Voices That Matter Conference Web Design Conference

You've read their books.

Now grab the chance to listen to, learn from and mingle with your favorite New Riders authors and the most respected professionals in the Web design industry at Voices That Matter: Web Design, a conference hosted by New Riders.

Dan Brown Andy Clarke
Curt Cloninger June Cohen
Brendan Dawes Molly Holzschlag
Robert Hoekman Jeremy Keith
Peter-Paul Koch Steve Krug
Lance Loveday Eric Meyer
Steve Mulder Sandra Niehaus
Derek Powazek Dan Saffer
Nathan Shedroff Dori Smith
Stephanie Sullivan Charles Wyke-Smith

As a Web designer, you understand the challenges you face. Gone are the days when a good grasp of HTML and some straightforward usability knowledge would get the job done. Now your clients want to know that you're comfortable with CSS, XML, Ajax, Web standards, interaction design, information architecture, interface design, Search Engine Optimization, Flash, Flex, JavaScript, mobile design, mash-ups and much more.

At Voices That Matter: Web Design, our lineup of speakers will teach you new techniques; some will show you how to avoid the potholes and pitfalls in how-to sessions; still others will inspire you to try new pathways in creative, energizing, thought-provoking, idea-driven sessions.

Entertaining, informative, authoritative, but most of all, inspiring, Voices That Matter: Web Design will bring you face-to-face with the authors whose books have shaped your career.

What Makes This Conference Unique?

World Class Speakers
Learn from leading thinkers in the field! Our speakers will show you the path to Web design excellence.

Community Building
The Voices That Matter: Web Design conference will not be an isolated island of education. Starting with pre-event conference calls and including a conference blog and speaker podcasts, participants will be given a range of opportunities to interact with the speakers and each other. They will be part of an ongoing conversation before and beyond the event itself.

Technology for Designers
Every technology discussion at this event will target designers first, developers second. That means no arcane technical acronyms but lots and lots of inspirational visuals. The focus will be on the design options presented by technology and the impact of those choices on design decisions.

Who Will Be There?

This conference is for Web designers and creative professionals. Each session is designed to answer their needs and pain points. Professionals who manage or work with Web designers will also gain insight into the world of Web design.

Participants will represent the full spectrum of the design world, from freelancer to studio creatives and corporate designers, with a wide variety of experiences to their credit. They will be looking for techniques and solutions that can be implemented immediately to create world-class design.

Registration opens June 12