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has been a source of valuable shipwreck and diving information on the Web for over eight years. It is the official website of the Sea Research Society. The Society was chartered in 1972 as a non-profit organization for educational and research purposes and is tax-exempt under IRS regulation 501-C-3.
Sea Research Society was founded in 1972. The Society's original Board of Advisors consisted of Luis Marden of National Geographic Magazine; Mendle L. Peterson, Chief of Underwater Exploration, Smithsonian Institution; Frederic Dumas, French underwater archaeologist of Cousteau fame; Anders Franzen, Swedish underwater archaeologist and discoverer of the Swedish warship Vasa; Ron A. Gibbs, Curator Armed Forces History, National Parks Service; Paul Tzimoulis, Publisher, Skin Diver magazine; Ed Bearss, Senior Historian, National Parks Service; Robert F. Marx, undersea explorer; E. Lee Spence, Underwater Archaeology Editor, NAUI’s Diving World magazine; Peter Throckmorton, "discoverer of the oldest known shipwreck;" Pablo Bush Romero, President, CEDAM; and others of similar note. Virtually all were published authors and internationally known for their works with shipwrecks. Several have been described as the "Father of underwater archaeology." Unfortunately, a number of the original members are now deceased. Sea Research Society is a non-profit educational organization. It does archival research, conducts underwater expeditions and disseminates information about its work to the public. For thirty-three years its motto has been "Knowledge Through Research and Exploration."™
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Sea Research Society

Section 1. (General)

A. To promote scientific and educational endeavors in any of the marine sciences or marine histories with the goal of obtaining knowledge for the ultimate benefit to mankind.

Section 2. (Specific)

A. To conduct programs in conjunction with educational institutions that will enable students to further their knowledge of the marine sciences; while accomplishing basic research in an effort to learn methods of increasing reproduction, population, and growth of local marine organisms.

B. To cooperate with local and national agencies in their quest for knowledge of the marine sciences and marine histories.

C. To provide aquaria facilities for the interested visitor to view marine specimens and partake as spectation in the continuous drama of life under the sea and to establish a museum facility to house artifacts and displays relating to marine archaeology and the various marine sciences and other marine histories.

D. To operate aquaria and other museum facilities; to conduct exhibitions and charge fees for services and admissions in connection with its operations.

E. To unite all those who are interested in the marine sciences as a means of promoting the study and preservation of the archaeological remains laying underwater and to encourage and foster a constructive public attitude towards those remains.

F. To encourage and participate in the scientific investigation, study, interpretation, and display of archaeological remains underwater and in the publication and distribution of the results thereof.

G. To promote the conservation and display of archaeological sites and material underwater that are or may be threatened by destruction.

H. To promote the formation and maintaining of underwater parks and museums (within and outside the control of the Sea Research Society).

I. To discourage the careless, unrecorded removal of archaeological remains underwater and to exercise all possible efforts to prevent vandalizing, trespassing, looting, and other wanton destruction of archaeological sites underwater and the manufacture and sale of fraudulent antiquities.

J. To award honorary degrees to individuals for outstanding service and contributions in and to the educational, literary, or research aspects of any of the marine sciences, including but not limited to marine archaeology.

K. To teach diving, marine archaeology, and other marine related sciences or histories and issue certification and/or degrees in recognition of ability and/or achievement in same.

L. To establish, maintain, and administer a scholarship and research fund to aid: students entering any of the marine related sciences or histories; or individuals or organizations doing research in any of the marine sciences or histories.

M. To organize research, exploration, and salvage expeditions and to charge fees , and to market certain salvaged artifacts which are not needed for display or study purposes to cover the cost of the planning, organization, and direction of the expeditions.

N. To organize periodic conventions and/or conferences to pursue all of the above and below stated purposes of Sea Research Society.

O. To approach all activities in an archaeologically and scientifically responsible manner, yet still remember that the goal of any successful company is to make a profit for its investors.

Two thirds of Earth is covered by her seas. Most of the area they cover is still unexplored. In an effort to better educate the public as to the wonders of the sea, Sea Research Society is now affiliated with the International Diving Institute (IDI).

