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Common Flash Memory Interface (CFI)

CFI Specification

The Common Flash Interface (CFI) specification outlines device and host system software interrogation handshake which allows specific vendor-specified software algorithms to be used for entire families of devices. This allows device-independent, JEDEC ID-independent, and forward- and backward-compatible software support for the specified flash device families. It allows flash vendors to standardize their existing interfaces for long-term compatibility.

The CFI specification defines the basic Query interface for CFI-compliant devices. This allows parameterization of known and future flash Read/Write/Erase control interfaces. This Query structure attempts to define all the critical parameters relevant to a broad base of flash memory devices. The CFI specification will not specify detail command sets, status polling methods, and software algorithms of individual flash vendors. A 16-bit ID code is assigned to specific manufacturers' interfaces, and it is up to that manufacturer to provide these detailed specifications.

CFI Publication 100

The CFI Publication 100 is a companion document to the Common Flash Interface (CFI) specification, which outlines device and host system software interrogation handshake. CFI Publication 100 documents ID Code assignments for: 1) the Vendor-specific Command Set and Control Interfaces and 2) the Device Interfaces. It is published as needed when additions are made to either of these lists of codes.

The Vendor Command Set and Control Interface ID codes listed in CFI Publication 100 are assigned to each unique manufacturers' interfaces upon request to the CFI Program Office. Any number of different interfaces may be thus identified by a single vendor or association of vendors. It is up to those manufacturers to provide the detailed specifications for each identified interface. Similarly, new device interface codes will be assigned as needed as new devices employing the Common Flash Interface Query scheme are identified. CFI Publication also provides examples of Query data output for pre-CFI devices as provided by participating vendors; these represent the appropriate data for the specifications and geometry of these devices as they would appear in the Query structure if the Query mode were available for them.

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