about the hypocrisies and contradictions underlying our self-image. Well done, Jason! As you say, the vast majority of Americans—like most people in all latitudes—are fine, decent folks. It is the structure of plutocratic rapaciousness issuing from elevating selfishness to the reasl core value of society that pollutes their minds, and controls their actions. Unfortunately, it takes superior minds to escape the indoctrination we all receive at birth, and most people are just too malleable and too mediocre to rise above it.

  4. Paul D.on 11 Jun 2007 at 9:28 am


    Without beating too much around the Bush…I think you summed it up Jason. That’s what it’s all about.

  5. murphon 11 Jun 2007 at 9:49 am


    A very well done summary. I have been hammering away for some time now on the same theme, and to no avail. My observations on this subject is that there is no way we are going to develop a national consciousness that will acknowledge our personal roles in sitting upon others misery to further our advantage. Despite the teachings of Christianity, adherents to its teaching developed manifest destiny and justified over 250 years of exploitation and butchery for our gains in this country alone. We have been exercising our voting ‘right’ to install elite, already wealthy, people into the government. They do have a different agenda. We have gotten exactly what we voted for. What we are seeing today is a consolidation of power that has taken 150 years to secure. It approaches being absolute. Party affiliation has no bearing on the outcome and makes absolutely no difference, despite the braying of the candidates.

    I rather surmise that if the cataclysmic events we see coming at us materialize, a severe reduction in world population, including the U.S., will take place. This is assuming that we don’t manage to kill off all humans. Who will be left standing? Will the current acquisition of wealth be the largest determination of who will carry on? If so, the future looks even grimmer. Certainly not a future I would wish to be a minority within.

    It does appear to me that there is no peaceful structural change possible within the current governmental structure. The deficits contained in the original pact (the constitution) with the population were flawed from the beginning, as you pointed out. While parts of the document held promise for the society as a whole, those parts have been entirely negated by the elites in power and done so brazenly. A completely new and different form of governance is needed for those that survive the coming population reduction. I sure would like to be around to see what form it takes.

  6. Ivor Hugheson 11 Jun 2007 at 9:51 am

    Hands True Blue a white cane and recommends that the VA put his name on the waiting list for a Guide Dog.

  7. katecontinuedon 11 Jun 2007 at 11:59 am

    Very fine essay. I read it at MLW. The resilience of the myths is astounding. As you say - it begins at birth. I have been consciously reading, studying, writing for decades - yet only recently started seeing how blatantly clear these myths are. I will definately read and re-read this and pass the link to others.

  8. Spukiesteron 12 Jun 2007 at 1:00 am

    Please, let us know how you freed yourself. Could it be a collective action? Could this be the way to change this system?

  9. Paul D.on 12 Jun 2007 at 9:47 am

    Freedom is a simple formula:

    A Desire for change + Temperament + Being fed up for a myriad of reasons + Reading + Marxism, Marxism, and more Marxism (specifically Monthly Review, Michael Parenti, and Cyrano’s Journal) = Freedom.

    Also, check out the audio section @ Cyrano’s Journal and Michael Parenti’s lectures.

    “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”, and Socialism is the best shot we have for a solution.

    Marxism is by no means dead. If you think otherwise than I suggest going back to the drawing board.



  10. Suzanneon 13 Jun 2007 at 9:29 am

    Excellent article, Jason. You have really set it all out there for everyone to see. The people of this country are living a life of dreams and fantasies. Not only do they not see the lies for what they are, they don’t want to see them. So many people here believe everything that they are spoon-fed by the pathocracy that to them we Americans are the heroes, the “freedom fighters” and the morally right. Oh, if they would only wake up and see the truth of that with which we have brought so much “needless” death and destruction and despair.

    Please, keep up the great work, Jason, and keep spreading your invaluable insight on the world.

  11. J.Montion 13 Jun 2007 at 3:51 pm

    We could apply this one in scale to the rest of the world too. Thanks Jason. But before going into Marxism or any other ideology, we have to know who this 4% really is here. There’s no escape.

  12. marinus berghuison 13 Jun 2007 at 7:31 pm

    Hi Jason,

    Loved your writing as it leaves nothing to the imagination.
    However let us have a look how it is possible to degrade the consciousness of a whole nation?
    I read with interest an essay by an Iraqi woman asking the same question.
    I have to say that it is WOMEN that are solely responsible for the state of affairs.
    Brains are the computer used to guide our actions and when brains are loaded with shit from birth, you can only get shit out!!
    For some reason women venerate their sons allowing them to become monsters in the name of progress or create imaginary selfworth!!
    We all know that the first 7 years of a childs education will govern the actions for the rest of his or her life. Who educates the monsters without consciousness. Our darling mothers.!
    All religions of this world are created by MEN. Those self same MEN were brought up by mothers and for some reason all men subconsciously hate their mothers for it.
    So until we realise that by asking our babies to be competitive from the day of their birth, you will get the Bushe’s with the help of the law fraternity to debauch the world.
    No one in this world needs more than 1 pound of dry matter to exist, and the same goes for any other thing we really need or should want so the notion to be the leader of the pack at all cost is an artificially induced desire instilled by dear old mum.

    Make your own conclusions from that but also examine your own attitudes very closely.

    Ren Berghuis

  13. Hans Hoffmannon 13 Jun 2007 at 7:56 pm

    I was with you untill you wrote about Spain and Franco. Franco was the Good Guy! Anyone who knows their history knows that. Franco and the majority of Spaniards were fighting off International Communism and numerous foreign volunteers for the international communist cause! Thank God they won. If they hadn’t, just as Russia had her Gulags, many Spaniards would have been executed–probably by the millions–as millions of resisters to Jewish Bolshevics were executed in Russia– and many Spaniards might still be locked up in Spanish Gulags today!

  14. anonymouson 13 Jun 2007 at 8:06 pm

    MAY G+d rest William Cooper, whom I believe was murdered by bush/cheney

    The following may shed some insight:

    “The prevailing mental condition is controlled insanity.

    The rules of the Inner Party are held together by adherence to a common doctrine. In a Party member not even the smallest deviation of opinion on the most unimportant subject can be tolerated. But it is also necessary to remember that events happened in the desired manner. And if it is necessary to rearrange one’s memories or to tamper with written records, then it is necessary to forget that one has done so. The trick of doing this can be learned like any other mental technique. It is learned by the majority of Party members, and certainly by all who are intelligent as well as orthodox. In Oldspeak it is called, quite frankly, “reality control.” In Newspeak, it is called doublethink, though doublethink comprises much else as well.

    Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. The Party intellectual knows in which direction his memories must be altered; he therefore knows that he is playing tricks with reality; but by the exercise of doublethink he also satisfies himself that reality is not violated. The process has to be conscious, or it would not be carried out with sufficient precision, but it also has to be unconscious, or it would bring with it a feeling of falsity and hence of guilt.”

    FOR EXAMPLE: Bush says he is “pro-life”, therefore he cannot be a murderer. Bush is in fact a mass murderer (see John Hopkins report - 655,000 dead in Iraq, 400,000 dead Afghanistan, 3,547 dead Americans) therefore he cannot be “pro-life.” Bush is a mass-murderer who says that he is “pro-life”, and he speaks at the March for Life, therefore he must be pro-life. It is good to start wars that kill many others so long as you say you are “pro-Life.”

    Example #2
    Bush has repeatedly lied to the American people but he says he is a Christian. Christians are forbidden from lying. Bush has lied repeatedly but he says he is a Christian, therefore it is good to lie and be a Christian. To be a good Christian you must lie and be false.

    This is the essence of doublethink in America.

    This is also the new doxology of all false Christians

    Bush/Cheney must be impeached immediately, removed from office and tried for treason! They have done irreparable harm to America.

  15. Archie1954on 13 Jun 2007 at 8:08 pm

    If only it weren’t true. Can you imagine the pain the truth brings to anyone (me) who truly believed the American myth and supported it in every way possible including my prayers? Believe me it is awful. I sorrow every day because I now know the truth. The evil that has been perpretrated on the American people and the world by the governments of the U.S. is outrageous and disgusting. The worst thing is that those perpretators are never challenged, never accused, never penalized for their crimes!

  16. Zekewon 13 Jun 2007 at 8:40 pm

    All Reality is anything but. It was quite a bizzare feeling to “awaken” one day and find out that nothing was real. We the American people as a culture are nothing but conditioned to do the bidding of the Central Bankers. All our patterns of consumption, all of our behavior, calculated,controlled, and parameterized from birth. Any country that does not have their money supply controlled by these criminals are targeted by the US war machine, and Israel by proxy. It will be interesting when the human race wakes up to this scam called capitalist wealth. What is it anyway? For 99% of us, its a predetermined amount, a set path based upon our family and bloodline. The plutocracy has a different education then the rest of us, they are taught to rule and control capital,we the wage slaves are trained to obey. The next logical evolutionary step is grow out of this infantile economic system which dominates us, and dump these money makers back into the cesspool where they belong.

  17. emilianoZon 13 Jun 2007 at 8:56 pm

    Hey Hans Hoffmann, you must be kidding… Otherwise I suggest you get your Nazi lederhosen out of the closet at once, and begin practicing those wonderful high-stepping marches with the Hitlerjugend, where you may actually belong…

    You have the audacity to ascertain here that Franco and his ultrarightist creeps, and the past-rotten Spanish Church and landlord class were the good guys? Do you by any chance think that people on this blog are political illiterates? Franco represented everything that is repugnant to free, rational thinking, justice-loving people everywhere. He was an avowed fascist, A FASCIST, mein freund, albeit of the Spanish variety, and cunning enough NOT to join his more reckless brethren in the big brawl they started in 1939…and that led to their demise.

    Franco massacred hundreds of thousands perhaps up to half a million or more, no one knows for sure—a fact admitted even by establishment bourgeois historians—so your claim that it’s fine he won because he spared some lives is ludicrous at best. I won’t waste my time suggesting you go and read some good history books, since I realize I may be wasting my time, but I do recommend such an exercise for others on this blog.

    A good place to start is this article on THE GREANVILLE JOURNAL, precisely on this topic: http://www.bestcyrano.org/cyrano/?p=55

  18. Ken880on 13 Jun 2007 at 9:07 pm

    There is only one solution-TRUTH, the tiny, tiny group of sociopaths, actually only 2.5% of the population are not all elite powerbrokers, the vast vast majority live crippled life’s affecting only a few poor souls in their immediate zone. There is probably less than 10,000 truly evil elite in power, they are served by an army of intellectually enslaved servants who do their bidding but lack the scope of evil to be globally dangerous. We know who these people are, the Bilderberg attendees, the Bohemian Grove crowd, the top 500 wealth list, the heado of Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big War, they are all there. How do you spot them, by their ACTIONS not their words, in their zones of responsibility do people flourish and prosper or are they sick and dying?. Example the UN after 50 plus years is their less famine, less death, better education, less refugee’s NO, NO, NO, is it because they are trying hard but failing? NO!, their mission is death and they are very, very successful-165,000,000 die from preventable causes every year mostly in area’s ruled by the UN. Nothing in politics happens by accident it’s all planned. These 10,000 are sick, they are vicious perverts, they have sexual, financial and social crimes beyond imagining, in fact that’s what makes it hard to spot, its just to goddammed big for the social personality to grasp. Find their crimes, document the child rapes, the bribes, get cast iron evidence and publish it on the net. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. They will fold like wet tissue, they have no pride, no strength, no courage and no friends, they will cave themselves in harder than we could ever do to them. Wipe them out and war stops, famine stops, poverty stops and you can get on with business of living without the sick black monkey on your back

  19. doblonesDeOroon 13 Jun 2007 at 9:14 pm

    In support of what emilionoZ above says, here’s what the wiki says on the question of violence during the Spanish Civil War (and let’s keep in mind that the Franco side were the rebels, acting against a duly constituted government and bent on keeping the privileges long maintained by an aristocratic minority at the expense of great suffering—as usual—among the masses):

    Unlike the Republican side, where the atrocities were not typically carried out by the government but by radical leftists or specific factions such as the Stalinist NKVD, in the case of the Nationalist side these atrocities were ordered by fascist authorities in order to eradicate any trace of leftism in Spain. This included the aerial bombing of cities in the Republican territory, carried out mainly by the Luftwaffe volunteers of the Condor Legion and the Italian air force volunteers of the Corpo Truppe Volontarie (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Guernica, and other cities, counted tens of thousands of deaths due to these bombardments), the execution of school teachers (because the efforts of the Republic to promote laicism and to displace the Church from the education system, and the closing of religious schools, were considered by the Nationalist side as an attack on the Church), the execution of individuals because of accusations of anti-clericalism, the massive killings of civilians in the liberated cities, the execution of unwanted individuals (including non-combatants such as trade-unionists and known Republican sympathisers) and their entire families, etc[22].

