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Ganbare Goemon ~Deroderodochu Obake Tenkomori~ Original Game Soundtrack
Catalogue Number   KICA-7943
Publisher   King Record Co., Ltd.
Composition   GOEMON Production Team, Shigeru Araki, Yasumasa Kitagawa, Hirotaka Kurita, Yusuke Kato, Nobuyuki Akena
Arrangement   GOEMON Production Team
First Printing   January 22, 1999
Out of Print   January 21, 2001
Price   ¥2243

- Playing Time   1:13:11
01 SMILE AGAIN (Theme Song)  1:25
02 White Blouse (Selection)  0:33
03 Next Chapter (Area Title)  0:06
04 Adventure Map (Large Map)  1:02
05 Taking care of the Horses (Lost'n Highway)  1:24
06 Getting wet from The Dew... (Night Time in Edo)  0:41
07 Easy Victory Get a Way (Get A New Item)  0:05
08 Even Dogs get lost walking in this Town (Lost'n Town)  0:53
09 Heart Batteries PART II (Sasuke Appearance)  0:45
10 Man, This Sucks (I Want Beat Mania)  0:42
11 Sweet Tasty Delicious Water (Digadug Gold Mine)  1:11
12 Don't be Hit by the Bones (Gashadokuro Fight)  0:43
13 Let's Try the Next One (Mudrotter Killing)  0:59
14 The Alarm Bell of Mankind (Ringbell Pass)  1:07
15 Mini-Mission Completed (Tanuki Goal)  0:05
16 A Pass is Necessary (The Barrier Station)  0:43
17 Terror at Edo! Impact Possessed! (Reckless Driving Impact)  1:06
18 Burning My Soul (Flaming Edo Castle)  2:41
19 The Aloof Soldier (Shishikakashi Appearance)  0:57
20 What is Yours is also Mine (Omicchan Rescue)  0:27
21 Ambitions of Mr. Know-It-All (Mr. Know-It-All)  0:30
22 Double Impact (Ride on Impact)  0:57
23 He Is Big! Way Too Big! (Giant Boss Battle)  1:04
24 To Be Continued (Bismaru Pod)  0:28
25 Yes, we did it! Je t'aime (Area Clear)  0:08
26 Kappa travelling in Roaming Road (Kappa Highway)  0:55
27 Re-Seeing! (Frog Mountain)  1:26
28 Frogs, and Frogs again (Night Time In Ryugu)  0:47
29 Coming with Resort Feeling (Otohime Town)  1:01
30 The Female Ninja joins the Team (Yae Appearance)  0:43
31 It can be Explained with Plasma (At The Fortuneteller's)  0:40
32 Rivals Forever! (The Great Obisumaru Race)  0:48
33 More than Love... (Naruto Highway)  1:41
34 Everyone's born from Water (Deep Sea Highway Underwater)  1:27
35 At the Ryugu, Daily Life on Turtle Back (Ryugu Castle)  2:19
36 The Electromotive Hell (Kokeshi Road)  0:59
37 Welcome to the Nightclub (Night on Mafu Island)  0:41
38 A Road difficult to Access (Maneater Road)  1:11
39 The Cave Explorers Saw It (Pochan Lake)  1:04
40 Suspicious Figure (Spook Village)  1:05
41 Running the Giant Wheel (Graveyard Pass)  1:19
42 Sanshirou (Majin Castle)  2:40
43 It's Sake (Dochuki Returns)  2:07
44 Oni 127% (Game Over)  0:30
45 Please, come and Grow (Kaiware Road)  0:52
46 Tororo-kun is my Neighbor (Mokeke Forest)  1:21
47 Fantastic Seven Revolution, Eighth Happening (Night In The Underworld)  1:02
48 x12 Difficulty for the Team ~ Mr. Hardhead ~ (Lost Valley)  1:27
49 Terror for 3,500 Ryo (Tree Stump Village)  0:54
50 Without relying on the Map (Creep Village at Noon)  1:06
51 Underground Paradise (Underworld Castle)  2:51
52 Nominee for the Lead in the Next Season (Underworld Boundary Area Clear)  1:35
53 Passionate Horny Man (Cloud Fortress)  1:09
54 Slippery Earth (Night At The Floating Castle)  1:05
55 It can go Underwater too (The Sky Garden)  0:54
56 Exciting Rhapsody (Floating World Town)  1:01
57 Foreboding of Heart-Pounding (Phone Consulation Room)  0:48
58 Groan! Rampart of Strong Wind (Wind Castle Wall)  1:11
59 My name is DEATH (Final Boss Battle)  1:41
60 What is This!? (Dochuki Battle Part 1)  1:07
61 Decisive Battle (Dochuki Battle Part 2)  1:21
62 Fate of Dochuki (Floating Castle Area Clear Part 1)  1:29
63 THE POWER OF NICE SMELL (Floating Castle Area Clear Part 2)  0:09
64 The Sunset '98 (Floating Castle Area Clear Part 3)  1:23
65 It was Troubling (Ending Part 1)  0:36
66 The End Comes (Ending Part 2)  0:46
67 Mischief (Ending Part 3)  0:19
68 We did it! The Sky is Shining again, Japan is Shining again! (Staff Roll)  2:59