IDI now houses Sea Research Society's library and research archives (Spence Riebe Institute of Nautical Archaeology or SRINA) at its corporate office. SRINA's collection includes thousands of books, magazines, maps and charts. It also includes tens of thousands of prints, photographs and slides relating to sport and commercial divers and a wide range of dive related work. Students can read about and research everything from sunken treasure to the evolution of diving gear. International Diving Institute (IDI) is a state licensed commercial diving school offering classroom instruction, in-water training and certification for commercial divers.

Students can take courses relating to SCUBA instruction (from basic open-water diver to instructor level) and surface supplied diving (including hookah and helmet diving). Other commercial diver certification courses cover CPR, Hazardous Materials (HazMat), mixed gas, saturation, non-destruct testing (NDT), hyperbaric chamber operation and even shipwreck research, search and salvage.

In cooperation with SRS, IDI maintains and operates two 54" hyperbaric chambers (for recompression and decompression), one of which is fitted out for saturation diving (i.e. a dive bell can be attached to it). The other, built in the United Kingdom (UK), was certified by Lloyd's in 2004.

The International Diving Institute is licensed by the
South Carolina Commission on Higher Education , 1333 Main Street, Suite 200, Columbia, SC 29201; 803.737.2260.  Licensure indicates only that the minimum standards set by the State have been met and it is not an endorsement or guarantee of quality by the State.

Campus  & Dive Training Facility
1400 Pier Side Street, Bldg 190
orth Charleston, SC 29405

SRS/IDI Library & Research Archives (SRINA)
206B East 5th N. Street
Summerville, SC 29483


Phone & Fax

Toll Free: 888-SAT-DIVE (888-728-3483)
Phone: 843-821-0001
Fax: 843-821-9933

Send an email to SRS and/or IDI


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Shipwrecks.comtm was first established in 1996.

This site is currently updated no later than weekly. Please revisit whenever you can, and tell your friends.

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SRS forum on shipwrecks, underwater archaeology, salvage and treasure

SRINA: periodicals, maps, pictures (shipwrecks, divers, diving, salvage, archaeology, treasure)

SRINA: documents, books (shipwrecks, divers, diving, salvage, archaeology, treasure)

SRINA: shipwrecks of New York, New Jersey and Delaware waters
SRINA: shipwrecks of North Carolina waters

SRS Dr. E. Lee Spence's Sworn Affidavit on his discovery of the Civil War submarine H. L. Hunley

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Alan Riebe's Books and CD's
SRINA: Hunley Archives
Hunley Commission violates Article 1 Sections 8 & 23 of South Carolina Constitution

Audit of Hunley funds needed says Sea Research Society's Dr. E. Lee Spence
Jack Parker
Corps of Engineers to Spence May 10, 1975
SRS Project Viewpoint (German U-Boats)


*The letters and affidavits published herein, whether by Dr. Spence or other parties, do not necessarily reflect the official position and/or opinions of Sea Research Society and/or the Society's Board of Directors and/or its Board of Advisors. They are meant only as the opinion of the individual's) who wrote the letters and/or affidavits and are published on this site for archival, educational and reference purposes only.