    Atrocities by the Left during what has been termed Spain’s red terror took a great toll on the Catholic faithful, especially clerics, as churches, convents and monasteries were desecrated, pillaged and burned, 13 bishops, 4184 diocesan priests, 2365 male religious (among them 114 Jesuits) and 283 nuns were murdered, and there are accounts of Catholic faithful being forced to swallow rosary beads, thrown down mine shafts and priests being forced to dig their own graves before being buried alive. [23] On the whole, however, the scale of Nationalist Francoist repression, organized in military fashion and benedicted by an openly partisan Catholic Church, far surpassed that of their rivals. [2

    The whole page is at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_Civil_War

  20. Sariadeon 13 Jun 2007 at 9:31 pm

    (I’m up way too late for a work night)

    Edit: One out of every six people have no conscious, no internal controls on their behaviour.

    Should read:

    Six out of every 100 people have no conscience, no internal controls on their behaviour.


    I used to be not bad at math and spelling. Sigh.


  21. Beaconon 13 Jun 2007 at 9:35 pm

    Ken880, you are right about the truth- the internet is a miracle, but the mainstream media consist of Zombies. People are almost afraid to believe their own eyes in the face of “official” statistics regarding inflation, unemployment, real war aims, etc., etc.
    And the American people have been very badly led by people who have no more claim to their loyalty than the courtiers who surrounded Louis XVI. In the Republican Presidential debates one man, not a natural speaker, Dr. Ron Paul, stands out as an
    intelligent, thoughtful, humanistic figure, explaining that we are engaged in unnecessary violence, to the detriment of any number of unmet domestic needs, and contributing greatly to rising inflation and devaluation of the dollar that has had and will have dire consequences for everyone, particularly the elderly, the poor, the sick. The press tries to fob him off as inconsequential, not representative of “mainstream” America, despite his high viewer poll ratings following the debates.
    Indeed, even if his moral support were reported fairly (and, as an example, the June 11
    USA Today, featuring reports on the leading contenders, excluded all mention of his name or picture), he suffers coming from the same state that has produced the modern
    equivalent of Caligula.

  22. Strotheron 13 Jun 2007 at 9:43 pm

    There have been good people throughout history. Things do go right sometimes, and they have gone wrong numerous times, but this is what we have right now. America is the way it is. It would be nice if everyone was healthy and not hungry and employed in a job they enjoy, but this is not going to happen yet. There is no “ism” to rescue us, they have all been exhausted. We MUST commit to each other. The amount of human pain and suffering across the world, now and in the past, is impossible to quantify or perceive. One absolute can be stated, and it is that violence against each other will not bring a solution to our pain and suffering. It may take care of part of us, but never all of us. I think once we realize that there is no solution to our problems, we may realize that trying to solve our problems is the problem. Maybe if we could do this then people like me wouldn’t have to write bullshit like this. It is all a crock. Just make sure your hand is extended when someone falls, and let’s get on with it. I want to see other planets before I die, and the technology for this cannot be discovered/invented with people being scared of each other. Worries have to be cast aside for truly awesome creativity. Come on.

  23. Mike Eggerton 13 Jun 2007 at 10:22 pm

    Dear Sir/Ms.,

    Your diatribe illustrates a lack of knowledge of the facts. I don’t wish to take up time and space exposing all the fallacies.
    To begin with, America was built upon the backs of WHITE slaves, Not black. White slavery in America before during and after the revolution remains a hiddden epoch in American history.
    As to your ridiculous claim that if we hadn’t stopped Germany in WW II we’d all speaking German.You obviously haven’t studued Communism and therefore don’t know the Soviet Union was poised to invade Europe. The State of Bavaria in Germany had already been taken over by the Communists before Hitler came to power. Germany saved Western Europe from Communism.

    Franco saved Spain from Communism also
    You don’t seem to comprehend that the biggest threat to the world throughout the 20th century has always been Communism. It is still a threat and is being practiced by Bush and company today.

    You don’t seem to remember that all of Africa, South America, Asia were in terrible turmoil because of Communist revolutions financed by Rothschild and his bankers. Eastern Europe was handed over to the Communists by a traitorous American President (FDR).

    Your commentary is so laughable I don’t know why I have even bothered to reply to this brief extent.

    Please get educated. Sincerely, Mike

  24. Wolfgang307on 13 Jun 2007 at 10:33 pm

    I love it when idiotic knee-jerk anticommunists like Mike Eggert talk about “communist takeovers” all over the place, managing to turn a huge blind eye on the scores of at-gunpoint-takeovers by rightwingers, often resulting in enormous bloodshed and misery for the masses. The idiocy of this guy is manifest in his equating (in his antisemitic zeal) the Bush gang of plutocrats with communism!!! What can you possibly say to a mind so deranged from essential facts and so arrogantly dismissive of basic political compasses? Obviously nothing. If the author of this piece needs to get educated, as Mike suggests, I say he (Mike) needs to get a psychiatrist, and pronto…

  25. Shadow Danceron 13 Jun 2007 at 11:35 pm

    The sunrises & sunsets are beautiful from atop the Mesa’s of the Hopi Reservation.

    So this your Nation just a scant 112 years after the last of the Native Tribes were rounded up. Hmmmmm. So this is what the European’s coming to Turtle Island have wrought upon the Earth. Hmmmm.

    Myself, I am enjoying life, getting out into nature everyday. Happy. Got money to go to the store & buy food, & such.

    Took a while for a younger white man friend of mine to latch onto what I was speaking about that he was brought into a world of Manufactured Reality, where all reality is manufactured for him.

    In the Book of Revelation concerning Mystery Babylon it states in Rev. 18, The merchants of the Earth were great men who deceived all the Nations of the Earth with their Sorceries.

    Can’t say I’m 100 percent sure but I consider your Nation may be Mystery Babylon or The Beast of Revelation.

    But I am not 100 percent sure by any means.

