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woensdag 21 maart 2007
PlayStation 3 launch interview
With less then a month to go before the launch of the PlayStation 3 in Europe, it was time to go and have a little chat with Sony about a few things.
Let's start at the beginning: What will we find in the box when we buy the PlayStation 3?
Of course the PS3 hardware, 1 SIXAXIS controller, a USB cable, a LAN kabel for internet, a powercable and a stereo AV cable (component, stereo AV, D-terminal, Multi-Terminal). And, very important, the manual. As a gamer, we know that most of you enver read this, but with the technique of the PlayStation 3, it is very much advides. One of the things, for example, you need to watch out for, is the resolution setting. If you have the console set to a high resolution, and you hook it up to a normal television, you won't get any image.

The PlayStation 3 is being pushed as thé HD system. Why isn't there a HDMI-cable included standard?
Because there is such a variety in HDMI-cables, in price and quality, we want keep the choice to customer. Besides that, not everyone as a HD-tv yet, and we don't want people not being able to play with the console because they haven't got the right television set. By the way, it is also possible to use the PlayStation 2 SCART-connector if you have an older television.

What can we expect of the graphical quality of the PlayStation 3 on a normal SD television?
Of course it won't be on par with the high definition televisions, but it doesn't mean it will look bad, The PlayStation 3 will still be a very powerful console, no matter what television you hook it up to.

According to official specifications, a total of 7 controllers can be connected to the PlayStation 3. How does that work, and in which games can we see such a function?
It is possible to play on the PlayStation 3 with 7 SIXAXIS controllers at the same time, and a PlayStation Portable. One of the things we've been asked a lot, is why there are only four lights on the controller. Using a combination of the lights on and off however, does make it possible to connect 7 controllers. How we will be seeing those 7 controllers in a game however, I don't know yet.

The graphics on the PlayStation 3 look good, but if we're being honest, then Motorstorm for example, isn't on par with the 'in-game' images that were shown at E3 2005. What can we expect on that part of Killzone 2?
The images from E3 2005 were to show what the PlayStation 3 was capable of, and Motorstorm is already coming pretty close to that. I can't say too much about Killzone 2 yet, because I have seen only a little bit of it, and it was all in development. It will take a while before the developers can really use the hardware to it's maximum capacity, but in one or two years, you will most definitely see graphics as in the presentation.

At that presentation at E3 there were also shown two features, of which we haven't heard a thing since.waar we sindsdien niets meer van gehoord hebben. The use of the PSP as an extra screen, for example as a rearview mirror with formula one racing, and hooking up a second screen to the PlayStation 3.
As you can see, the function of the PSP in Formula One isn't available n this version, but it could be coming in future versions, I don't know. Back then, it was shown as an example of what's possible with both consoles, and the formula 1-game was just an example. What the deal is with the two screens, I don't know exactly. It's true that the second av-port has been removed, but possibly it will be enabled with upgrades in the future.

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