Aviation Policy Division : (02)504-9182

1. Establishment of major civil aviation policies; establishment of medium to long term civil aviation promotion plan
2. Licensing of domestic air transport business affairs concerning air transport businesses
3. Research on aviation related legislation and systems
4. Affairs concerning domestic air transport tariff and rates
5. Study for the improvement of air transport related business environment
6. Guidance and Supervision of Korea Airports Authority
7. Guidance and promotion of aviation related organizations
8. Miscellaneous affairs not assigned to other divisions

Flight Operation, Personnel Licensing And ATS Division : (02)504-9183

1. Guidance and oversight of flight operations safety; general affairs concerning flight operations
2. Coordination and management of regulations concerning flight operations
3. Affairs concerning inspection and certification of flight operations and pilot-in-command route qualification
4. Affairs concerning aircraft hijacking prevention and aircraft accident control
5. Education and training of aviation technical personnel
6. Management of functional standards for aviation personnel
7. Affairs concerning joint use agreements of military airports
8. Affairs concerning air traffic control
9. Affairs concerning air space management
10. Affairs concerning aviation information

Aeronautical Engineering Division : (02)504-9184

1. Certification of aircraft type
2. Approval of aircraft maintenance standards; inspection and certification of airworthiness; guidance and oversight of aircraft maintenance businesses
3. Registration of aircraft
4. Certification of aircraft spare parts
5. Recognition of repair/remodeling abilities of aircraft and spare parts
6. Investigation and analysis of aircraft accidents
7. Establishment of aircraft accident prevention measures
8. Imposition of administrative orders for aircraft maintenance and/or improvements
9. Establishment of safety standards concerning aircraft technology

Air Navigation Facilities Division : (02)504-9185

1. Planning and coordination of aeronational communications, NAVAIDS, and power supply facilities
2. Affairs concerning installation, maintennance and operation of aeronational communications, NAVAIDS, and power supply facilities
3. Investigation and research of aeronational communication, NAVAIDS and power supply facilities, and establishment of guide or
installation and operations of aforementioned facilities
4. Affairs concerning private Installation permitation of NAVAIDS
5. Supervision and operation of aeronational communication affairs
6. Affairs concerning flight inspection

Airport Development Division : (02)504-9186

1. Planning and coordination of airport development
2. Affairs concerning construction, repair, improvement and operation of airport facilities
3. Supervision of private airport facilities
4. Establishment of standards for airport facilities construction materials
5. Cooperation joint use affairs concerning military/civilian facilities
7. Progress evaluation of airport construction projects
8. Affairs concerning measures to limit noise levels in airport neighboring areas

International Air Transport Division : (02)504-9187

1. Establishment and implementation of international air transport policy
2. Affairs concerning conclusion and revision of air transport agreements
3. Expansion of international air transport route network
4. Affairs concerning landing, take off and overflight over foreign territories
5. Affairs concerning international air transport
6. Affairs concerning international air transport tariff and rates
7. Affairs concerning cooperation with the international civil aviation organization and other international organiztion
8. Collection, analysis and management of international air transport related data and information