    Yes, the European’s coming here gained the land mass of their Nation, materialistic wealth, and their version of what they call, Freedom. But reading about all the problems & doings of your Nation, as well as knowing some white people as well, I am not sure you really gained anything long run at all.

    As your Nation was patterned after the Republic of Rome. They were a greedy warmongering Nation, too. Even conquered Israel, and were in power when both John the Baptist & Jesus came forth.

    Jesus did not do anything nor spoke of any violence towards Rome or the Romans.

    A couple Mormon boys knocked upon my door a couple of months ago. Wanted to invite me to their Church which is an automatic, No.

    But we did talk about their Book stating Jesus lived with some Native Tribes & teaching them. I was a bit surprised they even knew there are accounts of some Tribes stating Jesus lived with them & taught them in the long ago time of Turtle Island before the Europeans arrived.

    They and I discussed that some Mormons even participated in the Ghost Dance. Wovoca said that Jesus had appeared to him. It is a possibility.

    Yours is a strange world, and a strange way of live & living upon the Earth, but regardless, I am having fun & just doing love & peace as I am just passing through your world.

    Jesus actually taught his Father’s Spiritual Kingdom that is not of the world of man. A Spiritual Kingdom is not a Representative Republic or a Democracy. Those are merely governments of the world of man.

  26. JHFCon 13 Jun 2007 at 11:51 pm

    What did Alexander the Great have that we don’t have?

    And it looks like we’re after the same targets that he was after!

    So what if Hitler was after the same tagets as Alexander and us?

    Winner takes all and the hell with the rest of the world!

    But then again, look what happened to Alexander and Hitler. maybe we should think a lttle harder about this?

  27. alberton 14 Jun 2007 at 3:50 am

    there are enough zio-nazi trolls here to make another fictional holo-cost movie. funny how jews and communism are always intertwined. the nazis are all dead, the only living nazis are all in the illegal country of israel.

  28. […] Are many of us better off than most of the people on the planet? In a material sense, yes. However, bear in mind that the principal reasons many US Americans enjoy a degree of prosperity is that we stole a large chunk of a resource-rich continent (which is geographically situated in a way that makes a mass invasion nearly impossible), and that we built much of our prosperous economy on the backs of black slaves. Rapacious capitalism has enabled us to economically colonize and exploit many nations in the developing world, which explains the utterly nauseating gluttony we exhibit by representing 5% of the world’s population and consuming 25% of its resources. Oink, oink! read more […]

  29. mike mannon 14 Jun 2007 at 5:29 am

    Like Goebbel stated there are just some lies so big they cannot be disbelieved. Why this author chooses to pick on the USAs past when in fact that time is forever gone and had plenty of its own critics to worry about it. Stay focused on todays criminals who are ruthlessly tearing up this planet and that would the silver spoon lying ex-cokehead drunk chickenshit draft dodger Bush and his GOPervs and let dont forget the neocon aka neohebs aka jews aka Israel who is behind and root cause of all the current bogus wars especially Iraq where an entire nation who had nothing to dow tih 911 but are the target of teh Bush Crime Family because they are an easy 3rd world beaten down destroyed nation who had leader named Saddam who wouldnt play by Bush and his big oil crooks rules and were independent of any foreign control until the murdering Bush Crime Family took over.
    Funny how Reagan stupidly picked the wimp daddy Bush to look stronger and be elected 2 times only to see the VP elected once but kicked out after only 4 years stopping his premeditated plan to begin a dynasty beginning with his eldest screwup Dubya who was obviously a product of anal sex 60 yrs ago and the original meshing of daddys sperm and mr mommys feces that was farted from her anal cavity 9 mos later and the world has been smelling like feces ever since.
    Lies lies lies. Everything is a lie under Bush and his neohebs. The holohoax was bogus and only meant to steal Palestine. Its been downhill since 1948 for the planet.

  30. Blitz Childon 14 Jun 2007 at 7:32 am

    “America Saved the world from Fascism during World War II.” Then please tell me what the 512,000 British war dead - among whom are my father and two uncles - doing before being killed sometime between 1939/1945?

  31. Patrickon 14 Jun 2007 at 9:06 am

    Our political structure is stuck on “Animal primitivism,” and can’t get up.
    Once we end the nuclear threat of destruction, unlimited heat and electrical energy will allow a world of plenty for all.

    Over 100 years ago J.P. Morgan stopped funding Nicolai Tesla’s research into tapping into the Cosmological process, and today the human race is trapped in a false war, that pretends to be a resource base struggle.

    One reason Americans are dragged along to war by our political elite is due to the control of the ‘Organizing Principle,” that is the banking credit system. Poverty is a tool that our elite inflict upon large segments of the population to trigger ‘Privation induced aggression.’

    Our political system was “Born Defective.”

  32. gmarieon 14 Jun 2007 at 9:59 am

    yes! someone else that thinks like i do!!! :D

  33. Rabbiton 14 Jun 2007 at 10:06 am

    Jason, this is to me one of the best things you have ever written. Well done.

  34. ralphon 14 Jun 2007 at 12:05 pm

    “My vomit bucket, spilleth over.”

  35. Ingsoc2112on 14 Jun 2007 at 12:55 pm

    Great article, Mr. Miller. Spot on as usual. While I do think that most Americans probably are decent, tolerable, upstanding people , most of them are idiots. Plain and simple. Americans in general are brainwashed, self-loving, self-interested creatures who are only trying to secure the most toys before they die. And onme may wonder why as well why the U.S. is severely behind in education. How long have the Japanese been kicking our ass? Overall, I do agree with your article. Bravo, says I.

