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The Navy’s most valuable asset: its people


Female Personnel in relation to the Navy as a whole.

The Chilean Navy’s most important asset is the 22,000 men and women that develop, maintain and operate the naval and maritime resources and land-based support installations.


The men and women who comprise the Chilean Navy all share a set of clearly recognizable traits, that is, their commitment to serving their country, their values, their devotion to tradition and family principles, as well as a high level of professionalism.


Admission of women into the Initial Training Schools

In accordance with the continuing process of integration of women into the Navy, the Institution plans to incorporate female line personnel, initially in the areas of Coastguard and Supplies.


A Vocation for the Service to the Country

Being a Navy serviceman is fundamentally a vocational profession that demands a high level of responsibility and presents challenges from an early stage. It requires skills and knowledge acquired through instruction and training, both of which are constantly being updated.


Due to their knowledge and experience of civilian life, the officers of the Naval Reserve “Yates” (meaning yacht) make a valuable contribution to promoting awareness of the Institution within the community.

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