Check out some of these self explanatory  hyperlinks:
Commercial diving school for underwater welding, cutting and burning IDI's 640 hour commercial diving course meets ADC & ANSI standards for commercial diver certification. IDI is licensed by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.
Catalog for International Diving Institute's shallow water commercial diving program: International Diving Institute teaches helmet diving for professional divers.
Owners and Instructors of the International Diving Institute's The owners of the International Diving Institute's commercial diving school are Sergio Smith and shipwreck expert E. Lee Spence.
Course outline for surface supplied mixed gas diver's certification program The International Diving Institute's 640 hour surface supplied mixed gas, commercial diving course is a pre or co-requisite for taking IDI's advanced courses such as underwater welding, hyperbaric chamber operation.
Posters for the International Diving Institute Posters focus on IDI's commercial diving program, their diver training facility, and on dive equipment such as the Mark V dive helmet.
Starting dates for International Diving Institute's Commercial Diver Program IDI's surface supplied mixed gas, diver training program, meets ADC, ANSI and other national/international standards and is state licensed.
Advanced Commercial Diving Courses The International Diving Institute's electives and advanced courses (limited to commercial divers and commercial diving students), includes underwater welding, cutting, burning, Haz-Mat, NDT, shipwrecks, homeland security, rigging, hyperbaric chamber operation, etc.
Clive Cussler & Dr. E. Lee Spence and the Hunley Yahoo and other search results for Clive Cussler, Dr. E. Lee Spence and the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley.
Diving Related Publications Gives info and hyperlinks to assorted periodicals (magazines, reports, eZines, newsletters, etc.) of interest to commercial divers and diving contractors.
International Diving Institute's hyperlinks to commercial diving industry organizations Gives info and hyperlinks to miscellaneous organizations of importance to commercial divers and diving contractors.
International Diving Institute's Links to Diver & Diving related Clubs Gives info and hyperlinks to diving, underwater photography, spear-fishing, etc. that may be of use to commercial divers.
International Diving Institute's links to Commercial Dive Equipment Gives info and hyperlinks to commercial diving equipment, helmets, hyperbaric chambers, dry-suits, Kirby Morgan, etc. of use to commercial divers.
Commercial diving links for professional divers Gives info and hyperlinks to job information, major commercial dive contractors, commercial diving companies, etc. of use to commercial divers.
International Diving Institute's Shipwreck Webs hyperlinks Gives info and hyperlinks to shipwreck related web sites of use to commercial divers.
Federal rules and regulations for commercial divers and diving operations Federal Code of Rules & Regulations as applies to commercial divers, commercial dive equipment, and commercial dive operations. This is absolutely necessary info for commercial divers.
Weather Predictions useful to commercial divers Gives University of Michigan weather predictions on International Diving Institute's web site. This is convenient to use for local forecast or to plan your diving jobs.
Local tides and currents useful to commercial divers Commercial divers working in areas they are unfamiliar with should check this out for local currents and tides before going on any dive job work site.
List_of_acronyms_commonly_used_by_commercial_divers This page gives a useful list of abbreviations used in the Commercial Diving Industry and links to sites dealing with each topic.
SRINA shipwreck diving library SRINA has an extensive collection of diving and shipwreck related periodicals, maps, pictures.
SRINA shipwrecks of Florida waters  SRINA (IDI's and Sea Research Society's archives/research library) has information on shipwrecks in Florida waters (Key West, St. Augustine, Tampa, etc. All dates.)
SRINA shipwrecks of New York, New Jersey & Delaware SRINA (IDI's and Sea Research Society's shipwreck archives/research library) has extensive information for wrecks of New York, New Jersey and Delaware. (All dates).

International Diving Institute's 640 hour commercial diving course meets ANSI and ADC standards and is licensed by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. We suggest you first go to the International Diving Institute's homepage for an overview and introduction.

(hyperlinks take you to applicable section)

Anatomy and Physiology
Commercial Diving Equipment 
Decompression and Treatment Tables
Dive Medicine
Diving Physics
Diving Support Equipment 
Employment Assistance 
Environmental Hazards and Contamination of Diving 
Hyperbaric Chamber/Medicine
Inland and Coastal Diving 
Mixed Gas - Surface Supply and Saturations Diving 
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)       
Offshore Oilfield Diving and Operations 
Rigging Fundamentals / Practical Application  
Safety Operations for Surface Supplied
Saturations Diving
Scuba & Surface Supplied Applications

Topside Welding and Cutting
Underwater Use of Tools and Equipment Part 1 

Underwater Use of Tools and Equipment Part 2
Underwater Welding and Cutting 
Underwater Use of Tools and Equipment Part 3 
US Navy / US Coast Guard Pressure Tolerance Test 
Welding and Cutting (topside)
Welding and Cutting (underwater)

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Check out: Dr. E. Lee Spence's Sworn Affidavit on his discovery of the Civil War submarine H. L. Hunley

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