  36. Margareton 14 Jun 2007 at 2:02 pm

    Jason, I agree with everything stated. My only question is what and when do we do something about it. Everyday that passes is bringing us all closer and closer to being thrown in a concentration camp here in America. We are already being watched, probably have been for years. Just think about it, if you can google a truck parked on a US city block and zoom in close enough to see the drivers face, think about how the government can watch anyone anytime they want. They love to tell you that you live in the greatest country in the world and that we are all free. In our life times we have never been free. Everyone needs to wake up! Right now where you are sitting, think about it, are you really free? Do you wake up everyday and go do what you want to do? For most people that answer is no. You go to work for 8 hours a day, do more work than your boss and get paid the least. You give up time with your family, somebody else raises your kids, and you have no choice in the matter. We are slaves to corporate america and they have us right where they want us. Not to mention we are all either to lazy, to stupid, or to drugged to figure it out. People need to start doing their research and realize that your government does not give a damn about you. The saddest part is how many strong, young americans are taken right out of highschool, where they have been force fed a false history of the world, but are to young and inexperienced to realize it, and ushered into the military with all it’s false promises of how you and your loved ones will be well taken care of by your government. My father was a recruiter for the Air Force. I know the things they tell these young men and women. The promises, the lies. Unfortunately for some desperate kid who is now 18, being shoved into the world to fend for him or herself, this sounds like a good idea. Serve your country, be a hero, never worry about not having a home, medical care, or a paycheck. If that is all you hear then it does sound like a good deal. The problem of course is that they don’t tell you that you are now property, no longer are you your own human self. You now have been bought by your government. You will go where they tell you and do what they tell you or you will be punished greatly. You are no longer allowed to think for yourself. You believe what they tell you to believe, and you have no right nor are you allowed to ask any questions. Does that sound very free. As for the rest of the citizens of the U.S. we are not much better off. We are also fed false information, which we blindly believe, because if ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN all say the same thing well it must be true???? We are all brainwashed to believe that the rest of the world is crazy and we are the champions of the world. In just a few short hours I looked up information on the wikipedia web site and realized that there are a few prominent families who all work together to take over the world, the rest of us are their personal slaves, only we are to brainwashed to figure it out. By the time I was finished looking up just a few things , I found links between the Bush Family, Nazi Germany, and Osama Bin Laden, not to mention almost every major bank and oil company and how they are linked back to only a select few families in america and abroad who have been running the show long before most of us were even born. Also don’t think that it is just the Bush Family, I found that almost every single U.S. President besides Abraham Lincoln and J.F.K., have either been in on it, or known of it, and not done much to change it. Now if you take a minute to think about the two Presidents mentioned above who actually did want to do good for their country and the world…..what happened to them??? I for one do believe in God and I believe that God is good. I also believe that our government who likes to speak of Christianity and doing Gods work, has no idea who God truly is. Our government along with the media work in deception and lies…..who else does that, the evil one. God is truth, God is the light, God is the way. Our government is committing blasphemy for even trying to associate itself with God.

  37. Wallace Stroupon 14 Jun 2007 at 3:48 pm

    Russia sacrificed 20 million human beings. How many did Stalin starve to death? Care to rephrase that. Or do you have a blind eye to Stalin’s deliberate program of starving to death the Russian peasantry.

  38. joeon 14 Jun 2007 at 5:31 pm

    peace to the world joy to all men now is the time to stand up

  39. joeNoBaloneyon 14 Jun 2007 at 7:12 pm

    How many morons can dance on a pinhead? This thread is filled to the brim with people boasting the great American Mental Disease, the mix of intelligence and imbecility in almost equal portions. Take this Wallace Stroup, blabbering about the Stalin crimes, or Blitzie Child, obviously offended because the Brits’ contribution to winning the Second World War was not properly credited. Here’s the straight dope fellas:

    FACT #1: American and Britain got off relatively “easy” because the German Army’s back was broken by the sacrifice of the Red Army and Soviet Peoples, who lost more than 22 million souls in that struggle. That’s 22 MILLION PEOPLE folks. Wrap your precious whiney little minds around that. More than the entire population of California at the time. It was the Soviets who defeated the Nazi military juggernaut. And, yes British boy, Britain suffered a lot more than America, proportionally speaking.

    FACT #2 Get off that narrow, myopic conspiratorial mindset, the one that finds the Fed Bank as a sign of all evil, when in reality the real evil is the system that begat it, and which feeds off of it: Capitalism, the Free Market system, The American Way of Life, whatever you wanna call it. That’s the real, unlected government of which Clinton, Bush, and the rest are mere figureheads, and that’s what we have to get rid of, and start all over. Are there guarantees? Nope. Never are. But what choice do we have?

  40. David Robleeon 14 Jun 2007 at 8:02 pm

    While we all moralize about the state of the state we are only further enslaved by the one force that has been clearly outlined over the centuries as representative of the allegorical, metaphorical, philosophical, actual beast. In simpler, everyday terms, capitalist economics is the problem, NOT the solution. In other words, capitalism creates the problems in order to insititute capitalist solutions. In biblical terms, capitalists are lovers of monied evil. Again, capitalism is the problem, with capitalists personifying the weakest link. Capitalists are fraternal collectivists religiously pursuing power at the expense of others. In simple terms, capitalists worship lucifer, and represent/forment/legislate/sell evil hidden in plain sight at our expense.

    The point to all this is that the common enemy is known as capitalist economic theory. The solution then? Reform the capitalist economic theory into a kinder gentler beast. If the beast does not cooperate, stop paying IT! Boycott IT. Do with what you got. Enjoy what you got. In short order the machinery of the beast will be forced to spew its products or die. Soon after the beast will pay us to buy ITs products. After that, the beast will beg us to consume their special brand of monied evil. After that? God only knows.


    The newly formed economic theory/system would be based on three simple, logical, peaceful rules.
    Flood the free market with free money for all.
    Abolish usurydebt for all in-common goods and services.
    Retain usurydebt for all un-common goods and services.

    The benefits would be profound. All but an end to war, poverty, crime and disease for all with coupled to increases in freedom, prosperity, opportunity and growth for all.

    The reason the world is so chaotic is because humanity is being forced to make a choice. Eternal freedom from or eternal slavery to luciferian capitalists.

    www.planetization.org/soulutions.htm at planetization.org have the solutions the world seeks. The information is free, the fallout, freedom.

  41. David Robleeon 14 Jun 2007 at 8:04 pm

    While we all moralize about the state of the state we are only further enslaved by the one force that has been clearly outlined over the centuries as representative of the allegorical, metaphorical, philosophical, actual beast. In simpler, everyday terms, capitalist economics is the problem, NOT the solution. In other words, capitalism creates the problems in order to insititute capitalist solutions. In biblical terms, capitalists are lovers of monied evil. Again, capitalism is the problem, with capitalists personifying the weakest link. Capitalists are fraternal collectivists religiously pursuing power at the expense of others. In simple terms, capitalists worship lucifer, and represent/forment/legislate/sell evil hidden in plain sight at our expense.

