Osborne Phillips

Grand Master of the International Order Aurum Solis






Osborne Phillips is the pen name of Leon Barcynski, Grand Master of the International Order Aurum Solis, co-author with Melita Denning of various occult books including The Magical Philosophy series, Planetary Magick, Magical States of Consciousness, Entrance to the Magical Qabalah, and author of Aurum Solis: initiation ceremonies and inner magical techniques and of the forthcoming title Astral Projection: Plain & Simple.



Email: Grandmaster@osbornephillips.com





n      Books published by Thoth Publications, U.K.


n      Books published by Llewellyn Publications, U.S.A.


n      Forthcoming from Llewellyn


n      Poetry of Melita Denning

n      The God-hunter






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