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The Sakura Wars Gallery

NEW!!! OVA 2 Gouka Kenran opening theme and episode 3 images!


These are Sakura Taisen midis that I collected from around the web.


I will no longer put up any more mp3s.

Sakura Taisen OVA 1 MPEG clips

Click here to view an mpeg (1.9 meg) of sakura's special attack

Click here to view an mpeg (1.9 meg) of sakura training from episode 2

Click here to view an mpeg (1.0 meg) of sakura

Sakura Taisen Fan Collection

My own sakura taisen collection of things. Please have a look.

Fan stuff

Cards Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Akane's Cherry Blossom Garden

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Updates and Notes:

05/19/03: I don't think I will be updating this site anymore at all. One of the reasons is that my interest in ST (and anything remotely anime in general) is not what it once was. I also find that with real life, I am quite busy, and I am more interested in my other projects/career now. I guess it happens when one hits 20-something (and that quarter life crisis? ha ha), and is finding their way in society and life in general. Interests change, as do priorities and responsibilities.

It's been fun, and I'm sure that there will be other, much better and more complete sites on ST out there today. Even so, I plan to leave this site here. There will be no more new updates in the future.

It makes me happy that people enjoyed using this site. It is something that I started many years ago when I was a teenager. Thank you to all the visitors. And thank you for all of those who like this site and have expressed that to me. Thank you for the warmth and encouragement.

04/12/02: Well, I've moved just about everything to Fortunecity. This will probably be the permanent residence of this site. Aside from that, I have not and will not be adding anything here soon. I have real life to take care of, but I may return to this when I feel at leisure. Until then, I hope you all enjoy what I have here. Thanks. Arigato for all the support.

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All images are screenshots and scans extracted by myself except pics of Sakura from the anime genesis gallery (it can be accessed from www.anipike.com) the anime turnpike.

If I have an image that you think belongs to you (meaning you extracted it and would like full acknowledgement) let me know, and I will make a link immediately.

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