Available Scans : 1 2



 Sound Producer : Kazuhiko Uehara
 Sound Director : Shigeru Araki
 Sound Staff : Wataru Kashiwazaki
             : Yasumasa Kitagawa
             : Hiroo Kurita
             : Yuusuke Katou
             : Nobuyui Agena
             : Atsushi Kondou


 Producer : Kazuhiko Uehara
 Director : Takashi Ryuishino
 Assistant Director : Sumiko Shindou


 Vocal : Hironobu Kageyama
 Guitar : Youichi Matsuo
 Bass : Kiyoshi Murakami
 Drums : Yasuhiko Ishida


 Vocal : Ichirou Mizuki
       : Sakura Tange
 Recording Studio : Vincent studio
                  : MIT studio
                  : STUDIO YOU
 Engineer : Masakazu Kimura

 Special Thanks to Music School Group
                   Birthday Song Music Publisher
                   Artist Ship


 Producer : Shigeru Fukube
 Director : Masakazu Abe
 A&R; : Akio Mishima
 Pre-Mastering Studio : STUDIO YOU
 Pre-Mastering Engineer : Shigeru Yamamoto (STUDIO YOU)
 Mastering Studio : KING RECORDS Sekiguchidai Studio
 Mastering Engineer : Seiji Kaneko (KING RECORDS)
 Art Director : Citroen Matsuda
                Junko Koike
 Designer : Ryou Masaki
 Visual Co-ordination : Shigeru Sasaka (KING RECORDS)
 Promotion Staff : Yasuyuki Tanaka
                   Misako Yoshii
 Sales-Promotion : Hiroshi Watanabe (KING RECORDS)
 Special Thanks to KCE Osaka Goemon Production Team
                   STUDIO YOU
                   and every KONAMI GAMEMUSIC Lovers...


 All you good kids out there
 Listen up!
 My, don't you have any pep today or what!
 Now pump up the volume and go wild with "Double Impact"!
 What? "But it's the same song as the one before it?"
 Aaaaaargh! You're no fun, eat this!
 "Electric Amma!"

 Last one...
 Never ever try to hurt anyone with this CD.
 When you watch TV, keep the room bright, and stay at least 3 meters away
 from the screen. And if there are some of you who think I'm an idiot, don't
 tell on me to your teachers.
 And that's all I've got to say. Bye.

                                                          Wataru Kashiwazaki

 Hi, glad to meet you all.
 Some 10 years ago, I remember playing the first Goemon by the ear.
 I never imagined I'd actually be composing for this series.
 And to all the teens out there, full dreams, hope, and passion,
 I hope that you also get to work on the latest Goemon series 10 years from

 It's the first time I've been involved with game development,
 but I've had my way and asked myself to be assigned to composing songs
 (I must have been a headache to those concerned).
 I've thrown in some crazy and hyper with Beat**nia and YM**-style tunes!
 But personally, I go for Kokeshi. Ukokeukokekokekokeukiyou! Ujuru.

                                                                Hiroo Kurita

 "I don't know what I should do."
 "I don't know what I can do."
 "I can't help worrying about it."
 There must be something you can do. There must be something I can do.
 That's for sure.
 And you can find it, and make it your own.
 I'm sure there are things only you can do.
 Go and discover what only you can do.

