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The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function has documented successes in a broad spectrum of neurological situations from regaining memory loss to rebuilding motor skills, from calming and counteracting apprehension or fear, to promoting movement for physical rehabilitation and recovering language skills. Hundreds of significant gains have been initiated within the Institute's clinical setting. Here, visitors have observed:

  • a man with severe head trauma and language loss re-learning how to speak and sing
  • a woman lost in the abyss of dementia begin moving her hand in rhythm to music
  • a stroke patient increasing his upper-body motor skills through piano playing
  • a non-walking dementia patient dancing with grace and ease to music he loves

Take the Video Tour:

- Music Has Power - a four minute overview of the Institute.
- 48 Hours Piece - a compelling report on the Institute.

The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function is unique because its neuroscience research questions are based on 35 years of clinical studies on the actual effects of music on the human condition. Directed by music therapist Dr. Connie Tomaino with medical support from Beth Abraham's staff neurologist Oliver Sacks, M.D., the Institute has set the standard for integrating neurological, rehabilitative, and music-brain research to develop new therapies. Its distinctive setting within a major U.S. long-term care facility allows researchers to not only apply their theories, but to follow long-term patient rehabilitation.

The Institute actively collaborates with leading researchers and practitioners at other organizations to advance world progress in understanding and applying the power of music to promote human health and wellness.

Located on the Bronx campus of the Beth Abraham Family of Health Services,
the Institute' s mailing address is 612 Allerton Avenue, Bronx, N.Y. 10467. It is conveniently located near the New York Botanical Garden, approximately 20 minutes by train via Metro North from Manhattan s Grand Central Station. Please come and visit.