    The point to all this is that the common enemy is known as capitalist economic theory. The solution then? Reform the capitalist economic theory into a kinder gentler beast. If the beast does not cooperate, stop paying IT! Boycott IT. Do with what you got. Enjoy what you got. In short order the machinery of the beast will be forced to spew its products or die. Soon after the beast will pay us to buy ITs products. After that, the beast will beg us to consume their special brand of monied evil. After that? God only knows.


    The newly formed economic theory/system would be based on three simple, logical, peaceful guidelines.
    Flood the free market with free money for all.
    Abolish usurydebt for all in-common goods and services.
    Retain usurydebt for all un-common goods and services.

    The benefits would be profound. All but an end to war, poverty, crime and disease for all with coupled to increases in freedom, prosperity, opportunity and growth for all.

    The reason the world is so chaotic is because humanity is being forced to make a choice. Eternal freedom from or eternal slavery to luciferian capitalists.

    www.planetization.org/soulutions.htm at planetization.org have the solutions the world seeks. The information is free, the fallout, freedom.

  42. steveon 14 Jun 2007 at 9:25 pm

    “Our founders were mostly aristocrats who formed a constitutional republic of, by and for land-owning white males. Native Americans, the poor, and women were excluded. Chattel slavery was recognized as a legal enterprise. Many of our revered founders advocated and facilitated the Native American Genocide in the interest of expanding our borders.”

    By “Native American” I presume you mean “earlier Immigrant”. You politically correct Puke! Can the politically correct rhetoric! Were you born stupid or did you acquire it along the way? To be sure the Country has seriously devolved from whence it came, but don’t peg the founding fathers in the revisionist mode. Whatever else may be said, They put it all on the line. I doubt you would! You demean the rest of your of your thesis, including some very valid points, with your mini tirade.

  43. Kevin Caninoon 14 Jun 2007 at 10:09 pm

    You are so obviously a communist by your endless litany of condemnations of capitalism that I thought for a moment I was reading Lenin !!!
    What about the hundreds of millions slaughtered by marxist-communist regimes all over the world??? Why no mention of those horrendous crimes??? How many millions were slaughtered and starved to death in the bastion of democracy, the Soviet Union?? What about the millions killed in Mao’s China? What about the communist takeover of Ethiopia where they deliberately witheld aide and caused hundreds of thousands to die of starvation? What about your wonderful socialist Cambodia that exterminated anyone with some intelligence so that the psychopathic communists could feal good about themselves?? By the way, the so called Spanish Republicans (Communists) led an all out atheistic assault an Spain’s Catholic culture by killing priests and nuns and by looting monasteries and closing Churches and religious education for children as well as many other crimes. Listen, the crimes you mention were not done by America, but by those who have taken over control of America and used her to further their own agendas. Any country with some power is used for this purpose. The American people are just as much victims as anyone else; maybe more so. Those who believe the power of the state is the solution to all problems are destined to relive the Soviet Union and Cambodia. You codemn religion and God? Why do you replace God with the State then? Good luck !

  44. Gary Corserion 14 Jun 2007 at 10:34 pm

    An excellent piece that shows us the dark mirror of American “reality,” and invites us to look deeply, ponder, learn and be reborn, resurrected, revivified–if we can be. I especially appreciated the section on the Sermon on the Mount–the mockery we have made of Christ’s words.

    Once again, J.M. holds a steady lantern up to the human demons and demonologies that plague our modern world. He is beating the drum, recalling lost history, urging us all to get wisdom, get understanding, define ourselves by defining and taking responsibility for our own moral visions.

  45. adminon 14 Jun 2007 at 11:56 pm

    Kevin Canino, or whatever your true name may be, you sound as if you were on a “red witchhunt,” which your kind obviously loves, as witness Joe McCarthy and all the stinking hypocritical rest.

    It’s always so much easier, and “brave”..in a nation where anti-communist hatred and paranoia, mostly based on gross ignorance, is an epidemic…where it has been implanted as the national lay religion, to throw cowardly epithets and condemnations to a historically defamed and persecuted minority—socialists—or to try to defame people who object, for very valid reasons, to capitalism as a morally bankrupt system (an objection and critique shared by the likes of Albert Eisntein and tens of thousands of Catholic priests and nuns—and even some bishops—who witness every day what your beautiful capitalism does to billions of people around the world). Fact is, Kevin, there is no way here in America or in Hell that you can ever hope to reconcile the ESSENTIAL selfishness at the core of capitalism with what Christ taught. Only by the repetition of absurdities, lies, and the obscene dumbing down of the population can the system proclaim itself to be “Christian” at all.

    Do you think that Christ would approve of a society in which ridiculous wealth exists side by side with utterly degrading poverty? Where one man has scores of residences in all latitudes, yachts, jetplanes, cars, and other modes of transportation, many servants, plus billions in his bank account while many human beings go without as a result of poor pay or unemployment? Do you really think that everyone unemployed is simply a lazy malingerer? Do you think it’s honkey dorey for a tycoon like Barry Diller to make 476 million dollars in compensation ina single year while a seamstress in a factory in Haiti makes $1.82 for a full day of work producing bras for reexport to America?? I know Ronnie Reagan thought so, but he was a card-arrying malignant idiot. And while we’re on the topic, do you really think that Christ would approve of the Pope, a fellow who does precious little but lives ostentaiously as a veritable emperor surrounded by sycophants and every possible comfort and luxury humanity can conceive?

    You say we don’t mention the crimes of communist regimes. Damn right we don’t, and we don’t for very clear reasons. First, we don’t deny that crimes have happened under specific circumstances, but these circumstances require a coherent and reasoned debate, something that a foaming-at-mouth anticommunist is not likely to be capable of or interested in.

    Second, this is a site devoted to RECTIFICATION of systemic propaganda, of the BIG LIES constantly being issued and propagated by the US government (the coordinating front for the corporate class that runs and owns America) in conjunction with its complicit mainstream media (the infamous “stenographers to power”).

    You say Americans are being victimized, yes, they are, and opening their eyes to capitalism, the system they live under, the system that raids their treasure and sends them to trumped up wars, is the way to go, not socialism, which they have never had, except in diluted forms such as medicare, the public library, the emergency room that puts you together when you have an automobile crackup, the fire department, unemployment insurance, welfare for those who need it, and even the police. (OOps! I guess I outed all these terrible commie institutions in or midst.)

