is a new, grassroots nonprofit that was founded in the spring of 2005 to address the growing epidemic of childhood injury in developing nations via cost effective, sustainable interventions and advocacy campaigns.’s programmatic aim is not the provisioning of aid, but the implementation of initiatives that result in a lasting, systemic decrease in childhood injuries.

All of our programs must meet three criteria:

• Sustainability and local collaboration
• Actionable, measurable results and replicability
• Evidence-based, entrepreneurial solutions

On the advocacy side of things, will engage our members and the general public, both in developing nations and in the West, to encourage better understanding of and attention to the situations, that contribute to childhood injury in the developing world, such as armed conflicts and discriminatory trade policies. is dedicated to cost-efficiency at all levels. In order to cut down on costs, we forego office space and use volunteers, technology and donated goods whenever possible. We do everything we can to insure that at least 80% of funds go directly into programs, a high percentage for a nonprofit.

Jeffrey Witte
Jeffrey,’s executive director, worked in politics and media production until the 2004 American presidential election. After the election, Jeffrey got to work putting together a new, international public-health nonprofit,

Laura Dawn
Laura is’s communications director. She has spent the last two years working as the cultural director for, creating national media campaigns and organizing artists for progressive political causes, and hopes to bring the same spirit to

S. Khatun Huber

S. Khatun Huber is a corporate facilitator based in New York City, and is Director of Affairs for Involved for many years in progressive causes in the U.K., she has been variously active in the U.S., working in the political sphere and with groups such as The International Organization for Women and Development.

Dr. Adam L. Kushner
Adam L. Kushner, MD, MPH, is a board certified general surgeon who practices exclusively in developing countries.

Vivien Labaton

Vivien Labaton is a lawyer in New York City and will begin a fellowship at the Center for Reproductive Rights this September.

Moby is a well-known musician, social activist, entrepreneur, and artist.

Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles is an accomplished stage and screen actress and is passionate about social justice both in the US and worldwide.

Jamie Whitehead
Jamie was John Kerry's New York finance director for the '04 campaign. Jamie is currently a partner at Diamond Edge Capital Partners.

Rachel P. Goldstein
Rachel is the Vice President of Entertainment and Special Events at Goldstein Communications. Rachel has 15 years of experience in the film and music industries, specializing in production of films, concerts and special events.

Dr. Charles Mock
A pioneer in the field of injury in developing nations, Dr. Mock is active worldwide with injury prevention initiatives.

Ben Wikler
Ben Wikler is a producer and writer for The Al Franken Show on Air America Radio.