                                                           Kitagawa Yasumasa

 Good evening, all you good little children!!
 I'm Katou. I'm still human.
 The end is near. Everything comes to a pass. And there's nothing agonizing
 about it. So look up!
 So, we've got lots of things in this world. But it's got to be sushi.
 How can you be that way to me sushi!
 You copycat! Mind your own business!!
 So that's why this time, I had an assistant join the fight.
 I had them make me do the good stuff, mainly for things that have to do
 with the story, then composing demo songs, the stages and battles,
 HEHE!! Your fault too.
 Hmm... Let me recall...
 Way cool development of the various demos, the fight with Gyuu (The Cow),
 and up to the ending.
 And if you're going to ask me which parts I had trouble with... I say NONE.
 I've poured whatever human emotion there is, and had my beloved orchestra
 into these songs. Now I'd be more than happy if you listen to them till
 your nose bleeds.
 Anyway, listen to 'em! It won't hurt.
 Now wait a minute... Huh? WHAT! GRRRR!
 Quite a lot of the demos have been left out of this CD!!
 How could you!! By my own hand, you shall die!!
 Heh, oh well. Consider yourself lucky that you're spared, live your life
 Hmm, these days the winds of Naniwa feel cold...
 Bah! I didn't notice I've been talking serious stuff. No, no, no.
 Anyway, when you play this game, I want you to think, I want to hear from
 you, "A Katou opus" Wow! And you played it just for me!?
 Ha-ha... Thank you so much, I'm so happy!
 To show my extreme happiness, I shall sing lu-lu-lu... (echo)
 Oh, those who have listened to this soundtrack, I have a request.
 Please give me something.

                                                               Yuusuke Katou

 To all you Goemon fans, long time no see!
 You may not be seeing me much lately, but I as active as ever.
 Coming in the middle of this project, it's been four years since I've last
 worked on Goemon,
 As I relish the memories, I whipped my old body back to work, and did all
 that I can.
 And thanks to this project, I've come down with the Goemon syndrome (the
 disease most dreaded by composers wherein all the songs one writes are
 I was involved with just a few songs on other projects, but to you old
 Goemon fans (sorry for the term, would you get mad at me...?), I ask how
 can you find my songs? Just go by the "scent". See you!

                                                              Nobuyuki Agena

 Hello! Yae Kakure fan, Kondou here.
 There are now more stages in "Derodero Michijuu" then the previous game,
 and more arranging to do due to timing within each stage, so the job was
 really tough.
 But all the tears paid off, and our efforts bore fruit, we were able to
 express how the day comes and goes in the game beautifully.
 Hurray! (But you'll be able to hear this only in the game, so buy it,
 There are hot tunes, cool tunes, and songs with a punch (?), and more tunes
 worth listening to in this album.
 So I hope you enjoy every bit of this album loaded with the tunes that give
 color to the wacky world of Goemon.

                                                               Atsushi Kondo

 We did it again... There are songs, symphonic performances, everything in
 the Goemon world, so enjoy!
 ...But I just noticed something, my daughter (4-years old) and learned to
 use scissors, and my youngest daughter (1-year old), is now running around,
 and starting to talk!
 She can climb our Jungle Gym (which is now occupying half of the living
 room)!!! --Whenever I finish some Goemon project, I always end up in an
 Urashima Tarou [a story, I think, gotta check what sort of situation this
 is] situation, whether socially or regarding family. (And when that
 happens, my wife really does the working... Thanks!)
 Anyway, let's skip the husband-wife talk.
 "Let's play music!!!" (<--That's so old~)

                                                               Shigeru Araki

 Hello everyone, it's me, Uehara.
 I've been in charge of producing the N64 Goemon game and soundtrack.
 How do you find our tunes so far, tunes produced by the Goemon Production
 Team, tunes that make up the pride of Konami.
 It's quite a pity that we could not put all the songs used in the game into
 this CD (there's just too many of them, they can't fit in a single disc),
 but we have selected the all best ones for you.
 I think this will give you a good taste of the Goemon world.

                                                             Kazuhiko Uehara

**STAFF and LINER NOTES Translated by Chirlind **

edit: album info - tracklist

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