What do you get when you mix The Motograter, pounding tribal drums, hardcore death style vocals, and tribal warpaint from hell? I suspect it just might be the Santa Barbara Hardcore-Tribal band Motograter. "It's a sledgehammer for your brain," describes founding member Motograter-player & inventor Bruce Butler. There's so much crossover in their sound that all five members of Motograter are hard pressed to define exactly what it is they do, but they're doing it, and it's catching on. Along side Butler on the 'grater (yes it is an instrument, and no, you can't buy one), you'll find Chris Binns on drums, Joey Krzywonski on Smur Drums (another Moto patent), Zak Ward on vocals, and Eric Gonzales mixing up "Samples and Mayhem." Motograter doesn't look or sound like anything you have ever heard before. And that's just how they want it thank you very much.

January 2001 Motograter was introduced to Dez Fafara from Coal Chamber and they signed to his newly formed Sever Records. Currently they are discussing distribution with several different labels.

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Big "Fuck Ya!!" goes out to Larik Mezey. Stage Manager Extraordinaire.

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