    As such, we don’t see it as our first duty and priority to spend whatever space we have reinforcing the lies and propaganda buttressing the system, lies which are being disseminated every day and for more than 100 years through every available mass communications medium—from papers and radio to schools and the pulpit, not to mention the noise made by the system’s bought politicians…all controlled by these same plutocratic elites.

    The “crimes of communism” is not an orphan, censored story in the capitalist media, Kevin, quite the opposite. Any fairminded person can see that. It is as much of a censored story as the death of Anna Nicole Smith or Princess Diana. And, if you must know, we are not cowardly liberals who think the only way to criticize capitalism is by first paying homage to it by attacking socialism…the old “pox on both your houses routine”—as loyal worshippers of the American Way of Life.

    But of course, to an anticommunist like you such proportionality—the basis of all elementary justice—is probably of no consequence whatsoever.

    —P. Greanville, Editor in Chief

  46. Wallace Stroupon 14 Jun 2007 at 11:58 pm

    At least 7 million Ukranians died from deliberate starvation in Stalins Russia. AT LEAST. Thats called a HISTORICAL FACT. Yet that fact is rarely mentioned as Joe Blow Baloney so aptly illustrates. Acknowledge that fact you twit. You have no integrity what-so-ever. Read Solzhenitsyn. Try to better educate yourself. Learn about the Soviet Gulags. You might want to reconsider the shorcomings of living the American way of life. Your not going to become a Muslim convert and attack American soldiers are you JoeBlowBaloney.

  47. Wallace Stroupon 15 Jun 2007 at 12:02 am

    I feel much better now. How about you JoeNoBaloney. Have a nice day.

  48. Kevin Caninoon 15 Jun 2007 at 2:23 am

    Atheistic Communism did not invent charity !!! The Church has operated hospitals, schools, soup kitchens and provided various forms of employment to the poor for centuries. Social Security, Education and medicare were not implemented by the CP USA but by democratically elected government of the USA !! Stop trying to take claim for every charitable and honourable thing ever done by governments and private institutions throughout history. You people believe that man exists to serve the state. Should I capitalise “State” for you??? You believe the state solves all problems !! Communism and socialism are evil abberations that caused untold suffering to millions and the death of millions. Why did they have to build a wall to keep people in like a sheep paddock??? America was the light and hope of the world because of freedom and rule of law. You people are helping to destroy that. Anybody could make something of themself in America. If you were alive in 1890, what country would you want to be in? Read Mark Twain’s “The Innocents Abroad” and read about what misery people in other countries lived in when in America, anybody could have their own home or farm and have a good standard of living undreamed of in those places. America attracted those who had courage to risk to make the perilous journey. Those who had dreams to better themselves. Those with no courage stayed behind and so America was formed by a unique type of person that thought of possiblities far greater that what they had and contributed to the world their talents. Read Ayn Rand’s “We the Living” to see how life was under communism ! If you get your dream and a communist system is established in America; you’ll be the first to be squashed with all your freedom hating hippies. Competition and Freedom is what builds economies and creates employment. It creates efficiency and production. You want to turn America into a place where everyone works for the government and can’t be fired for any reason??? You want trade unions to dictate to workers and have strikes that stop basic human services such as air traffic controlers, ambulance drivers, nurses etc. as happens in socialist Europe? Capitalism has gone bad BECAUSE of socialism. How easy it is for you to demand the state provide for you. Communism is where the mediocre, lazy and spritualy dead can feel good about themselves since they don’t have to take any risks or prove their own worth by merit. You are a danger to America and America should send you all to North Korea where you can eat American grown rice !!!
    God Bless America and all that she’s done for the world !!! May her light of freedom, Justice and Rule of Law never be extinguished !! A government for the People, by the People and of the People not perish from this earth !!

  49. davidon 15 Jun 2007 at 7:40 am

    when you grow intelectually and age numerically it is then you can reflect on such matters and see truth above all else
    but when the elites need more money they turn to the young and not matured intelects to send to fight their wars
    I liked your essay but I would disagree with the assumption that America is the richest nation that is not accurate
    America was left with the spoils of north america the british kept for themselves the richest part of north america
    yes America has the biggest military arsenal but most developped countries have better everthing else since ww2 Germany has been ransformed into a beatifull place
    While America since the end of ww2 has peaked and then since the 1960’s has steadily declined from the corporate wars that the American people as a whole believed were patriotic wars fought for the protection of the nation
    that the people were made to cowar in fear with duck and cover duct tape and plastic drills , in the safest country in the world !
    it boggles the mind
    Although America was never about freedom as much as it was about stealing away another country’s resources
    nothing has chaged today they steal Iraq’s oil
    freedom has o place in America e voting machines no papper trails etc….
    the public has been duped
    fiat money with no gold to back it up the world now dumping it faster than it took to print it
    crash on the levee mama waters gona ovewrflow
    resources in the USA all but depleted
    corporatists have killed America what is left is a pupulous with demented dreams of freedom that shuffle through life getting by on fast foods and chineese goods
    the new world order can not happen while the constitution exists
    So the NWO will burn the constitution as sure as i am writing this
    To the patriots that still believe in America there will be shock and awe
    they the corpoartists control both the vertical and the horizontal of our world
    what is left of America is blood in the sands of time and ignorant people that think they are free
    the few elite intelectuals that dare to question matters are isolated and dealt with accordingly
    corporations now make the decisions the people are only paws in their game
    when one awakens from his America dream he is in shock ad awe to see it is and always was an American nightmare
    the reduction in population is coming they can no longer prevent it the people are now begining to see the truth we live in the age of awareness the corporate elites sees the people as the enemy they have used freudian techniques from Bernays
    to control the people but very soon the people will rise up and when that happens we will witness the begining of the depopulation of Americans
    as far as mexicans go do not blame them or take your frustrations out on them
    they come for a better life it is the American govt. that is to blame
    and the whole world over knows that 911 was an inside job the only people left that think otherwise are the patriots ever believing the official story
    they are automatons
    Great essay Jason

  50. Kevinon 15 Jun 2007 at 11:15 am

    In reference to Communism which some have commented on here,
    It was the brainchild of Zionist Jews and it is what I like to call State Monopolized Capitalism …

  51. adminon 15 Jun 2007 at 1:07 pm

    Kevin, Marx was NOT a Zionist (Zionism didn’t even exist during most of his lifetime); Engels was not a Jew, but a German “gentile” national; Lenin was a Russian with Tatar thrown in for good measure; Stalin was Georgian; Trotsky WAS a Jew, but he was anti-Zionist as he was against all nationalisms as dividers of the human race…and Mao was, well, obvioiusly Chinese of rich peasant stock; Che Guevara was Argentinean/Irish, and Fidel, Spanish on all 4 sides…Unless you tell me now that Ho Chi Minh was Jewish and Zionist, that pretty much cleans the stables in terms of the “Jewish-Communist conspiracy” being a brainchild of Zionist Jews.

