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Halo 3 Details Explosion

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New multiplayer maps, weapons, vehicles, and features emerge, including a very special "Legendary Edition" SKU.

Halo 3, the Xbox 360's 2007 gaming messiah, is by far one of the most anticipated game in years. Recently, the Internet was completely flooded by new details on the Bungie shooter thanks to a Swedish magazine and the website Video Games Blogger. So, without further ado, here is the rundown of the first details on Halo 3:

  • Three new levels were revealed: Valhalla, deemed "the new Blood Gulch" by many; High Ground; and Snowbound.
  • The Mongoose is a new ATV vehicle that was previously considered to be released on either Halo or Halo 2. It is a weapons-free fast transport two-seater.
  • A few new weapons were unveiled, including the Spike Rifle and Spike Grenade (both the prime choice of weaponry for Brutes). Also disclosed was the Spartan Laser, an "anti-vehicle weapon."
  • As with the first two entries in the series, Halo 3 will be devoid of bots. "...To create bots for Halo would be an immense undertaking, and we rather put that time into making new levels, weapons and netcode," said Jaime Griesemer, lead designer for Halo 2.
  • Slightly remixed control scheme: with the addition of the left and right bumper buttons on the Xbox 360 controller, Bungie has decided that the left bumper will reload your dual-wielded weapon, while the right bumper will be a normal reload. What will the X button do, then? Bungie's not talking about that just yet.
  • Three retail SKUs: Halo 3 will be released in a standard edition, Collector's Edition, and the snazzy Legendary Edition. Standard will most likely just include the bare essentials (game disc, manual, etc.), while Collector's Edition may be a two-disc set (similar to the Halo 2 Collector's Edition). The Legendary Edition will be a four-disc bonanza: disc one will be the game disc; disc two will contain developer interviews and commentary about the game; disc three will include numerous Halo machinima spin-offs, including Red vs. Blue, This Spartan Life, and more; disc four will contain a Halo trailer spectacular, including all of the trailers from the entire Halo series. The Legendary Edition will also contain a miniature Master Chief helmet for you Spartan lovers out there.

More Halo 3 details are sure to emerge in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for all of the latest news on the Xbox 360's big 2007 blockbuster.

Oct 29, 2006

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