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There is Blood On Our Hands
Articles - BOOH
Written by BloodOnOurHands   
Thursday, 27 April 2006

"We the People" must accept the responsibility for the killing of innocent civilians. Our tax dollars are used to fund the illegal war in Iraq and we must act collectively to change this.

We ask:

  • all citizens of good conscience join in solidarity for ongoing demonstration against the murder of innocent civilians and US military persons beginning April 15th, 2006, coinciding with the deadline of federal tax returns which fund this war of aggression fought in our name.
  • you symbolically color or clothe your hands in red in ongoing protest.
  • you create a presence in your community and at the offices of your local, state, and federal representatives.
  • you bring this protest to the White House and Capitol Hill.


  • to offer a mode of expression for the universal disdain of this ‘War of Aggression’ against the sovereign nation of Iraq.
  • to protest the blood spilled in our name.
  • to demand an end to the violence in Iraq and Afghanistan and an orderly withdrawal of U.S. armed forces.
  • to remind “We the people” what our tax dollars are being spent on in violation of domestic and international law and counter to public support.
  • to uphold our responsibility as concerned citizens.
  • to make clear that \'We the People,\' of the democratic republic of the United States of America, demand accountability from our Representatives, the Judiciary, and the Executive branch and that they uphold their oath to the Constitution.
  • that the foreign policy of the United States be transformed to one of diplomacy towards peace and reconciliation.

On this website you can register and post your local events and actions (login). This website can also be used to organize events, be they local, statewide, or national.

Last Updated ( Sunday, 30 April 2006 )
The Theater of Barbarians
Articles - BOOH
Written by LL   
Friday, 28 April 2006

I was arrested before we went to war, for protesting the governments’ plan to invade Iraq. I was arrested by men who had lost their friends and family in 9-11 and had been told that the only vengeance for 9-11 was the war that I was protesting. It was then that I began a process of dissociation. I had been rendered powerless and shrunk. The one consistent image I have had during the entire war was our governments’ leaders having nightmares that would bring them to their knees and call for an end to the war. I felt that the horror of their nightmares would allow them to look for an alternative plan. I wanted them to be affected on a deep level. It has been more than three years at war.


Last Updated ( Friday, 28 April 2006 )
The War Looks Different from Inside Congress
Articles - Theatre of Barbarians
Written by David Swanson   
Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Public opinion in the United States and Iraq favors pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq , not to mention removing any who have already entered Iran . This sentiment will be on display this Saturday at the United for Peace and Justice March in New York : www.april29.org

Inside Congress opinions vary, and it is a distinct minority that is willing to support public opinion. Some in Congress are willing to take half-way and tenth-of-the-way steps in the direction of ending the war, some of them from within such fantasyland worldviews that they are "threatening" to stop occupying Iraq if the Iraqis don't behave better (that is, threatening something that over 80 percent of Iraqis desire).

Last Updated ( Friday, 28 April 2006 )