    You may like to call things whatever you like, but Communism is NOT a “state monopolized capitalism” EXCEPT in cases where it is no longer socialism or communism, but just a conveniente misleading label to fool the masses, and instead has been rolled back to just an authoritarian regime with ample capitalist DNA, as in today’s China, or in gangster-controlled Russia (with plenty of help from the Western “democracies”)…

  52. lightworkeron 15 Jun 2007 at 3:27 pm

    Those days are coming to end soon


  53. rhbon 16 Jun 2007 at 6:07 pm

    It will take more than writing and talking to resolve the problem.

  54. Richard Whiteon 18 Jun 2007 at 4:07 pm

    Nice work! The biblical references reminded me of my own personal interpretations of Revelations. In my own strange beliefs, the beasts refered to in Revelations are greed and lust. You have thoroughly and accurately portrayed how greed has driven the world. I propose that you and your readers consider the other beast, lust, and how it has equally driven the world down this path, which you have described.

  55. John Suttonon 19 Jun 2007 at 9:01 pm

    I’m tired of being blamed for what a greedy, gutless, soulless, power mad congress and administration does. Why don’t you go after the CEO’s of the big international corporations and BANKS that rule the U.S.A.? WE can only vote for their candidates, and they own them all. And the bloody corrupt congress and the bloody corrupt courts, and the bloody corrupt executive branch ignore us and do as they bloody well please. Put the blame where it belongs, or shut up.


  56. Davidon 22 Jun 2007 at 4:00 pm

    I guess what I don’t understand is if you are a person who is offended by the world, and the people in it, why do you bother wasting your time thinking about it?

    I mean, if you are intelligent enough to see how bad everything is, then you are also intelligent enough to know that this is just history repeating itself once again, as it’s done thousands of times over the last 6000 years.

    People are corrupt, the world is corrupt, the world has always been corrupt, just ask Noah.

    When Adam and Eve were created, Adams first son murdered another human being.

    Try to understand something, people love this world, they enjoy it, they love Jerry Springer, they love scary evil movies, they love money, they love this world, you being a person who is offended by this world think that the majority of people agree with you, and this simply isn’t true.

    You think people are just ignorant, and you give them that excuse, but this isn’t entirely true. People know for instance that the CIA trained Osama Bin Laden, they know the CIA supported Saddam and gave him his biological weapons, they know Pat Robertson called for the assassination of another human being, and still pretends to be a Christian, they know Bush is torturing other human beings, they know the CIA has secret camps around the world, they know all the Congress and Senate lie to them over and over again every single day, they know Bush SR said during his campaign, “read my lips, no new taxes”, and the first thing he did was raise taxes, and they loved him even more so.

    People are not as ignorant as you might want to believe, what you’re having trouble grasping is that people are corrupt, they are liars themselves, they are apart of the club so to speak.

    My suggestion to you is try to find something that makes you happy and do it, try not to pay attention to the world, because if you think its bad now, just wait, its going to get much much worse, and there isn’t anything anybody can do about it.

    You should only put your trust in two people, God and Jesus Christ, anything other than that and you’ll be deceived for sure.

  57. Bill Fairchildon 24 Jun 2007 at 3:07 pm

    Mike Eggert said:
    “You don’t seem to comprehend that the biggest threat to the world throughout the 20th century has always been Communism. It is still a threat and is being practiced by Bush and company today.
    You don’t seem to remember that all of Africa, South America, Asia were in terrible turmoil because of Communist revolutions financed by Rothschild and his bankers. Eastern Europe was handed over to the Communists by a traitorous American President (FDR).”

    If there had been no Communism, FDR couldn’t have handed Eastern Europe over to them. If there had been no Rothschild’s financing, there would have been no Bolshevism established in 1917 (it was not Communism; it was called Communism to point people to the intellectual theories of Marx and not look too closely at Bolshevism). Wall Street assisted in financing Lenin. US financiers, including Bush 43’s grandfather Prescott Bush, financed Hitler.

    It seems more logical to me that the real enemy in the 20th century was not Communism, but rather the financing of Bolshevism and Hitlerism by insanely wealthy financiers who wanted to start wars so they could make even more $$ millions. If there had been no Marx, Lenin, or Hitler, these vile scum would have financed some other “-ism”. The financiers are the ones that must be destroyed.

    Follow the money. It worked for Watergate, it works for these -isms, and it will also work for 9/11 if we would do it.

    Superb piece, Jason. As usual.

  58. Sylvain Lamoureuxon 26 Jun 2007 at 4:44 pm

    Another brilliant piece Jason.

    As I was going through the comments, I couldn’t help but notice the programmed responses that make their way in. The anger that is felt at something that in no way personally affects the commentators. The regurgitation of useless facts in order to try and “win” and “argument” that is neither a competition not an argument. I see their obvious attempts to lay blame; it’s communism, it’s the money masters, it’s the capitalists, it’s Israel or “what are the 4% names?”. Most don’t even know why. Why they are angry. Why they hate.

    Let us get one thing straight, this is not an American phenomenon; this is happening all over the world. Now if we can just get all you dumb asses to hate each other, that should keep a good portion busy. Programmed responses; since birth.

    You have been formed and molded to defend a way of life that is a lie at best, the same way you have been fooled into an abstract war such as terror. You spew verbal diarrhea, information that has been concocted, as a defense, or even better as a winning argument.

    Expand your mind, start thinking for yourself and, what I find works best. Shut up and listen, but when you listen, hear what people are saying, what they are talking about, what their lives are engulfed by. Now I don’t mean the golf club, I mean on the street, in the bars, at work, on the bus; I mean everywhere.

    Is it eaves-dropping? I guess if you feel the need to label it. I look at it as necessary to understand a society and it’s populous. And don’t forget to think of why you are angry.

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