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Where Are The TurboGrafx Virtual Console Games?

CRY!One of the promised consoles for the Wii's Virtual Console was noticeably absent this weekend, NEC's lovely li'l TurboGrafx 16. What's the deal?

Hudson Entertainment's marketing director Jason Master Lee responded officially in the company's forums:

I just got word that the TurboGrafx games are still in queue to be launched. I should have a more clear answer on why this is case on Monday. I was playing a batch of the games in the office over the weekend on one of the dev kits, so the hold up may be an issue with the certification process.

In addition, it appears that the initial two games that will be available will be Bonk's Adventure and Bomberman 93. The other games will be rolled out over the holiday season.

Looks like one of those last minute changes that helps build character and/or puts hair on your chest.

Personally, I can't wait! I haven't had a functioning Turbopad in about 10 years, so I'm ready to headbutt some stuff.

No TG-16 games in the Wii Shop Channel!?

I loved my TG16. I can't wait to play some of these great games again.

Do you think Nintendo is holding them up so people with launch Wii will buy Super Mario Bros?

Image of MikeH MikeH says:

Can't wait for Dungeon Explorer!

Image of baberg baberg says:

mechanabeshin: Do you think Nintendo is holding them up so people with launch Wii will buy Super Mario Bros?

SMB isn't a VC launch title. Mario Bros is a launch title, and so is Super Mario 64, but the original SMB is not a launch title for the Virtual Console.

I can't wait to get my Bonk on. I only played it a little bit at a friend's house when I was younger, but I remember enjoying it, so I'll pick it up when it hits VC.

Image of DukeDavis DukeDavis says:

Somehow I feel that the words "Bomberman" and "93" don't go together nearly as well as they did 6 years ago.

No commenter image uploaded KiySeph says:

Yeah... I missed out on the TG16 games. Where's my Bonk?

except Super Mario Bros isn't even available for download. All they have is the original Mario Bros. I think it is strange Nintendo didn't launch with more. For $5 a game I was ready to try out the Virtual console, but I didn't see any games I really wanted. Waiting for Metal Gear and Kid Icarus.

that image reminds me of Chuck Rock for the amiga. What a great game that was.

DRACULA X, nuff said

No commenter image uploaded Robinfly says:

I wonder how they'll manage to emulate the turbo switches for the Turbo Pad's I and II buttons (the NEC equivalent of Nintendo's A & B buttons). Bonk's Adventure was all about cranking up the headbutt autofire and letting the spins fly while jumping.

Now if only they could squeeze the Ys CD into a VC download without sacrificing the soundtrack...

Still holding out for Dracula X.. albeit with my luck it'll probably not be available in Europe due to it never being released here (as far as I can remember).

No commenter image uploaded Big_Jock says:

Frigging hell, all these fricking companies releasing stuff that isn't frigging ready HEY! You heard of Grolsch? They only let us have it when it's ready!

One thing I didn't see mentioned was the fact that none of the TG16/PCE titles ever got PCE ratings, so I'm guessing that's part of what's taking so long. (Most of the NES/SNES titles already had ESRB ratings, so they only had to rate the ones that didn't.)

Most NES titles had ESRB ratings? Point me to them, none I owned had them.

Image of der-Karl der-Karl says:

Can't wait for Dungeon Explorer!

Dungeon Explorer scared the crap out of me when I was a little kid, the enemies just kept coming and coming, it actually gave me nightmares, so I'm looking for revenge eventually.

And 5 simple words Keith Courage in Alpha Zones

No commenter image uploaded Limey says:

Bonk's adventure was great... I just hope its on there as soon as I get my Wii ;)

I want Splatterhouse.

No commenter image uploaded xxeyes says:

If you like puzzle games like Tetris, try Wario's Woods...even if you don't, actually. It's a great game, well worth the $5.

I've heard that the NES port of Metal Gear was terrible, that the MSX version was much better.

The original MSX version, with only a few tweaks, is in MGS3: Subsistence. It's really only a game for MGS fans, because it's actually kind of annoying and ridiculously easy at the same time. Guards can only you if you're in a direct line of sight, straight ahead. No cone of vision, just a line. Metal Gear 2 is a big improvement.

I hope that Bonk is followed up with Alien Crush, Ninja Spirits, and Splatterhouse.

enigmanemesis: All of the ones on the Virtual Console? GBA? e-Reader? Fine that's not *all* the NES games ever, just all the ones rereleased on a current console. As well as all the SNES games toward the end of the SNES' life, as well.

Image of EdgeyPoo EdgeyPoo says:

Come on, Konami. XBL is getting SoTN. Throw Dracula X our way.

Image of dieman dieman says:

I'm actually surprised -- Nintendo should be holding back their games so that 3rd parties get the launch-bump. I think this is why we don't see wii play and other coming-soon first party titles.

Ubisoft, for instance, is going to make out on this launch in spades.

Image of Draconis Draconis says:

Dracula X: Rondo of Blood and Nectaris, please.

Image of ginrei724 ginrei724 says:

Waiting to play Bonk and Kid Icarus again. Like old friends I haven't seen in years... Except they haven't gained weight or lost any hair.

No commenter image uploaded MJPByron says:

Bonk is all well and good, but I wants me some Military Madness.

PS: Nintendo, if you're listening, I'd 3 to play Third World War from Sega CD on the Wii...

Air Zonk anyone?!?!

Can't forget Alien Crush, Deep Blue, Darkwing Duck (yeah i know), and R-type.

No commenter image uploaded PetiePal says:

Isn't Dracula X the Castlevania-like game?

I was surprised not more was released launch day. Granted Super Mario 64 was the killer platforming launch title for N64, most people have been there done that. It would have been nice to have Super Mario 1-3 out for launch. Not hard at all to emulate these games, so I'm curious why the holdup. Maybe to boost sales RIGHT before Christmas, as there were at least 30 slated for launch window right?

oh yeah and sidearms.

Image of zenpoet zenpoet says:

Veigues Tactical Gladiator... 'nuff said. I can't remember enjoying a game more that featured an ice-skating mechwarrior that handled like an intoxicated hippo. Seriously, I loved the game. I may actually be the only person who played it, so I doubt it will make the VC, but if it does, Wii just got a convert.

Image of zenpoet zenpoet says:

woodpusherx, you are right, that was a great game that I used to play in the arcade all the time, and actually had to end up buying the import version, as they had stopped selling TG16 games in my neck of the woods (South Dakota), longer before the system failed everywhere else.

Military Madness ftw. That game set me on my endless quest for RTS games before they even existed.

you say:

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