Aurum Solis

The Order of the Sacred Word


Condito MDCCCXCVII Constat







Aurum Solis was reconstituted on 5 October 2002.


The work of the Order’s Tipharic Guild of Theosis, which carries historical Apostolic Succession, is now the main vehicle of Order aspiration and esoteric purpose, wherein the Eightfold Star – the symbol of the New Life – and the pattern of the House of Sacrifice – the symbol of the psyche -- find true and potent expression.


Our ongoing researches into the Ogdoadic Tradition comprise study of the thought and formulations of Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance and contemporary periods, with appreciation of Neoplatonist, Hermetic and Humanist  views; but spiritual exercises and techniques for self-development based thereon are conducted exclusively within the ambience of the Christian mysteries.


Membership of the Order is restricted to those individuals who are:


            1 – Committed to the ideal of Christ and determined to live a dedicated Christian life of prayer and spiritual exercise.


            2 – Willing to study for, and to receive, orthodox Christian initiation: thus to progress into the historical priesthood.


            3 – Able to advance knowledge and understanding of the Ogdoadic Mystery Tradition, of its esoteric interpretation of Christian symbolism, and of its relevance to the psychological and spiritual development of the individual within the context of historical Christianity.



                                    In the Light of the Glorious Star,


                                    Ruth Dance,

                                    Administrator-General, AS