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Just when Daniel Craig thought he could breathe a sigh of relief... just when the Pro Craigy  Boys thought they got
rid of us.....
Guess what???? Oh Boysssssssssssssss!  We're backkkkkkk!!!!"
Welcome to the home of the new and improved  Casino Royale Boycott!!!!!

Due to high public demand, and the release of Casino Royale approaching,  we did a little reboot of our own and
revamped our site!
This site is a collaboration of more then 50 people who are committed to returning Pierce to the role he was born
to play....James Bond! We also feel an apology is in order to Pierce, the public, the press and the fans from D.
Craig, B. Broccoli, Michael Wilson and EON, oh and lets not forget Sony. Not only did they insult Pierce by
replacing him with the UGLY Daniel Craig, they insulted the fans.
We, the people who pay the salaries of these people,feel telling us to
'Go get screwed' and that we are idiots need
to remember one thing.
WE will survive Casino Royale... But will they survive the Boycott?
To put it simply....

Pierce Brosnan.....there is no other substitute for Bond! So keep those emails going, sign
the petitions, and BOYCOTT this movie!
Pierce Brosnan has our full support and we will NOT stop until he is back as James bond!
Unlike the Pro Craig sites, we will NOT censor people's comments or alter emails. We will
tell it like it is!
Mr. Craig? Our message to you is "you are not nor will you ever be James Bond, and we
want Pierce back! We hope you resign from the role before the entire Bond franchise is
Enjoy Bond and Pierce fans! We are here for YOU!
United we stand!!
Those of us at danielcraigisnotbond!
Latest News:
Breaking News!!! Craig’s fanboys wet their pants, because the site they love to
hate is back! And we’re not going anywhere as long as the miscast, odd-looking,
craggy face Daniel Craig is dragging the good name of James Bond through the

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Craig is not Hollywood ’s choice: -Runner up in everything Daniel Craig is
scraping the bottom of the barrel far as Hollywood is concerned. Click
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Danny's Doll Is Too Ugly To Play With: -The pug-faced actor demands they fix
whats wrong with his face. Sorry Danny nobody can do that.
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Daniel Craig Confesses To Prostituting Himself For Bond Money: -The blond
actor with the rough face of a professional is using his payday from his soon to be
release Bond box office disaster to purchase art.  Click
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Pierce Brosnan Takes The Gold!:
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Poor Man's James Bond - A stunning expose brings to light what we all suspected
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The Ghost and Mr. Chicken - Casino Royale plagued by productions problems.
Haunting revelation of the crew being spooked by specters. The most frightened
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2 more polls show Danny is nobody's choice.
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New 007 has an identity problem: -Bond fans think he's Wussy Galore
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Is New Bond a Sissy?  -An amazing wave of bad press has hit the beleaguered
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Does Craig Lack the Looks of His Predecessors? -If you're interested in the
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Mad about Craig as Bond? Join the Boycott of
Casino Royale!

When you heard the casting announcement about Craig as
Bond, you might have thought that it was all over, and
there was nothing you could do about it. Well you were
wrong! The movie business lives and dies on the
patronage of its customers, the moviegoing public. And, as
the old saying goes,
the customer is always right! Bond
fans are joining together by the thousands to stop Sony
and EON from ruining the future of James Bond by hiring
Daniel Craig. Join the Casino Royale Boycott now, and
you'll be taking the first steps towards bringing back the
James Bond we know and love!
From Connery to Craig:
A Bond Fan's Nightmare Come True!

After twenty blockbuster Bond films with five great
Bonds, why did EON Productions dump current fan
favorite Pierce Brosnan, only to replace him with Bill
Murray lookalike Daniel Craig? EON owner Barbara
Broccoli has pointed to their desire to move Bond in
new creative directions. Perhaps the real reasons for
this questionable move lie with the money politics of
Hollywood and EON's legendary ego.
Daniel Craig Is Not Bond!

Take a look past the hype to find out who actor
Daniel Craig really is. How can a short, blond actor
with the rough face of a professional boxer and a
penchant for playing killers, cranks, cads and gigolos
pull off the role of a tall, dark, handsome and suave
secret agent? Take a photo-visual journey with us as
we explore just how badly cast Craig is as Bond, and
what he should really be doing as an actor with his
The Bond 'Reboot':
Has the EON Bond Team finally lost their marbles?

Would you cut off your nose to spite your face? It
appears that Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson,
the sister and brother producer team behind James
Bond have done that and more! Pierce Brosnan was
the most beloved actor to play Bond since Sean
Connery, and his Bond films were among the most
successful, and yet he is gone. This is what happens
when you lose touch with public opinion. By casting
Craig, Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson have
proven once and for all that they care little for the
opinions of Bond fans.
  What Do the Press and the Public Think?

From the New York Times to the BBC to MSNBC,
there has never been such a negative and questioning
reaction from the press to the announcement of a
new Bond! Of course, that pales in relation to the
reaction of Bond fans and the general public. Brief
research has shown us that over 100,000 individuals
have responded to online polls with an
overwhelmingly negative opinion of Daniel Craig as
Bond, as well as a very strong undercurrent to bring
back Pierce Brosnan as 007. How can Casino Royale
and new Bond Daniel Craig possibly succeed under
this cloud?

Part 1: The Polls page: See How Public Opinion Is
Against Craig and Casino Royale!

Part 2: News Update Page: See What the Press is
Saying About Craig!

Part 3: The Fan Comments Page: See What Bond
Fans Are Saying About Craig!
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